[Official] Introducing Soylent 1.1


When we began shipping Soylent 1.0, we were confident it was a food that people would love. The largely positive feedback we received from our early adopters confirmed this hope, but also provided valuable guidance on how to improve Soylent 1.0.

Today, we are extremely happy to announce Soylent 1.1, our first revision to the original Soylent formula. Starting today, all orders will be fulfilled with Soylent 1.1. We have made two changes to the 1.0 formula, resulting in a food with greater neutrality and digestibility (as indicated by preliminary tests). Sucralose has been reduced from 60mg to 30mg per pouch and a blend of digestive enzymes (Alpha-galactosidase and proteases) have been added to the forumula.

Sucralose Levels

We have tried at all times to maintain Soylent’s position as a perfect staple food. As such, we want the sensory experience to be a blank canvas which allows users to mold Soylent into a food that fits seamlessly into their life.

In the case of the sweetness of the product, we realized that it is always easier to add sweetness than to take it away. Feedback from Soylent 1.0 consumers indicated that many people have been choosing to customize the flavor profile of their individual days of Soylent, and we decided that reducing the baseline level of sweetness would provide greater freedom in choosing flavoring options.

Digestive Enzymes

Feedback from Soylent 1.0 strongly indicated that due to the differences in individual people’s digestive capabilities, action needed to be taken to ensure that the product is easily digested by everyone, without compromising the other benefits that Soylent provides.

The enzyme blend that we added is a mixture of a few different enzymes, which break down proteins and carbohydrates into smaller, more easily digestible fragments. Preliminary tests have indicated that they may reduce the digestive issues reported by some Soylent consumers.

Of course, there are myriad factors which affect a food’s digestive characteristics, and it will take several iterations to optimize fully for this category. We think Soylent 1.1 is a solid first step, and will be relying on feedback from our customers to evaluate the full effectiveness of the enzyme blend.

Packaging Update
We have also made a few changes to the packaging for Soylent 1.1:

Shipping boxes have been reduced over 50% in size.

Oil bottles have updated design and improved seals.

Pouches include improved powder-resistant zippers.

More information:

Sucralose Discussion

Digestive Enzymes

  • Alpha-galactosidase breaks the alpha-1-6 linkages in melibiose, raffinose, and stachyose, sugars often found in whole grains, beans, and vegetables. The resulting product of the enzyme’s action is simple carbohydrates such as galactose and sucrose which are readily metabolized. This enzyme is isolated from the fungus Aspergillus niger.

  • Acid-stable protease (Aspergillus niger). This is a non-specific protease that cleaves polypeptides into the constituent amino acids to aid absorption in the gut. It is considered acid-stable because it can withstand the low pH conditions (2.0-3.0) in the stomach.

  • Fungal proteases (Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus melleus) are a blend of non-specific proteases which function at higher pHs (6.0-9.0) to aid in digestion as pH levels change as nutrients move through the GI tract.

These enzymes’ performances are measured with different types of enzymatic activity units which typically correspond to the amount of a particular amino acid that is freed from the polypeptide chain per enzyme molecule every minute under specific assay conditions.

Gas / Bowel Issues
Alpha galactosidase and blood sugar
Alpha galactosidase and blood sugar

What about sodium? Curious that didn’t get fixed if it wasn’t. Adding salt every day is kind of annoying.


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Cool. And I just got my shipping confirmation, so it looks like my first Soylent experience will be 1.1.


That looks like the same packaging that came with the 1 week backer order I received last week. Is the version number of the formula on any of the packaging?


:smiley: I’m super excited. I can’t wait to see how the enzymes help. Its kind of a hassle to add the enzymes myself, at the moment.

Hopefully the dosage of this is enough for me to stop with the beano. I grabbed the pill form last time, and its a bit of a hassle to poor all the pills in (my fault, was too lazy/impatient to go find the powdered form I had last time).

Is anybody else familiar with the other two enzymes? I’m not sure from the description what they’re supposed to do, specifically.


If you look at the nutritional label on the picture it remains the same at 1050 mg for the day. I am sad to see this as well. I am all for low sodium, but this is extreme.


So the sodium isn’t fixed yet… wonderful.


It turns out that it’s very difficult to increase the sodium content of a product without making it taste like salt! But please know we are working on it and it is high on our list for future revisions.


Can we get a Nutrition Facts PDF link please? Thanks.


I’ve received an order with the new-style bottles. Does that mean I also have received Soylent 1.1, or is it somewhat independent? Is there any way to tell a pack of Soylent 1.0 vs 1.1, without opening it (at which point I assume the zipper will be distinguishable. I hope.)

I’m surprised about the salt… adding the recommended amount to a batch seemed to have no affect on the flavor of my Soylent.


So if we haven’t received shipping info yet will we definitely be receiving v1.1 or is there a bit of a backlog of v1.0 still to go out?


I’m actually glad they didn’t increase the sodium. When I added the recommended salt to my mix the change in taste was dramatic and for the worse. I’d rather have a handful of salted mixed nuts and/or some jerky to get the extra salt and some protein as a bonus. Plus, it gets you chewing which helpful as well.

Good to hear the gas issue is being addressed. Sadly I have a few month’s supply to go through before getting to any new shipments, but its worth having an emergency supply on hand.


I’m fine with the sodium levels. I have high blood pressure and am happy it is low.


Does this mean all orders placed today and onwards will be fulfilled with Soylent 1.1? Or does it mean that all orders shipped today and onwards will be fulfilled with Soylent 1.1?


This is good news <3 keep up the good work

Edit: question @JulioMiles have you guys considered lowering the amount of Vanillin too? I don’t know by how much, but my initial taste experience of Soylant, I considered it “too much” vanilla flavored to call it “bland” :slight_smile: it’s not that I disliked it…

For me, it tasted of more vanilla, than vanilla ice cream, which is not what I want my stable food to taste like :smiley:


How will this affect people who are diabetic or prediabetic?


Every order shipped out from our facilities today and onward will be Soylent 1.1.


Nice update. Thank you.