Official single order & general customer feedback

This thread is for sharing experiences and feedback from Soylent one-time order customers.

At this time we are unable to provide individual customer support on the Soylent discourse. Please email if you require assistance from the Soylent customer care team.

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I ordered back in July 2014 and still have not received any communication whatsoever (not even a shipping notification or anything)?

I’m beginning to want a refund instead since I’ve been down $155 and don’t want to just see that money gone without receiving anything! frowning

I’ve already sent an email to both myorder@soylent as well as info@soylent and am now hoping to get someone’s attention!

Please help, @Soylent!

Not worth retyping the entire update. Sufficed to say, I see problems, but aside from the outrageous initial shipment time, I feel pretty decently treated. I only have two specific complaints/requests:

My biggest complaint is the delay between when I am charged and when my product ships. I’m perfectly OK with a week order-to-shipping delay, but a 2 week charge-to-ship delay is unreasonable in my book. I would prefer that the charge isn’t placed until the product is ready to be shipped and I hope @Soylent will work towards that as a goal.

Also, once backlog is completely cleared, I’d like to suggest that @Soylent consider offering more varied subscription options. I know that that kind of request is much lower priority than clearing the backlog and I’m content to be patient-- but I do think it is a good idea that needs attention (once higher priority issues are put to rest.)

I’m happy for your recent successes and funding and look forward to seeing your growth.

(I like to give positive feedback as well as negative-- too often people only complain and that’s a tragedy.)

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Logged on to Discource to get my daily update on Soylent, discovered Community Manager had decided to close a number of topics that I’ve been following.

On the plus side, happy to see a more active community manager.

On the negative side, it appears the community manager is as socially stunted as most community managers I run into, making knee jerk decision to close valid complaint threads without any resolution because of “out of sight, out of mind.”

Pro Tip: Closing valid complaint threads does nothing more than upset your community as it appears heavy handed.

I’m already unhappy with the change in community management. Talk about going from bad to worse.

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He consolidated some of those into one of the new pinned topics. I believe it was more about taking multiple threads of the same topic and putting them where they now belong.


BoDuke isn’t new, and I think he’s just volunteer help(?) Until the new Official Discourse Community Manager comes onboard (next week?), you won’t be getting any response. Even then, customer service issues have to go through email. These threads that complaints are being herded into are pretty much a black hole for people to vent their frustrations into.

Locking down half the active threads around here does feel a bit like being slapped though.

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My bad-- I wrote that, then double checked his account start date and found he wasn’t new. Missed extraneous new adjective in first paragraph in second pass editing. Will fix now.

This was the only point of my post.


Not even remotely close to what I was talking about.

Just saw that one. I don’t see why that one would have been closed. Its a discussion regarding communications from Soylent that isn’t specifically dealing with a specific customer service issue.

Closing it seems highly inappropriate.


Just scan the full list of topics-- there is a huge swath of scorched earth behind @BoDuke

I saw that too. He even closed inactive threads…

Just adding another tick to the “Con” column on my “Buying Soylent” Pro/Con spreadsheet, albeit a minor con.

Seriously, right now, the cons heavily outweigh the pros in my book. This latest shipping and radio silence fiasco, and now this policy of burying everything is just… Ugh. Almost worse than dealing with Comcast (and that’s bad).

I almost made that comparison myself.

I ordered 1-week supply of Soylent and I have yet to receive any update regarding my order, including a shipment confirmation e-mail.

Why is my order being ignored, @Soylent?

Soylent is no longer providing customer service via this forum. See the three pinned topics at the top for details. I suggest sending an email to and just wait for a response.


They’re ignoring emails too. I’ve sent many messages to info and myorder over the past few weeks which have been ignored.

I emailed them the first week of January and got a response about a week and a half later. I think they’re still just overwhelmed and slow to respond.