Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread

So far people have recommended PB2 and Protein Plus peanut flour. What else might go well with 1.5?

Note that there is also a chocolate PB2 flavor available.

Another way of thinking about this… If sunflower powder is the taste that has been making 1.4 and potentially 1.5 so gross, what are the specific taste qualifies of sunflower? Can they be counterbalanced by specific add-ons? What complements (or masks) that flavor profile?

For me, 1.4 was pretty disgusting and I couldn’t bring myself to keep eating it. I really had to force it down. I’m hoping 1.5 fares a bit better, and this time I plan to make PB2 or something a regular part of the mix.


I like cocoa powder/chocolate in mine or just a tablespoon peanut butter (not the powdered) per serving.

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1.5 is blander then 1.4

How do you mix in regular peanut butter? I tried mashing/aggressively stirring some into a mug of soylent and couldn’t get it to mix in at all.

Hand blender or Nutribullet


I’m not a big fan of peanut butter flavor, so my best success so far has been cinnamon and a sucralose packet. My strawberry and orange vanilla Mio squirts that I liked with 1.4 don’t taste right anymore.

Blender ball in a shaker.

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Following a tip on the forum, I am now a huge fan of LorAnn Oils flavoring. Right now I’m at 5 drops per scoop to get the flavor to where I like (with 1.4). Interested to see if it takes less to flavor 1.5

Have you tried the flavoring with 1.5?

I added orange juice to my Soylent for today and the taste is reminiscent of the original Soylent, though the aftertaste still lingers, but not as much. Has anyone that experiences the aftertaste found a way around it?

I tried this with a batch I made more recently, and while adding some while it was still warm seemed to work somewhat well I didn’t add nearly enough, and no matter how hard I tried to mix it after, I got tons of clumps that just wouldn’t dissolve. I finally finished that pitcher and today I will try double when mixing up initially with warm water and see if I can taste it.

I want to second the LorAnn Oil suggestion. I just ordered several different of their “super strength” flavors from their website, and it is like a whole new world just opened up. I’ve just used them in 1.4, but I would imagine they work well (if not better) in 1.5.

Ones I got were: Banana Cream, Butter Rum, Cake Batter, Cinnamon Roll, Cran Raspberry, Key Lime, Mango, Maple, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter, Pistachio, (there are lots more flavors though on the website)

Also, they are very reasonably priced for the strength of flavor. (Only $1.40 for the one-dram size and $5.50 for the one-ounce size.) It only takes a few drops.

A few people state that v1.5 tastes like cardboard. I don’t detect this, but I want in on this party.

Can someone tell me if LorAnn Oils has a cardboard flavoring?


Haha, I am sure they can synthesize any flavor nowadays. I can’t imagine that would be a popular seller though! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve got to give a review on each of these flavors, some of those look delicious and I’d love to know which ones you think go best with Soylent!

Well, out of the one’s I have tried so far, Butter Rum is my favorite, but I like buttery-type flavors, and I used to be big on rum. (Don’t really drink anymore.) They actually have a regular “Butter” flavor that I thought about getting, but then I thought it would just be too weird. (Like eating a stick of butter?) I guess you could mix “Butter” with other flavors to create something new.

Only heretics don’t like buttery-type flavors.
Butter Rum was definitely one of the ones I was more interested in. Rum anything is usually pretty good (Coming from a total Rum Raisin icecream lover). Have you tried the Cake batter or Pistachio yet? I imagine the Cake Batter would go well with both the texture and the flavor, but I’m unsure how Pistachio would taste?

Pistachio was good, but not really what I was expecting. (Not really sure what I was expecting; but it tasted different than pistachio ice cream, at least to me–but I may be weird.) I haven’t tried the cake batter one yet, but I think it is next on my list.

Banana cream was good also and seemed to go well with the consistency of 1.4, (Which reminds me a bit of bananas kind of.) You would have to like banana-flavored things though. My mom hates anything flavored banana, so I assume others don’t like that flavor too.

Pistachio ice cream doesn’t actually taste like pistachios as surprising as that may be (Think anything “grape” flavored). This is getting me pretty hyped. I love Banana Cream flavored and just kind of assumed it would taste good because I don’t think it’s possible to mess up that flavor xD
I may go order a couple to try out, it should be a little easier than the protein peanut flour that I’ve been trying to get to mix in well.
How many drops do you put in for a pitcher?

A few would probably be more prudent. I tend to overbuy things sometimes.

I have been doing between 2-4 drops per glass, depending on the flavor. (Some seem stronger, or at least are more pronounced.) I would experiment when you get it to see how strong you like it. Some people like more flavor than others. I tend to try to get away with the least amount I can to start, so it doesn’t overpower me. I figure I can always add more to the next batch if I want. I haven’t flavored a whole pitcher yet, just by the glass after I have poured it from the pitcher.