Offering two free days of Soylent 1.3 for one lucky San Francisco resident!


Edit: Sorry folks, this offer is now over!

Ok, since I should be receiving version 1.4 in the next couple weeks, I’ve decided to not finish my last 4 bags of 1.3. Two bags are going to my new housemate (I think he’ll want them) and two bags go to one lucky forum member!

Below are the prerequisites for this free offer:

  1. You must live in SF. (I don’t want to deal with shipping, you’ll have to come pick it up)
  2. You must be still waiting on your FIRST order of Soylent. No regular Soylent users allowed.
  3. You must have made at least one post on the forum already.
  4. After receiving the free Soylent, you must start a brand new thread on the forum praising my generosity. You must remark on how my personality is even better in person than you thought it would be, and also how stunningly handsome I am.
  5. Number 4 above is optional. :smile:
  6. First person to respond to this thread and who meets all the above prerequisites gets the Soylent!


I already think you’re a stunningly handsome gentleman and scholar just based on this post, and I’m not even eligible for the offer.


Well, interestingly, I fit every prerequisite here except for the second. :stuck_out_tongue: This is very generous of you!

Have you thought of offering one bag to two forum members?


Sorry @axcho but I just swapped my last three bags of 1.3 for three bags of 1.4 from Soylent pioneer @vanclute.


For which we are eternally (or at least till they’ve been drunk [drank? drinked? wtf!??!!])most grateful! :slight_smile:

Hope your experience with 1.4 is better than ours has been…


Right on, thanks man! I’ll definitely be posting my thoughts. A pitcher of freshly mixed 1.4 is currently cooling down in my fridge…