Offer A Single Meal (500 Cal) Package

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I though this topic merited a separate post since it was not directly related to the topic I posted it under and there seems to be a lot of people who share my desire for Soylent to offer a single meal package for people to make it easier to enjoy Soylent on the road.

It is too hard to use the scoop, as I never feel like I am getting the right amount, I make a mess, and I have nothing to put it in as a dry powder. I am not about to carry a shaker cup around NYC with me as I go on sales calls.

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I’m happy with that as an option. But only as an option, not as a replacement for the current bag size.

However, if they’re going to start offering options, I would hope the first option they come out with is different formulations. (athletic, diet, etc.)

I’d definitely order me some 500cal bags for trips/camping. :tent:


I agree, it should be an alternative - not a replacement - to the current bag. They would never do that anyway, as they are so maniacal about reducing packaging.

The more I think about it the more I like the funnel shaped single serving bag idea. It seems like there could be a DIY solution that would work until RL makes one of their own like the OP suggest.

EDIT: Ask and ye shall receive. Will probably need a bigger/better funnel than the one that comes with to make this work with Soylent.

Thanks. That funnel is too small. I am on the go all day and my briefcase is small, so I need something that is disposable (ideally recyclable). The plan is to buy a 20 oz. water bottle, drink it down a bit, and fill it with Soylent from their brand new intelligently designed single meal container. (I can dare to dream.) Once I make my single serving everything gets recycled. It’s a surgical strike of nutrition…

Having said that, I could probably make a DIY solution like this, but that would be a drag. Still need to measure individual portions and hope my ziplock baggie doesn’t bust open in my briefcase.

I take it you don’t have room to carry a bottle from home? The 20oz blender bottles are a perfect single-serving size.

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After pouring my “breakfast”, I fill up a metal thermos with about 670kcal worth and take that to work… Usually lunch#1 around noon and lunch#2 around 3pm. It stays sufficiently cool…

A 500kcal single serving package might be nice for special occasions (skiing, hiking) but I don’t think I’d use it often. Maybe this could be a one time order option on the web site? Order a 30 or 50 pack of 500kcal mini-pouches… If they really are good for 1+ year I’m sure I’d go through several a month…

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What about a bottle meal like this?

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I’m not sure that is going to work well. Based on my experience making full pitchers (2L pitcher filled with Soylent and 1.6L of water) From your 20oz bottle you’re going to have to drink 6.4oz or about 1/3 of the bottle (leaving 13.6oz). Then your going to have to get 500 calories of Soylent powder in there and shake it up. It probably won’t mix very well if you try to dump all the Soylent in at once so you might have to add a little and shake, add a little more and shake… unitl you get it all in there and mixed.

When I make a pitcher I dump the powder in first and just the powder takes up about 1/2 of the pitcher volume. I imagine it would be very difficult to try and mix if I added all the water first.

Syke’s idea of a blender bottle seems like it would work better. Add the powder to the bottle then buy your bottle of water and add it to that.

Probably not an ideal solution if your looking to be able to throw it all away when your done and not have an empty bottle in your brief case though.

You could try to use something like this:

That shinks down to almost nothing when it’s empty. If your only eating one meal on the go you could fill it with Soylent first, or if they did have 500cal pouches you could dump the Soylent in here and add water. When you’re done you rinse it out and collapse it down.

The bottle that inquirerer posted would work great for on the go if it came with the powder in it and you just add water.

You are correct, I don’t have room to carry a blender bottle.

I’d order those 500 cal pouches in a heartbeat (in addition to my monthly order of 28 2,000 calorie bags). That is assuming they work on the design so that they are easy to pour out into a water bottle.

That Hydropak bottle may work well and that could be a solution if I can’t find another. Thanks for referring it to me.

Alternatively, I can just buy a bigger water bottle. Most stores have 23.7 oz (see attached) or even 1L bottles. God knows I can always use more water in my system.

My experience is that 500 calories fits in 500ml (~16 oz) when fully mixed, so I don’t need that much extra room.

Your point is well taken on the mixing. That would be a bit of a project I am sure.

That’s a cool bottle. Where can I get one?

Nowhere yet, but maybe soon.

I use Nutrilent and Jake and both come in single meal packages. This saves no end of hassle compared with the three meal bags

I use blender bottle, works great.

You could just eat the powder wash it down with water. No funnel or shaker required.

I just read in the AMA Rob Rhinehart did on Reddit yesterday that Soylent is working on a flavored solid bar alternative to the powdered/liquid form of Soylent. Sounds like it is nearing completion too. #problemsolved


Thats good to hear. I just hope they do it without involving heat.

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I also endorse an option for single serve packaging.

It would be a great convenience for those of us who only mix a single serving at a time.

The benefit to Soylent, the company, and the environment is in a cost saving and material usage reduction. Instead of buying or producing the 4 serving bag, with the resealable zip, the bag material would just be a continuous piece with the ends and sides heat/friction sealed on site. The packaging machine would inject a single serving, pack it against the closed edge and then heat/friction seal the open end with very little excess room left in the packaging. There is a lot of material waste, especially that zip seal, considering, from what I’ve read, those pouches are opened and then closed very few times before being disposed.

In terms of labeling, to be compliant and under the assumption printing full info would be too difficult for the allotted space, the material would be marked “Not for individual sale” and then have minimal info on it.