Odd Soylent link

I have no idea what this is or why it was created. I am just sharing because it is a bit odd.

The questions at the end make it seem like something to do with a class of some sort.

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Appears to be some critical thinking and vocabulary work for an English as a Second Language class.

It’s interesting that it will actually make the students kind of think about something “newfangled”

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I like how only one line is provided for answering the question, “Explain why Rob invented Soylent.” Clearly one of Soylent’s customers also teaches reading comprehension, either ESL or K-12.


well who ever that made this. spread the love.
the more the merrier

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Breaking apart the url.
Amazing ESL
Soylent is spreading to the world…
One language at a time!

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From worksheet:

Rob is a single man. Why does drinking Soylent make more sense for a single
man than for a whole family?



Because he is.
And there are a few reasons it doesn’t work for a "whole family."
Remember they’re going to respond in english, which will be a second language for the writer, so getting them to think, and then think in english and write it down is a good exercise.

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