Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread


How big are your glasses???
I guess it’s a lot easier to try different amounts with this since I don’t have to worry about it clumping up when adding to cold soylent like a powder might. I tend to drink from a lot of different form factors, little glasses for snacks, one or two mugs for meals at home, lidded coffee cup for just breakfast at work, 32oz blender bottle for breakfast and lunch at work, so adding to the pitcher might be ideal, but I could just try with all the different sizes and figure that out xD


Haha, sorry; I should have said. For me 1 glass = 1/4 pitcher. That is how much I always drink at a time. (4 meals/day)
I’m regimented like that. (Regimented = OCD)


I like adding 1 teaspoon of Braggs soy alternative to an 8 oz. glass of Soylent. That adds 320 mg of sodium.


People interested in the topic of flavoring should read the following book review, and possibly the book it refers to:

It raises questions about the effect of “masking” flavors and discusses the natural purpose of flavors.


So I just tried Amaretto with Soylent (probably about half a shot for a mug that’s a bit under 16ish ounces?) and I really like. The Amaretto seems to almost completely cancel the soylent-y aftertaste while adding a little sweet almond flavor. The soylent seems to cancel the Amaretto’s aftertaste too which is really nice.
Next up is Kahlua which my roommate and I just picked up.


I added 2 packets of splenda to a meal to replace the sucralose that has been removed since 1.0, and that made it much more palatable. A dash of banana extract also improves the flavor without making it taste like banana.


I just ordered some of this stuff:

The product description reads “Eternal Pearl Brand, Gourmet Food-Grade FCC” although none of the listed uses include food. I sent an inquiry to the seller about it, so we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll keep you posted.


1 whole banana, 3 to 4 huge scoops of benutbutter, Less then 1 tsp of vanilla . and it tast like a banana cream pie


I found a place near my school that sells LorAnn oils. I had seen a few posts recommending them before, so I thought I’d give 'em a try.

The first flavour I tried was chocolate. I found that I couldn’t seem to get the flavour to come through. It did a wonderful job of covering that ‘oat-y’ flavour that people seem to dislike so much, but it didn’t taste chocolate-y. Next time I will add more.

The next morning, I tried butter rum for breakfast. It was goooood! I’d highly recommend it! I put about 4-5 drops in 250 ml.

I drink the rest of my day’s Soylent (750ml) from one big thermos, so I thought I’d try almond for the rest of the day. I like the almond flavour, but unfortunately, I was a little too heavy handed with it. I put about 30 drops of the chocolate in to my thermos the day before and could barely taste it, but I noticed that the almond flavour seemed a little stronger (by smell), so I only added 25 drops. It was still WAY too strong. I really like it, but I’ll definitely go lighter next time.

I still have eggnog and cheesecake to try yet. I’m really looking forward to them! These LorAnn oils work REALLY well with Soylent as a base!


I agree on the butter rum LorAnn oil being delicious! It is one of my favorites.

What was the pricing like at the place near your school where you purchased yours? (Better or worse than the website?)


Well $1.40USD translates to about $1.75CAD right now, so it was only a little more expensive. It cost $2.25CAD for each 1-Dram bottle. But it’s worth it to avoid shipping costs and whatnot. :slight_smile:


How are you guys measuring drops?
I got my lorann oils today and realized I didn’t have any sort of dropper so went on an escapade to acquire coffee stirrer straws to use as makeshift droppers. After over 6 drops of cake batter, plus whatever was left in the straw, in a small glass (2 glasses is about 20% of the pitcher) I could barely taste it at all.
I’ll have to try with another flavor tomorrow and see if I can get different results. I can definitely smell it, but there’s no flavor.


The place I bought the oils was a place that sells baking supplies as well, so I bought a set of droppers while I was there. It’s entirely possible that the cake batter flavor is one of the weaker flavours (like chocolate was for me). Once you come up with a method for measuring the drops, experiment with the quantity a little.


They also sell droppers and containers on their website. Alternatively, you could always use a toothpick or something and just dip it in the oil, and let the drops drip off the end of it.

  1. You did get the “super strength” oil, correct? (either this or this, not this, which would likely be weaker)
  2. I do think think the cake batter one is one of the weaker ones. I had to use much more to get the same flavor as some of the others. However, I like my flavors on the weaker side anyway, so I would just say experiment till it appeals to you.


Correct, I got the super strength dram one.
I think my drops were just a little smaller coming from the coffee stirrer (I tried a toothpick but it wouldn’t stay on it to drop off).
I just tried two coffee-stirrer dram lengths (Inserting the teensy straw till it hit the bottom, then putting my finger on the other end and holding it over the cup to let it drop out), in a 32 ounce blender bottle with the butter rum and it is almost perfect, so I think the cake batter was just weaker and butter rum probably one of the stronger ones? xD


Use an old visene bottle or visit any vape shop, that is the kind of dripper bottle that you need.


I’m all the way across the country from home for the next couple weeks, so for now I’ll probably stick with the coffee stirrer (which I can then use to stir in the flavoring! :stuck_out_tongue: ), once I get home I’ll probably steal a dropper from one of the medicine cabinets. Thanks.


For those of you using artificial banana flavors, be careful not to get any on your skin. Isoamyl acetate(banana flavor) is a major component of bumble bee alarm pheromone. Cotton balls dipped in the stuff and placed near bee hives get stung A LOT.


So, I finally got to make some Soylent 1.5 with this stuff:

It is not quite as tasty as the madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, but still great. For each 115g meal, I added 1 gram (a packet) of Splenda and 1/4 tsp of vanillin powder. The result is not sweet, but has a very “basic” non-bland flavor. To me, it is perfect and I don’t lose much convenience because I transfer my Soylent powder to a plastic canister anyway.

If you find straight 1.5 to be undrinkably bland, I urge you to try this.


That’s really great and I’m definitely going to try it (I just had some vanillin powder show up today finally!) but I gotta mention one thing. I don’t find 1.5 bland at all. It is extremely not bland. It has an overpowering flavor, and that’s the whole problem. Maybe that’s what you meant… but I thought I’d add that for clarity’s sake. I will give this a try possibly as soon as tonight and let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed…