[off topic] Anyone happen to be


An experienced iOS developer? I’ve got an idea for an app, but lack the technical skills to make it happen. I suppose I’m looking for a mentor/partner/team to help me evaluate the idea and try to turn it into an actual app. So, anyone?


dude i don’t know why you come here and ask about iOS development if, thats totally wrong topic, but if it has something to do with soylent, then type it in your post and your not off topic anymore.

As of now it’s just way off topic


That’s why it says “off topic” in the title, AND it’s listed under the “other” heading. I only asked because there are some very smart people here. But nevermind. Delete this, or whatever.


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FWIW, @DarkbyDarkWest, I’d suggest checking out stackoverflow. Smart people around there as well, and you’d be much more likely to drum up some help than on a nutrition board :wink:

Unless your app does have something to do with nutrition. In which case, PM me and I’ll re-open the topic.