Off topic: Amazon sent me 4 cases I did not want, what do?

So Im stocked up, just had 2 weeks of Space Nutrients delivered Friday, when I also got an email saying they had shipped 4 cases of 2.0

I was subscribed to 5 but had suspended the shipment last week til December, well I apparently only suspended 1 single order. I tried doing them individually but each one I clicked on after the first one said next shipment December so whatever.

I called Saturday and get the typical “we cant cancel now you will have to refuse shipment or send it back, then we will credit you” answer.

Earlier I go to do the return online and I chose the reason “I did not authorize this” and it says I am immediately refunded and do not have to return it. That did not feel right, as in if I did that with all 4 they will probably charge me again so should I call them or what, and expect to send them all back?

You should try to coherently explain the situation to them and ask them what to do.


I planned on calling when they were open, so I did this morning and was told I cannot return a food item, to just process the returns for all orders online.

But now the other orders say not eligible. I spoke with a 2nd person who refunded me 100%

Not what I intended but happy with the result.

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