Off the Shelf Recipe - Looking for Feedback


Just wanted to get people’s input on a recipe I came up with primarily using on-hand supplies. Plan is to make a day or two’s worth over the upcoming weekend, check to make sure I like the taste, and then order the micro supplements I’d need to make it complete (choline, sulfur, Vitamin K). Macro’s are protein heavy, but are close to what I prefer in my current whole food macro breakdown. Bottom line is I just want to double check with the community to make sure that there’s no glaring flaws in this recipe, since I’m planning to use it as a baseline going forward.


Pretty solid, given the small number of ingredients. How are you planning to use this soylent? Full meal replacement or just for some meals? If it’s full replacement, then perhaps you’ll also want to top up Calcium and Folate (and perhaps Potassium).

I think there’s two things to be aware of:

  1. Phytic Acid. There’s several threads on this subject, and about how not “preparing” the oats prior to consuming them, the phytic acid will block absorption of many nutrients. I have not followed these threads very much, but there’s a lot of discussion around it. Take a look.
  2. The Omega 6:3 ratio. Despite the US Government’s recommendation of 17:1.6 (~10:1), nearly all research on this topic suggests a much closer ratio. I’ve seen everything from 1:4 - 4:1, but I try to stay around 2.5:1. The gov’t suggests 10:1 because the average American diet is closer to 20:1. Therefore I’d suggest looking into adding some Fish Oil (or Algae-based oil) to get the most useful versions (EPA&DHA) of Omega 3. Usually about 3g/day is what you’re looking for. You can also use Flaxseed, but as it’s plant-based, the Omega 3 (ALA) is a less human-usable.

But like I said, that’s a great first go.


Hopefully going to use this as a full meal replacement, but only once I buy a more precise scale and have the missing micros shipped to me. Just a partial replacement until then.

I’ll definitely take a look into the phytic acid issue.

Also, for the Omega 6:3 ratio, I’m hoping to order some of this Soybean Oil, which has a much higher Omega 3 content than the Olive Oil I’ve currently got. I’m sure adding in fish oil wouldn’t hurt though


Keep in mind you do still need ALA. Based on what I’ve read, I’ve decided on 0.5-1g of EPA/DHA from fish oil, and the rest as ALA. Your body can convert ALA to EPA & DHA (albeit inefficiently, around 5%) if need be, as well.


Is that conversion efficency at SAD Omega-6 levels? or at what ratio of them present?


I’m pretty sure that’s current average levels, i.e. 16-20:1. You’re right though, the efficiency does improve as the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 decreases. However I still think it’s a good idea to supplement with fish oil (no evidence for that, just personal opinion).


Your numbers for olive oil are way off. The usual amounts for omega 6/3 are 10%/0.8%, not 33%/0.4%. Vitamins are off too, but aren’t significant.
The soy oil is not a good idea, its ratio is better but the actual amounts are much higher, what can be unhealthy. If can’t find a better price for olive oil you may consider macadamia nut oil, or coconut oil.

Your phosphorus is too high for an optimal Ca : P ratio. Manganese is worrying high, and it deny you the use of most multivitamins. Should include the potassium supplement in your first batch too, because it as significant effect on taste (except potassium gluconate).


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