Offical Soylent: Should it be producing Mustard Gas?


“When used in impure form, such as warfare agents, they are usually yellow-brown in color and have an odor resembling mustard plants, garlic, or horseradish, hence the name.” (

Should Soylent be giving me gas on par with chemical warfare gases such as Agent Orange or Mustard Gas? I cannot go outside while drinking soylent without smelling like my anus has become the lake of fire from the Book of Revelation, a fiery volcano excreting noxious odors that are currently unknown to science. Perhaps Mustard Gas is an understatement. The only thing that it can be compared to is out of Norse Mythos when Surtr engulfs the world with fire at the end of Ragnarök, but in this case I am engulfing everyone around me in the most vile of odors.

Other than that, I think Soylent is pretty great and mixes extremely well, particularly in almond milk bases which gives it a creamy taste and feel. I would really like to see how well it tastes in a cashew or brazilnut milk base

It does however not mix particularly well with orange juice which ends up tasting like old marmalade mixed with an old discarded sock previously used for jacking off that was then used as a home for a brood of mice before being shipped off to a landfill and picked out of the trash and used by a mentally handicapped hobo who thought it would add a scrumptious flavor to his dinner but turned out to taste like some combination of horse manure and orange soda.

I think coffee flavor would have probably turned out better, and maybe I’ll try that today if I ever stop constantly smelling like the decaying corpse floating housing thousands of flies afloat in raw sewage in the ruins of a chemical factory. How can I even go to a laundromat in this condition?

Also I think it could be an interesting investment of your time to investigate the possibility of doing some kind line of syrups or flavored powders akin to Sodastream. It might be worth it to possibly even produce a Soylent/Rosalab branded blender/mixer that gives it a nice frothiness while flavoring it.

Does the official Soylent team have any advice for me aside from taking beano and handing out gas masks? It is a fairly urgent issue as I currently cannot consume soylent without smelling like a factory farm or a field being “fertilized” with liquidized pig manure.

It smells like a century egg, OK? Ever try one of those? If not, don’t.

The only thing I can tell you is that it is is from the batch of Vegan Soylent, I don’t see any information for lot numbers on the pouches or in/on the boxes, which is something mission-fuckin-critical that you need to implement ASAP for QA purposes and the ability to do recalls if necessary.

I’m not particularly upset other than having 90 pounds of colon cleansing air freshner that I currently can’t use but please try and figure out how I can resolve my issues where stink up entire subway cars because of your product. This is the kind of vile smelling luck that I wouldn’t even wish upon my worst enemy.

Maybe if I used it in a dough and made garlic bread it’d smell less foul?

Yours very truly,
Swami Surtr the Eldjötunn,
Burner Downer of Houses,
Champion of Migraines,
Drone Warfare Guru and Alligator Enthusiast

Fireside Chat with Rob 5/15

OMG… ok, hang on a moment while I get a grip on myself and stop the tears of laughter streaming down my face. You get major points for creating writing… OMFG.

OK so. Ahem. I have definitely observed some gas, and it is quite stinky I’ll give you that. But I haven’t noticed anything even remotely close to what you describe. The first thing that comes to mind is maybe you’re drinking too much too fast? My other half was throwing her Soylent back like it was a glass of water at first, until I mentioned to her not to forget that this is not a drink, it’s food and to consume it accordingly. She was quite gassy the first couple days but that seems to have mostly subsided now that she’s slower about her “eating”. I typically make a 12oz glass of Soylent last maybe 30 minutes to an hour, and a 6 oz glass lasts around half of that.

Do you think maybe this could be related to your issue? If you’re certain it’s not, then I’m not sure what to say other than maybe it’s an individual body-chemistry thing? Maybe it will settle down in a few days? Are you 100% Soylent now or still eating regular food too? Maybe there’s some combination of the two that isn’t sitting well?

Hope this helps!


Thanks for that, I certainly have my laughter dose for the day! I wished I had some advice, but since I don’t have any Soylent yet, I’ll have to wait. I’m really hopeful that this is an issue that is solvable or this could be a deal breaker for me, I value my friends and family too much :smile:


@Lee_Ars from did a series of articles on Soylent when it was still beta, and as I recall had a similar experience. The good news: his gut eventually settled down.

I think this has a lot to do with whatever gut flora inhabit you, so it really could be a different experience for every person.


I guess what I could try doing is manufacturing some probiotics by taking a portion of soylent and mixing it with kombucha, tribicos & that vegan lactic probiotic-multivitamin that they sell in whole foods.


@cmxu - Are you trying to upstage the Hasbro suger-frue gummy bear reviews?


oh dear god I’m still wiping tears from my face after that one. I challenge anyone to get through that without busting a gut in laughter. WOW!


You’ve really got a knack for writing :smiley:
On the serious side, it could be the fiber in the Soylent. If your body is not used to it, it may cause some “gastric distress” until your body gets used to it. I’m not sure how well I’ll handle the transition, so I’ll be using it to replace muggle meals 1 meal/day and work up to 100% Soylent.


Kinda stressful to do it any other way :wink:

But seriously, I would recommend taking it slow. Most people will need time to adjust, not just to fiber either, but some of the other nutrients can cause issues. Potassium for instance can give bad headaches if you jump straight into the RDI, most people don’t come close in their muggle diets.


Soylent makes bacteria very happy…

Remember to do not approach open fire while digesting your meal!


In the following segment, he describes that it evened out as his body got more used to it.


I’d say so far that the experience with production Soylent is similar. My gas has definitely decreased each day, and I suspect in another day or two will be pretty much entirely gone.


So basically, if there’s anyone you really don’t like… now’s the time.



  1. Don’t mix Soylent with orange juice.

  2. My roommates and co-workers are going to hate me. :stuck_out_tongue:


At a guess is say you are experiencing something most DIYers have noticed, and that is when your body gets the right amount of protein, sulfer is released as a part of the digestion process.

Edit: removed irrelevant link. (My Google fu broke)
Perhaps a better one would be this:

What most of us have found is that it settles down eventually, but will probably always be an “undocumented feature” of a properly balanced diet.

The fact that most of the world avoids healthy food to remain unaffected by flatulence is an unfortunate reality.

The way I see it, if smelling nice is your priority, go back to muggle food.

If you want to live healthy, and enjoy the benefits of not being malnourished, learn to live with it.

But like I said, it gets better. Just go outside for a walk every now and then, there are side benefits to a walk around the block. All that time you save eating means you can take a “fart walk” every now and then!


Yup, and like mentioned in a different thread, rice protein is high in the sulphur rich aminos methionine and cysteine. Every protein powder or weight gainer shake I’ve ever tried has given me bad gas.

I was waiting for a thread like this one to start. I think digestibility of Soylent will be an issue for certain people, hopefully not the majority.


I decided to see what WebMD had to say:

They claim it’s normal to pass gas 6 - 20 times per day, which means I’m perfectly healthy at the moment. I always thought gas was only caused by bacteria and the decomposition process of the food. But apparently it can also be caused by lactose intolerance, and how much air you swallow. I assume you weren’t using any dairy in the mix, but the possibility of Air in the mix would make sense. If you drink it shortly after shaking there would be lot’s of air suspended in the liquid, so perhaps letting it settle would reduce the air you swallow which may explain some of the reduction over time as you get into the habit of pre-making it and letting it set.


Hmmmm very interesting. I guess maybe I’ve always just been wayyyyy below “normal” then! Or maybe I passed gas when I didn’t notice, like in my sleep or something. I don’t doubt that it’s actually healthier to be passing somewhat regularly, so in that regard I see this as a change for the better. But the point about drinking right after shaking is interesting. I always give our pitcher a very vigorous shake right before pouring in order to ensure no settling has happened. I may see how it goes without shaking for a while.


may see how it goes without shaking for a while.

Definitely pass any lessons on to the rear echelon of Soylenters. (couldn’t resist :wink:)


You will want to shake it up maybe just not as vigorously.