October Soylent stolen


So, apparently FedEx delivered my package on the 5th, but I only thought to check now that I am out.
I have filed a claim with FedEx, but I’m doubting they will be of much help…

Is there anything that can be done assuming FedEx denies my claim?


Disappointing the theves isn’t payback enough?


I mean, They had to know what they were getting… It say so right there on the box. :sweat_smile:


Have you emailed Soylent?


I just submitted a problem claim a few minutes ago on the main website.
edit: They (Support) were very helpful. After collecting my info, they promptly shipped me another order. :+1:


Try to notice if any of your neighbors suddenly seem to have slightly more money, are better-nutritioned, and/or have slightly more free time than they did before.