Official Facebook page?


Is there any reason I still can’t find a Facebook page for Soylent? Seems a pretty obvious way to spread some marketing around among the unconverted but I still can’t see an official page :confused:


This. ++++++++++++++


Then you aren’t looking hard enough. :slight_smile: The blog links to their Facebook page (and also their twitter and even LinkedIn)


So it is but this only confuses me more.
I’ve already liked the page previously but still when I look with search it doesn’t appear? So it’s hidden from searches, even by those who’ve already liked it? Normally I’d assume it was just me but given the sudden popularity of Soylent and the meager 7k likes the page has I’m assuming I’m not the only one that couldn’t find it by searching Fb…


I don’t remember seeing any of their updates on my newsfeed either, which I should since I’ve liked the page long ago as well. Weird


Looking back I know I’ve seen a few now but the difficulty in finding the page and that not all updates seem to make it to our feeds is a little unusual. I’d love it if the Fb page posted the new blog posts and the monthly updates (unless they do already and I’m just missing it). Fb can be a great way to keep informed casually about stuff like Soylent.


It may be that they’re waiting to make the page more public once they have an actual product launching. They don’t want to prematurely boost their public image before they can supply their goods to an interested public. They’ve already got the buzz among the tech world, and the people who are interested in kickstarting/funding them have already done so, but there’s really no point in airing your commercial and claiming public mindshare without something you’re ready to sell.


Thanks man, I hadn’t considered that they might be hiding out from the public intentionally lol
Since they couldn’t have been eager for too many more preorders after their already massive number.
Once the first waves of orders are out and the (hopefully) positive feedback pours in I’m sure they’ll increase their visibility.


A lot of the problem is with Facebook as they recently changed to a much more aggressive advertising model for pages. If you don’t pay they don’t show your content, even to those who are subscribed.


Really? Oh boy, they must be broke.


That’s odd. I get all their updates… It might be because I opted out of some weird timeline update once upon a time.


How would you know if you were getting all the updates or not?

Really though, I think that Pages just have to pay for exposure on your News Feed. If you click the Pages section I believe you see everything there.