Official Flavoring 1.5 Thread


Soylenteers know no fear!


Anyone currently using LorAnn may want to take a look at The Flavor Apprentice it’s the same Idea but they have some other options that LorAnn may not.


What I find works:

NEW: Prunes! 8 prunes per bag + 4 tea spoons of brown sugar. Very good.

My favourite is a heaping tablespoon of creamed honey mixed with the meal size Soylent mix. For me it is just like a vanilla milkshake.

A heaping tablespoon of creamed honey and a teaspoon of Caramel Extract mixed with the meal size Soylent mix.

One level tablespoon of unsweetened coca and one heaping tablespoon of brown sugar (or chocolate milk powder) with the snack sized Soylent mix. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

Ripe Banana + 4 teaspoons brown sugar with 4 snack size Soylent mix.

1 heaping table spoon of Raspberry or Strawberry Jam per meal size Soylent mix.

1 teaspoon of Brown sugar per snack size of soylent. Neutralises the taste making it bland.

2 tablespoons of real Maple Syrup with a meal size mix of Soylent.

What I find does not work:


Somedays when I feel a little frisky I like to blend in a coupe strawberries but shhh
they don’t need to know


I’m not a Soylent consumer yet, but I plan to be shortly.

I follow the Zone Diet, which wants 40:30:30 ratios between carbs, fat, and protein calories, respectively. Since Soylent is higher in carbs, anything I’d add would need to lean towards protein.

Anyone have any suggestions for protein-based flavorants or supplements to mix in?


A lot of people have mixed Soylent with protein powder (whey usually).


3 perfect things: fresh fruit, real maple syrup, immersion blender.

I’m new in my Soylent experience and this is my first Forum post, but I seem to have hit on my perfect flavor trinity already. Fresh fruit and a splash of maple syrup blended up real smooth with an immersion (stick) blender and then mixed in about a 1-5 ratio with my Soylent 1.5. I can see this also working with frozen fruit in a bullet blender and with simple syrup or agave depending upon your preferences. I’m a Vermonter, so that’s real maple syrup for me! Besides, I find the flavor of maple syrup lends itself to blending more acid-based fruit flavors into the pancake-y Soylent flavor.

Right now I’m sipping on some amazing mango flavored Soylent I made with this method and it is delicious!

The advantage of this is that you can blend up a large quantity of this flavor mixture and store it in an airtight container in your fridge. Or you can even freeze it in bags or ice cubes and then pop whatever frozen flavor you want in your glass the night before. Put the glass in the fridge so the flavor cubes can melt overnight so you can make up a nice breakfast the next day. Something the flavor cubes can also do is keep your Soylent cold if you take it to work - they’ll melt and flavor it throughout the day, so if you can’t access a fridge right away then you’re set.

Anyways, I know that some would criticize adding the extra sugar to the puree with the syrup, and yeah it’s not exactly cost-effective I know that too, but it does concentrate the sweetness of the fruit so you don’t have to add in a lot to get the flavor you want. Yeah, it’s sugar, but it also has a whole lot of minerals in there too. Just stick with the real maple syrup though, the fake log cabin stuff is just sugar and flavorings and tastes nothing like the real thing.


I use lorann oils in my E-liquid manufacturing company, and now that I’m getting into soylent I’m definitely going to be playing around with making different flavours…

maybe making pre-made flavour drops for soylent wouldn’t be a bad thing… Banana cream, blueberry pancake strawberries and cream etc

I won’t be starting until the first of next month, but definitely going to try to flavour it some.


What kind of black sesame did you use? Did you use tahini? Or a powder? Or did you ground the sesame yourself? Can I throw the black sesame in to a blender or foot processor?


You can use a pestle and mortar, pregrind in a food processor or just add it in and use a hand immersion blender.