Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread


But if you want Soylent for dessert?

Ahh, there’s the rub.


Rob has said:

We plan to stick with a relatively consistent nutritional base but we do plan to release different flavors and form factors

So you can stick with the current bland taste, and I’ll be first in line for the new delicious Soylent flavors. Everybody wins.


I just have to say, if your best suggestion is “change your personal taste” or “get used to it” then it would probably be best to keep it to yourself.


If you’re truly interested in flavor modification, you may find this far more useful:


Far more useful, since it’s on a totally different topic than the other book. The other book is more about the consequences of commercial flavour modification. This book appears to be more of a do-it-yourself type book. I’m judging the books by their covers; I haven’t read either one


So does digging holes that are exactly 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide.



My best solution for making 1.5 drinkable has been dilution. Yes, I water it down. For me, a thinner less concentrated version made the funky flavor less noticeable.


So is anybody worried about the health concerns of flavoring Soylent, especially with a lot of these flavorings that have lots of sugar? After all, wasn’t Soylent’s goal to create a flavor that people wouldn’t get addicted to? That would lead to the idea that having flavor actually would cause problems. I talked to a chef who said flavorings like extracts aren’t meant to be eaten every day. I’m a bit worried about flavoring my Soylent with a lot of these suggested flavorings now.


They make it taste the way it does so people won’t be turned off by whatever flavor they do pick. Some people may like a chocolate flavor others might not be able to stand it. Soylent used to have a more vanilla taste but they have slowly backed that down over successive versions. I remember reading several posts on here complaining about the vanilla taste.

From what I’ve read they are planning on releasing flavor packets sometime in the not to distant future. If/when they do that I’m sure we will see lots of posts complaining about one or more of them and people will argue both sides.


Yeah. I’m really curious as to what route they will go from a heath perspective. I’m not someone that concentrates a ton on health, but I am worried that adding these flavorings and consuming them every day could lead to an issue that could eventually kill me, but at the same time, not flavoring the Soylent will make the grainy flavor get really old. Fruits can be added, but they are inconvenient to keep in the house. Hmmm…I did pick up a banana, tea, and extract to try different things out, but I’m definitely worried about the long-term consequences. If I could get these things through the Soylent website then I could feel more confident that it’s moderately safe, you know what I mean?


AgentSpiff, said the same thing too a few weeks back, just add less water.


There are some sugar free options available too. I have had good luck with the LorAnn oils. They are for baking/candy making mostly, I believe, but I have found them to work well.


Not that many people die from the flavorings they add to their morning coffee, and I would say that adding things to change tastes is part of the history of world food preparation and essentially is a good thing.

I am currently not adding anything to my soylent and the extra cost of additives is a concern of mine.

I also have come to suspect that adding sweeteners such as my favorite Stevia and many others is a bad thing because it encourages sugar addiction even though it isn’t sugar.


Unfortunately, the LorAnn extra-strength oils ARE sweetened. Only the all-natural ones aren’t. The lady at the shop I got mine from wasn’t clear on what they are sweetened with, and I couldn’t seem to find anything online.


And not many people die from a single cigarette or cheeseburger. But repeated daily exposure over a lifetime adds up. I’m not saying that this IS the case with these flavorings but it could be.


It depends on what you’re using. I’m using orange oil, which is 100% orange oil, and double-strength vanilla–and only drops of each per serving. No sweeteners (I have liquid sucralose in the cupboard if I want it, but I haven’t wanted it).

It’s also cheap. A one-ounce bottle of orange oil and a small bottle of vanilla have lasted me months and months and aren’t anywhere close to empty.


It says on the website:

For wholesale/business customers, we also offer 16-ounce, gallon, and larger bulk sizes.

Can you imagine a gallon (or larger) amount of LorAnn oil? Geez!

(Yes, I am only joking and realize that is likely for large-scale production and things.)


It would last me the rest of my life. And another life or two.


Today I played around with flavoring a bit. I added 1 tsp Archer Farms Pure Maple Extract. It completely eliminated the after taste without adding much flavor of itself. If you want a neutral taste, I highly recommend 1 tsp pure maple extract. I then added 3/4 tsp Archer Farms Pure Almond Extract (meant to do 1/2 but it spilled over on me and it was the bitter variety) and I could definitely taste the Almond, but I didn’t really care for it that much.

I might try 1 1/2 tsp of maple next time to get a little more maple flavor in it. Depending on how much health you are worried about, you could probably throw in some brown sugar and I bet it would be delicious. I’m looking to oatmeal flavors (maple and brown sugar, apple and cinnamon, etc.) for ideas and it seems to be working so far (1/1 xD). Maybe Rosa Labs will look into maple as a flavor.