Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread


It definitely sounds like some people need the synergy between flavor and sweet, in order for it to have the desired effect. I guess I’m not one of those unfortunately… I wish simply adding some more sweet would do the trick. Maybe I should try chocolate… I’ve been resistant to because I really don’t care for chocolate drinks other than hot chocolate, but I suppose I should at least give it a shot and see what happens. Turns out I actually have 2 pouches of 1.5 left so, at least 2 chances to experiment further.


Don’t mix up a whole bag. Just mix up one serving worth and flavor it for testing. That way you can try out many more options before running out.


Yeah that just never works well for me. When I eventually scale up the proportions to a full bag, things are always out of whack. It’s been true for both baking and flavoring.


Interesting - I always make the full bag, but I make it in 4 separate shaker bottles (2 scoops + about 20 oz of water per bottle), usually with a different flavoring for each bottle. Give me a better sense of which flavors I really prefer and which are just so-so.


I’m just trying my first bag of Soylent ever, on 1.5. The taste isn’t super terrible, but it’s really the texture that gets me. I’ve never tried protein powders, etc. so I must just not be used to it. Drinking some water afterwards clears it up anyways.

I tried the first serving plain, but now I’ve tried blending it with some Nutella and that really helps a lot, both taste and texture-wise. For people eating it for health/weight reasons that’s probably not the best idea, but for someone like me just looking for a good breakfast/lunch replacement, Nutella is a great choice. I’m probably going to start trying different amounts, maybe peanut butter too.

Has anyone tried mixing the powder with milk instead of water, or water and milk? Does that work or is it not a good idea?


Day 4 of Soylent. Decided to do some experimenting today.

First of all, I really like the flavour of 1.5. It’s all I’ve ever known, as far as Soylent goes, but I’ve played with various protein powders and supplements for years.

Today, though, I had the day off and figured I’d experiment a little.

First meal: Soylent made with coffee.
Tasted like some form of pre-prepared sweet-ish cream coffee beverage. Took a lot of the bitter notes right out of the coffee. Was pleasant. Would drink again.

Second meal: Soylent with Starbucks Refresher powder.
For those not familiar, they’re like a Crystal Light packet, with caffeine added. Currently they come in lime and hibiscus berry flavours, but I had some orange packets from last year laying around.
I mixed half of a packet, (as the flavour is VERY strong,) with a snack-sized glass of Soylent.
Flavour was very pleasant; similar to an orange creamsicle, with a bit more substance.
However, something about the sugar in the packet, or the immediate hit of caffeine, gave me a strange flushed feeling almost immediately after drinking.
I would try it again, but I would mix a single refresher with a whole bag of Soylent, and mix it in in the initial blending phase, as it didn’t dissolve particularly well in the prepared Soylent.

Third meal: Soylent prepared with BEER.
Come on. I know you’ve all thought about it.
It’s worth noting that I work at a brewery, so I was going to have to try it sooner or later.
However, rather than waste any of the excellent craft stuff I have on hand, I used a can of Old Milwaukee that I found in the back of my fridge. Turns out, that was a mistake.
After blending with an immersion blender, all the carb was knocked out of the drink. It still had VERY beerish flavour qualities, though. I was surprised at how much of the initial flavour profile of the Millywalk remained. Which was gross. Because Old Milwaukee is gross.
MIGHT try again, next time I open a big bottle of something good, forget about it, and end up letting it go flat.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking of doing a batch with some nice organic Earl Grey, and maybe, at some point, even a low sodium bouillon blend.


Soylent 1.5 prepared with Earl Grey tea.

Currently drinking a full-meal sized tea/Soylent blend.
I started by making two cups of a nice, bold, organic, loose leaf tea. I made it quite strong; a full tablespoon to two cups.
Mixed in the Soylent with a hand blender.

Frankly, I expected a lot more in the flavour department. It’s practically indistinguishable from standard Soylent. There’s a mild additional earthiness to it. Maybe a touch of bergamot on the back end. But really, aside from the theoretical caffeine boost, and whatever cancer-preventing phytonutrient/antioxidant benefits people are attributing to tea these days, there’s nothing really going on here.
I didn’t cool it; I’m drinking it at a kind of warm-milk temperature, but I doubt that chilling would have had any serious effects on the flavour profile.

I would do it again, but I’d use substantially less expensive tea, in greater bulk. Like, four tea bags for two cups water, with an extreme steep time. The subtleties just aren’t there enough to justify a good tea.


You could also probably try increasing the ratio of tea to Soylent. I mistakenly tried to guess the correct amount of water for only part of a bag and made my soylent today WAY too watery, however, the taste was drastically cut. If you don’t mind drinking a much smoother, thinner drink, you could probably have it taste much more like tea (you would just need to drink more liquid volume per ingestion of soylent, which might not be a bad thing if you don’t like drinking lots of water outside drinking soylent).


I doubt anyone drinks this much black tea in each day (3+ L), but interesting nonetheless: A Case of Iced-Tea Nephropathy.


"the patient admitted to drinking sixteen 8-oz glasses of iced tea daily"
Wait… You mean to say that’s not normal? Hmm, I should think about cutting back to 15 then.

Tried adding Cake Batter flavor to my way too watery soylent to see if it would make it more drinkable; I would not recommend it.
Tea actually might have been really good though since it didn’t take much flavoring, and I can’t taste the soylent at all. I’ll probably commandeer the teapot tomorrow and try out some tea flavored soylent.


Soylent 1.4 was so gross I couldn’t possibly drink it straight. Not for more than a day anyway. I bought the cheapest 16oz bottles of McCormick pure vanilla i could find on amazon. They’re pretty cheap and you can get them in packs. After the first mix, I add two healthy squirts, top it off and shake it all in. v1.5 is a little more tolerable but pretty much the same taste. Haven’t tried the vanilla extract with that yet, but v1.4 is drinkable for me that way. Fills me up more than 1.5 too. Of course the vanilla extract is 41% alcohol, so maybe I don’t like it and I’m just drunk? They really need to find a vanilla they can add back to this stuff. If they want to seriously market to everyone, not just geeks and health nuts, it’s got to taste better. It’s as simple as that. Not every joe on the street has the resolve to stick with it that i do.


I understand your point. But more people like the recent iterations without the vanilla taste then the earlier iterations with a vanilla taste. It’s as simple as that.

I think a turning point for a number of people, like you, will come when RL starts marketing the flavor additions.

(I think you are onto something about the vanilla extract being 41% alcohol; maybe that will be a future flavor. :grinning:)


Try adding a bit of stevia or sucralose as well as the vanilla. Without a small amount of sweetening, I’ve found that I only get the odor from vanilla, no real flavor. But a bit of sweet brings out the vanilla flavor a lot more.


This is entirely true. I use pure vanillin powder and Splenda to mimick the way flavors were masked in 1.0, and without the Splenda it just doesn’t work. On my first test batch I incremented up to 5 grams of vanillin to a bag with no improvement, then I added 4 grams of Splenda and BANG! vanilla. I’ve since settled on 3 grams vanillin, 8 grams Splenda per bag.


I think the same holds true for other unsweetened flavorings – cinnamon, cocoa, maple extract, etc. Without some sweetener, you get the scent but not the flavor. On the other hand, with an already sweet product – I switch off between Soylent and DIY Schmilk, which is considerably sweeter than Soylent – the sweetened flavors I usually add to Soylent (Milk Magic, Torani syrups, Muscle Milk protein powder) create a beverage so cloyingly sweet that I can barely drink it.


why does everything have to taste good? i think it tastes like milk and that’s fine with me.


I find the basic Soylent very bland but drinkable. That said, I’m typically consuming at least 3 servings a day, so I flavor as much for variety as for improved taste per se – I think I’d just get fed up drinking exactly the same bland flavor 3 times a day, day after day.


Given the choice between something that tastes good and something that doesn’t…I choose good.


Any notable results?


meh. doing stuff you don’t want to do builds character. plus i actually kind of like it’s neutral taste, i dont want it turning into some crazy, hyper sweet abomination or have them tweek the formula just because some people need to be stimulated all the time. if you want sweets, go eat dessert.