Official shipping schedule update 6/20 from Julio


He replied to a post of mine, but I changed the post to soon…Totally my fault…See below…


Shipping update 6/20

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Orders placed before 5/6: Currently shipping orders for 1 month of Soylent.

Orders placed after 5/6: Shipping in 10-12 weeks from order date.

The shipping queue for orders is determined by order size and order date. We are managing our reorder rate by shipping larger orders first, since they will last longer — this gives us more time to ship out orders before having to also ship reorders. After we finish shipping 1 month orders, smaller orders (3, 2, 1 weeks) will begin shipping (again, based on order size).

If you ordered a total of more than 1 months of Soylent prior to 4/25, and have not received a shipment confirmation email, please email using the subject line My 1+ month order.


This isn’t even an update. We’ve known they were shipping 4 week orders for 2 weeks now. There is literally 0 new information in this “update”.


The previous update was 2 months worth shipping. Now it’s 1 month. Progress! I’m glad they’re keeping us up to date.


The last official update was via twitter on June 9th and it announced that they were shipping 1 month orders. So no, this is not really progress.

We are now starting to ship 1-month orders. ordered >1 month but not shipped? please email, use subject: My 1+ month order

— Soylent (@soylent) June 9, 2014


It’s not progress, but at least they didn’t say “We’ve stopped shipping” :stuck_out_tongue: which is what I was starting to think in the silence.


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