Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread


Today I started thinking “out of the box” as far as flavoring my Soylent. Until today I would use “normal” flavorings like cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. with the occasional tablespoon or two of peanut butter or Nutella. Then an idea hit me - I have all these mixers for “exotic” cocktails, most of which are sweet, so I decided to try a mix. I was floored with the flavor! I put about 1/2 oz of Fee Brothers Curacao-Triple Sec cordial into the mix and it was fantastic. These are non-alcoholic if anyone was curious. :smile:


I have added the French Vanilla coffee flavoring I use on my coffee to my Soylent and found the results pleasant.


Does this count as flavoring or preparation?
Blood Soylent Pancakes
2 Dl Blood, Animal
2 Dl Milk/Water
1 egg
Flour, or here Soylent
When I order Soylent again, I’ll try this out


I’ve personally mixed Soylent 1.5 with Silk Almond Milk (Vanilla or Dark Chocolate).

I like the flavoring better than with Vanilla Extract.
It is initially THICKER than mixing with water but mixing isn’t as chalky.
My father discerns the water mix to drywall dust.

If you are going to make a jug of it I would recommend half Almond Milk half water, as otherwise it can get a bit expensive, and it reduces some of the thickness.


1.5 has been amazing for me personally, and I have tried preparing the soylent many different ways. I say this after thinking it wasn’t viable bc of the taste after trying my brother’s 1.4. There’s two ways that have worked the best for me, Both of which require using a blender which is the best way to get a lump free batch and even flavor distribution of flavor add ins.
After experimenting with protein powders smoothies for a few years for weight lift I’ve found that a half of a ripe banana (brown spots starting on mostly yellow) helps to mask ALOT of flavors and blends flavors in most smoothie type drinks very well and adding some sweetness and fiber. I purchased 2 quart sized naglene bottles for ease of carrying my daily 1000 Cal of Soylent with me to work. The first way I prepare the soylent is to use a full sized blender and fill it with the full amount of water you intend to use to make your portion. I then put the blender on a low setting and mix in a whole banana for a full package and slowly add the powder to ensure it doesn’t touch the sides and clump. I slowly increase the speed of the blender and let it go on a medium high speed for 30 seconds before pouring equal portions into the nalgenes (which help because there is a volume measurements on the sides)

The second way of achieving a similar result with a personal blender involves blending a half banana with 12 oz of water and then pouring that in a nalgene, putting in the powder, and then adding another 4 oz on top and shaking everything up in the nalgenes before letting them refrigerate over night. I have also used frozen blueberries and PB2 combinations that can help a ton depending on what you like. Hope this was helpful, I really think using a blender with room temperature water is key and yields significantly better results.


I only ever mix with Cinnamon powder and Honey. probably 2 tbsp of honey and a few vigorous shakes of honey. SO GOOD!


My preferred method for Soylent is 4 heaping tbsp powder, 5oz water, 1 packet instant coffee, stevia to taste, and ice in a blender. I never tire of it.


Out of curiousity, has anyone experimented with savory flavors? I’m a bit reluctant to try anything too far fetched just yet!


I tried to flavor 1.5 once based on a salad dressing recipe that I like. I think I used lime juice, a touch of olive oil, salt, pepper, basil, and possibly I might have also blended up some hummus and/or a soft-boiled egg in there? It was disgusting. There is something in the aftertaste of 1.5 that I don’t think plays well with savory or acidic flavors.


I use Vanilla and Hazelnut flavoring syrups used for frufru overpriced coffee to give soylent a more enticing taste. Sure it has sugar but a little doesn’t hurt and it makes consumption of soylent easier so its worth it. Nesquick powder also helps for flavor variety. Hoping to try strawberry quick soon or maybe blend in a few real ones.


When flavoring with cocoa powder, what amount do you use for a whole bag of 1.x?

When flavoring with powdered peanut butter, what amount do you use for a whole bag of 1.x?


1.5 with 2 table spoons of ovaltine. DELICIOUS.

Also add a few drops of mint extract if you like.

  1. use a handblender (smooth texture is crucial)
  2. use real ingredients to augment the nutrition of soylent rather than using chemicals to artificially create flavor

Some great options:
-Real Cocoa Powder
-Vanilla Bean or organic extracts
-almond (or other nut) butters with no added sugar
-Nutella if you’re feeling indulgent
-Raw Honey is great because of it’s medicinal properties as well as flavor
-cinnamon (promotes blood circulation) & nutmeg
-Brew the water first (green tea, earl grey, COFFEE)
-Matcha green tea (a little goes a long way)
-Lemon zest and juice
-ground black sesame (gives it a smoky yet nutty umami flavor)
-bananas can go a long way
-coconut milk

Let’s also remember that Soylent is a ‘meal’ replacement so going to the savory side can be worth exploring:
-turmeric(good for all sorts of things), cumin, cardamom (for an indian flair)
-ginger and orange oil or zest (chinese)
-make it spicy > sriracha, gochujang, tapatio
-herbs (basil, thyme, even dill)
-dill, lemon,and greek yogurt for a mediterranean


Real ingredients are made of chemicals.


Made of CHEMICALS!?!


Is there a topic somewhere of flavoring for 2.0? Or would these suffice for 2.0 as well?


pretty much the same I would imagine except attempting to put powders into the already liquid 2.0 might cause clumping.


Go help this thread out, it hasn’t had much traction…

Some of the earlier stuff in this thread will also apply to 2.0, but the 2.0 discussion starts about here…


so you ordered it and then send a mail about whether you can actually use it for food?


Eating things that are crazy, hyper sweet abominations build character.