Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread


I guess you could say I found it overpoweringly bland. The taste doesn’t make me gag or anything but I have a hard time putting it down.

Of course, mileage may vary. Good luck!


Thanks, I really hope the “new” taste might just be the absence of vanillin… boy would that be an easy fix if so. Will definitely share my findings!


OK so I have my vanillin, it’s from Amoretti and all it says about it is that it is “vanilla 400x powder”. So actually I think this is powdered vanilla, not vanillin. Not even sure the effective difference.

What I’m unclear on is how much to use of the stuff. If I’m going to mix a full pitcher of 1.5, how much vanilla powder do I add? The only information I can find on Amoertti’s site is about mixing it into batters of certain weights, which doesn’t apply here.

Thanks to anyone who can help out with this :slight_smile:


If they give you a percent you could scale it down. Otherwise, you may have to experiment.


yeah no %, just “400x” whatever that means. Hate to experiment and ruin either of our only 2 remaining bags of 1.5.


Yeah I was going to say, if you do experiment I’d do it with a small amount and scale up from there. I have no idea what 400x means other than maybe 400 times stronger than “normal” vanilla extract.


Yeah that’s my hunch… 400x times stronger than their normal vanilla powder I suppose? But then I don’t know how much of that to use either, so how do I scale up? Can’t find any useful info online about this either. The interwebz have let me down!! :crying_cat_face:


Is this the one you have? It says the use level is “0.25% by weight.” There is also this lovely warning:

CAUTION: Due to the concentration level of Amoretti Extracts, it is highly advisable that one follows the use level guideline. Excessive deviation above the recommended use levels could result in: off note, chemical sensation, bitterness, and the complete loss of the beautifully intended flavor note.

I’m not sure how much a pitcher of Soylent weighs (I think we figured it out in another thread, at least for an older version), but assuming it’s around 2 kg that would mean you’d want to use about 5 g of the extract. I guess it’s a better starting point than nothing, at least.


Soylent is pretty bland, so I’d go with the weight of the Soylent powder. 460g Soylent / 400 = 1.15g extract per day pouch.


Hmmm yeah that makes sense, and I do have a digital scale good for measuring powders, I’ll go dig it out and take a shot at this. Thanks!


My whole thing is I want to keep it simple without using precision measurements, so I’ve got my system worked out now where I dump a bag of Soylent into my canister, add 4 splenda packets and a teaspoon of vanillin. Easymode.

To find your sweet spot, try this: make one meal using your best guess at an upper threshold and sample it. If it is too heavily flavored, dilute it with some straight mix until you dial it in.


My first morning with Soylent, I found it had a strong nutty / coffee taste that stuck with me all day. Every sip was followed by a grimace.

For me, different flavourings are a must to take Soylent.

The Soylent manual recommended banana did not cover the taste and peanut butter just made the taste worse.

What I find works:

My favourite is a heaping tablespoon of creamed honey mixed with the meal size Soylent mix. For me it is just like a vanilla milkshake.

A heaping tablespoon of creamed honey and a teaspoon of Caramel Extract mixed with the meal size Soylent mix is really good.

I have also tried a heaping table spoon of Raspberry Jam with the meal size Soylent mix. It is pretty good.

I tried one level tablespoon of unsweetened coca and one heaping tablespoon of brown sugar (or chocolate milk powder) with the snack sized Soylent mix. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

With just Brown sugar, I find it neutralises the taste making it very bland.

I have also tried 2 tablespoons of real Maple Syrup with a meal size mix of Soylent. It is ok.

I have tried a tablespoon of orange juice concentrate with meal size mix of Soylent. I would not recommend it, but it was drinkable.

I have tried, but did not like molasses.

Someone at work thought celery might work. Initially I thought he was crazy. But I might try it.


OK, just tried another pitcher of 1.5. I started with 1/8tsp of Amoretti 2-fold natural vanillin. That was definitely not enough so I went up to 1/4 tsp, then 1/2tsp, then 1 tsp, then 1.5 tsp, then 2 tsp. It’s now drinkable, but… there is still this weird… something. I guess it would be called a “note”? I’m not a foodie but I am a musician so the concept of flavor “notes” is a weird one for me.

Anyway… I still really don’t particularly care for it. I can’t look forward to drinking this, whereas I absolutely look forward to 1.3 every time. I suppose I could keep adding more vanillin, but I don’t want to go crazy overboard. Already the change from 1.5tsp to 2 tsp was very very subtle if any.

I have several other varieties of vanillin and vanilla extracts, including the aforementioned 400x powder, that I still need to try. Maybe something else will do a better job. So far, nothing has truly been able to neutralize that funky gross “cardboard” taste. This is the best to date, but it still just manages to subdue it, and sit alongside it. As long as there’s still a trace of that flavor… ugh. I can’t get into this. But I’m stepping way way outside my comfort zone and continuing to experiment so… onward.


I finally figured out what you meant by the cardboard taste. Yes, it is there and it is strong in 1.5. But it tastes fine to me.


Did you use any Splenda? I tried it without and it wasn’t good, you really need the sweetener.


I didn’t, as I really feel like Soylent is already sweet enough, it just has that unwanted new flavor. But I suppose I could give it a shot and see if there’s some synergy between the splenda and the vanillin. Maybe it really does take both to zap that taste. Will give it a shot and report back!


OK, as I feared Splenda just made it sweeter, but did nothing to neutralize that funky flavor. In fact now that it’s been sitting a few hours since adding the vanillin, it’s back much stronger than it was right after adding the vanillin. It’s like after a while, the flavoring was broken down and rendered inert, or something.

Anyway, I added 1/2 tsp of splenda and it was a little sweeter, but that’s all. So I added another 1/2 tsp to see if that would finally do it, but then it just became very noticeably super sweet, with a nasty side of funk.

So… experiments thus far have been fails. I don’t think I can really do much else to this pitcher since it’s already had so much done to it. I think I’ll just use what’s left for smoothies since I can at least manage to drink that ok. I’ve got one 1.5 pouch left so I’ll have to consider carefully what I want to try next as it’ll be my last shot.


That sucks, man :frowning: I was really hoping for you. I am wondering now if maybe you got a bad batch or maybe it sat in the heat too long during shipping. I will say that I experimented extensively, and the ONLY thing that worked for me is this particular vanillin and vanilla extract with Splenda, and I had to dial in that measurement.


I think it’s just another case of taste being so personal. For example, you say you add 4 packets of splenda… it looks like a packet of splenda is 1/2 a tsp, so that means you add 2 tsp. I only got up to 1tsp total (so 2 packets) and already it was getting too sweet. 4 packets worth would probably be so far over the top for me I’d have to dump the whole pitcher. And I have a sweet tooth! lol

I guess at this point all I can really hope for is that they “fix” whatever this is. I’ve got one pouch of 1.5 left so I’m still going to try something with it, maybe some vanilla extract instead of a vanillin… see if that’s any better.


I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different flavor options, and I’m finding that for my taste buds, a bit of sweetness is required to bring out added flavors – without the sweetness, I can smell the flavor, but I can’t really taste it. So flavorings like Milk Magic Chocolate and Torani Sugar-Free Salted Caramel (both available at local supermarket and both sweetened with sucralose) work well for me, as do sweetened protein powders (e.g., Muscle Milk). Not as happy with PB2, malted milk powder, unsweetened cocoa, maple extract, vanilla extract – I may need to retry these with some Splenda for the sweetness.

I’ve now started experimenting with some other Torani flavors in hopes of finding one I like that I can buy in larger volume (and half price) via Amazon.