Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread


Apple Pie Spice (a blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, And Allspice) works pretty well, especially if you add just a tiny amount of sweetener (stevia, sucralose).


I contaced LorAnn Oils about flavoring a few days ago and they got back to me today. They basically said that the Super Strength could work, but that the extracts and emulsions should also work. I’ve seen all of these suggested before on these forums.

The interesting thing is that they mentioned ice cream flavor fountain flavors, which I didn’t even ask about specifically, as a potential of something that might work for flavoring Soylent. I’m assuming they were talking about these:

Has anybody tried these ice cream flavor fountain flavors? Did they work? What flavors did you try? How much did you use? The nice thing is you can get a whole quart for $21 and convenient pump for around $3. A lot of the flavors look kind of kiddy, but flavors like Banana Royal seem interesting. Any information would be great.


I’ve tried their Mint Chocolate and their New York Cheesecake. Both taste just like you’d expect, and were fine, though I ended up sticking with my faint flavoring of vanilla and citrus anyway.


Tried adding two spoonfuls of cocoa powder to a pitcher. Bitter aftertaste, so I added a cap of vanilla extract to the pitcher and it tastes fine now. Tastes like chocolate cake batter. I prefer plain or banana Soylent, though. For banana flavor, I add around 10 drops of Flavor Apprentice banana flavor to an individual serving


A small amount of mint chocolate syrup changes Soylent from undrinkable to not bad.

Vanilla + Stevia is ok. It masks the after taste. I can’t say it is good tasting, but it isn’t bad. It is drinkable.

Orange extract or lemon extract + Stevia tastes like rancid oatmeal. I do not recommend this. I started off with only a drop and added more which only made it more undrinkable. I’m gagging trying to get this down.


I don’t like Stevia period. Since you have orange extract and vanilla, try them together with no sweetener–it’s what I do with my 1.4.


I think I can put my response here. I contacted the Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) and asked if there would be negative long-term health effects of consuming 1 tsp of maple extract per day. The response I got was that they were unaware of any evidence that consuming 1 tsp of maple extract per day will lead to long-term health effects. I think health of flavoring Soylent is something that needs to be looked into more, but this is better than nothing and the response was not bad.


When I first tried 1.5, something about it set off an ultra-bland sensation I found nearly repulsive. I couldn’t pinpoint if it was sweetness or saltiness that was lacking so I added both. I bought a box of Splenda packets and 1 packet plus salt seemed to work for a while until one day it just struck me as grossly sweet… Had I adapted? Now I still have 94 Splenda packets :confused:

I still add salt… Sometimes the bland taste reappears and sometimes not… Still experimenting.

PS at home I sometimes add some MSM unflavored whey… On the road recently I looked for more unflavored whey and couldn’t find any??? Does whey always need to be vanilla (ick) or chocolate (ick, unless done right)?? (Sorry for the pointless rant… Whey off topic)


NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate, 100% Pure 5Lb

I get it on Amazon. It is unflavored.


Currently suffering through a box of Soylent 1.4. I haven’t been able to get through it because of the taste, but I always feel great after. Flavorings that I alternate between, from items in my pantry:

Per snack size:

  • Replace 1/4 to 1/2 of the water with any dark berry juice (I use Trader Joe’s “Power of 7” Juice Blend) + 1 tsp peanut butter – tastes like PB&J
  • 1 scant tbsp cocoa powder or cinnamon with an optional tsp honey or packet of Splenda. I can’t actually taste the chocolate or cinnamon in this, but it will mask the aftertaste.

Finally activated my account after finding this thread. It’s been fun reading others’ suggestions. I’ll consider adding flavoring oils/extracts next.


I personally enjoyed the flavor of 1.4. Maybe not immediately, but after the first pack I started to like it a lot.

So far I can’t say the same about 1.5, it is just ‘meh’ to me. It is more neutral, but for someone who doesn’t flavor their Soylent that isn’t necessarily good. How are you liking the added salt? I think I’ll try it with my next bag.


I started soylent on 1.4. it wasn’t bad for a first soylent experience and it mixed better than 1.5. 1.5 is a touch chalky.


It’s really strange and I can’t explain it… I liked 1.4 and my first reaction to 1.5 was really bad… Rice cakes, sawdust whatever… It was painfully bland. I added Splenda and salt to make it palatable but over time it seemed too sweet so I ditched the Splenda. About a week later I had completely eliminated the extra salt as well. Now it tastes fine and I can’t at all taste the blandness that was so overwhelming in the first week or so.
I’ve been saving one bag of 1.4… One of these days I’ll give it a shot, that should be interesting.


Has anybody tried flavored Stevia to flavor and sweeten their Soylent? That seems like it might be a healthier option, but I have no idea if it would flavor Soylent enough.


I tried one bag of 1.5 in the middle of consuming 1.4 and I thought I liked the flavor more, but then I resumed finishing the weeks of 1.4 I had left, and by the time I was back on 1.5 I actually missed the thickness and flavor of 1.4. I never thought I liked the flavor of 1.4, but 1.5 is so indistinct to me it lacks personality. I do find it takes flavor better than 1.4 though.


I recently used up my 1.5 and went back to 1.4 for a few weeks. It was fine, but I am very happy to be back to 1.5, which seems to me to have more character than 1.4.


I like 1.5. A teaspoon of maple extract barely does enough to flavor it, so it wouldn’t be enough for 1.4. That means I would have to figure a completely new process to consume 1.4.


Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, so sorry if they have!

You could buy flavoring syrups like they use in coffee shops and other places. Monin is a popular brand. I would probably choose vanilla for something like this!


I’m not sure how yet, but I know this information will come in handy some day…


I can no longer update my previous post. Odd, So here is my update:

Soylent 1.5 has a strong nutty / coffee taste that sticks with me all day.
For me, different flavourings are a must to take Soylent.

What I find works in recommended order:

My favourite is a heaping tablespoon of creamed honey mixed with the meal size Soylent mix. For me it is just like a vanilla milkshake.

A heaping tablespoon of creamed honey and a teaspoon of Caramel Extract mixed with the meal size Soylent mix.

One level tablespoon of unsweetened coca and one heaping tablespoon of brown sugar (or chocolate milk powder) with the snack sized Soylent mix. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

Ripe Banana + 4 teaspoons brown sugar with 4 snack size Soylent mix.

1 heaping table spoon of Raspberry or Strawberry Jam per meal size Soylent mix.

1 teaspoon of Brown sugar per snack size of soylent. Neutralises the taste making it bland.

2 tablespoons of real Maple Syrup with a meal size mix of Soylent.

What I find does not work:

Peanut butter.

I have tried a tablespoon of orange juice concentrate with meal size mix of Soylent. I would not recommend it, but it was drinkable.

I have tried, but did not like molasses.

To try in the future:

Someone at work thought celery might work. Initially I thought he was crazy. But I might try it.