Official single order & general customer feedback


Dear Community,
After first hearing of Soylent from Rob Rhinehart on “The Colbert Report” over a year ago, I’ve now had 3 days with my Soylent one-time order(Jul. 15, 2015). Just mixed the 3rd pouch of 7. I’m quite satisfied with it. I had my tonsils out 10 days ago, and this is one of the easiest things I’ve swallowed. I use a blender, and this last time, I added ice and cold water to speed up the chilling process. The last couple times, I added 1 bottle of Ensure Complete vanilla, which, among other things, makes it a bit sweeter (I’m trying to speed up my tissue re-building). EDIT: "I just forgot to mention 2 other quick things about my experience: 1.) I didn’t have a measuring scoop (this is v1.5) and I presume it wasn’t included in my starter kit because the new scoop design is still in the works. 2.) I at first was concerned just a bit about my pouch’s “zip-lock” not being sealed, but I realized none of them are, as you are only meant to re-seal it after you break the initial seal, so no worries there (shredded cheeses, popping corn, etc. in the grocery stores sometimes come with the ziplock zealed as well). Powder may settle during shipping to one side of the bag or the other. Bottom line, though, I’m pleased with the order"
I would only add that my blender is not quite big enough to hold all the water and Soylent the pitcher can hold, so I add the whole pouch and as much water as I can to the blender & blend, transfer to the pitcher, and fill the rest of the way up with more water, and shake as needed.
PS: I’m a big fan of this no-drip spout on the pitcher. Also pleased with the satiating amount of fat and oat flour/fiber. Soylent is not too sweet, and my brother (after tasting it) was surprised there was sucralose in it at all. I knew, because it was the last ingredient. It’s totally not a flavor you’d get tired of quickly.
Thanks for reading,
(PPS: Any of ya’ll have thoughts of Soylent as a doomsday prepper/post-apocalyptic/survival food? I dunno if it’s possible to order quite so much of it at one time, plus, the expiration dates on mine were only good a year out.) Thanks again for reading!


Dear Darth,
I found myself trying to pinpoint what I thought this Soylent(1.5) tasted like as well! …a.) pancake batter b.) the drink Lt. Cmdr. Data drinks from ‘Frocus III’ in the movie “Star Trek: Generations” c.) (not trying to be mean) This house has been painted taupe inside. The paint looked like it would taste similar to Soylent kind of did -if it was edible - and I ever tried it - don’t get me wrong, I like Soylent, and I don’t drink paint! d.) I presume if I blended up lots of oatmeal with water it may very well taste similar since Soylent has oat flour in it. e.) I can only say Soylent did not actually taste like what I thought it would at first. I saw Stephen Colbert drink it (albeit, it was probably an earlier Soylent version) on his “Colbert Report” show w/ Rob Rhinehart and it didn’t look as thick.
Thanks for reading!

Be Healthy to Lose weight, not the other way around

Although the expiration dates are listed as one year, it is good for two years. The company switched to a two-year expiration date for a little while, but decided to be safe and just list one year again.

You can purchase as much as you want. I had 19 weeks worth stockpiled at one time. I wasn’t being a prepper, but I was being a hoarder. Same result. :grinning:


Hello Again, Community,
I also forgot to mention another added bonus of drinking/eating Soylent — My teeth will not get so dirty and hard to clean. I think it’s generally going to be healthier for teeth and gums, without so many food particles getting stuck in there.
Thanks for reading,


You’ll still want to brush and floss; sugary beverages, for example, can be terrible for teeth even though they don’t have “food particles.”

On the other hand, the isomaltulose in Soylent is almost certainly a plus for your teeth.


Oh, yep, that brushing/flossing/mouthwashing/tongue&cheek brushing sure goes without saying. I forget to add, that I simply presume it’s going to be easier to clean my mouth/teeth/floss. My breath is already better (maybe that’s from having the tonsils out 2wks ago), but I also think my gums are growing tighter against my teeth maybe.
Thanks for reading,


I ordered 2.0 subscription and ended up liking it. That’s not the problem.
I want to order another case to tide me over until next month’s bigger order with the subscription. I want my stuff shipped to the same address and paid the same way. There’s no way to quickly do this. I have to enter all those details again. Or I’m missing something. It would be nice if I want a single order to pick from a list of addresses associated with my account, at the very least.


If you pause and un-pause your subscription, it’ll probably take your money and send another shipment right away.


I ordered a month’s supply and it appears the company has greatly overcharged my card. I ordered a single set of about 100 bottles. They said they were billing my card $306, but they ended up billing me $806. No response from customer service on the issue after several emails. No service number is listed either.


How long has it been since you emailed them? If this was from just this afternoon you may need to give it a day or two.



Conor responded to him in this thread already:
Single Order Overcharge


Yeah, thanks. I just clicked on the new thread a few minutes ago.


More broadly, does this mean that shipping has resumed? I have been stretching my 2.0 well past the breaking point, but haven’t noticed that they are resuming order fulfillment.


Has there been a delay in shipping? I ordered some more one-time boxes 6 days ago and I’m starving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tomorrow is the day!



Hey @Conor as an aside, has anyone thought of making soylent available for people receiving EBT (food stamps)?

From some of the work I’m involved in, I can say that Soylent’s participation in that would help A LOT of people.


It has been discussed in the past. (actually during the course of conversation in several threads)
Someone even posted a DIY recipe with all EBT ingredients.

I definitely think it is an important topic.


As someone who came from a poor family that used food stamps, I think it would be a great idea. Plus, republicans wouldn’t have to worry about their tax dollars being spent on Doritos. That is, if you can find many republicans that can get behind a product named Soylent.


I’m feelin’ the withdrawal symptoms man! I wish I lived next to the distribution center. D:


I received a response from customer service. Evidently there are hidden shipping costs that do not show up on the mobile site. I am currently inquiring about a refund as these shipping costs seem incredibly high to me.