Obtaining more after the rewards batch runs out


Will Soylent be in full production in August where we can buy additional amounts after the rewards batch is gone, or is the initial run going to be hand-made before the manufacturing process is fully in place in order to fund its setup?

I’m assuming it will be possible to buy more at that time, but I want to be sure about that. I had been gearing up to have a try at making my own stuff. Now that I know I can get some in August it might make more sense for me to do that and wait, but I don’t want to be on Soylent for a month, find that it’s working for me, then find myself without any of it for a period. In that scenario, I might be better off to DIY until it can be bought regularly.


Did you ever get an answer? I ordered some through the campaign and I am hoping I’ll be able to order more soon after the rewards are shipped.


After the first batch has been shipped out, an online store will be up.


I didn’t, but they have since added the question to the FAQ. It is as Boogerlad says, they plan on having an online store in place by the time first batch ships.