Official single order & general customer feedback


The cost of shipping is built into the price of the product, they don’t charge shipping separately like that, you’ll not see a shipping cost on an order. It sounds like there was some confusion when they responded, I’m sure @Conor will be able to clear things up for you.


I PM’d @Connor and have not received a reply thus far. The shipping wasn’t mentioned or included on the receipt. Customer service said there was supposed to be a disclaimer on the site, but it never showed up during the mobile order.


I have no idea what this is or what’s going on. Shipping is free.


That’s a very strange email, $70 does not buy a range of products. To me it looks like a computer error occurred which charged you $500 extra, and the CS rep looked into the back end to see what it came from and recited what he saw without thinking about it.

Everything the CS guy said in the email is wrong, that’s not how pricing works.


I seem to remember a shipping charge to Alaska/ Hawaii, but it was on the order of $25, not $500…
Do you live in the continental us?


Yes, this is what the subscription page shows during an order right now. It appears that Soylent has “Fixed” their single order page.


And here is the new “Fixed” pricing on the single order page.


Why don’t they break up 84+ bottle orders into two shipments shipped at the same time?
The max amount per order is 144 bottles ($500 shipping), but that can be broken up into two 72 bottle shipments ($140 total)?
Same thing with the powder.


This is clearly a major error, and whoever replied to you and did not acknowledge as much also made a significant mistake.


Customer service has already rached out to you.


I have received no new emails nor telephone calls from Soylent customer service since the original email that I posted to the forums from ‘Sprout’.


I’ve been a long time monthly subscriber to 1.5 and I decided to try 2.0.
I ordered a one time 12 pack 6 days ago and haven’t received a shipping notice yet.

When I logged into yesterday to check on my order it still says ‘preparing for shipment’.

I also noticed that in the payment section it says $34 and ‘Visa ending in xxxx’ but I payed with a MasterCard, the same MasterCard that my monthly subscription is charged to. (I was surprised that I had to enter my credit card info again. I though they would have it on file since I’m currently subscribed to 1.5).

I clicked on the ‘Report a problem’ button on the right side of the page (which for some reason there are two of them, one pointing to my order and a second that just points to ‘’)

Hopefully I’ll hear something back soon. I was hoping to try out 2.0 to decide if I wanted to switch. I hoped I could do this before my next monthly subscription shipment.


I just received an email from Soylent.

“We are currently conducting an inventory audit across our warehouses in order to ensure customer satisfaction. It should only defer your order for a couple of days”

Also the problem with the credit card, I was told, is just a problem with the way it is displayed on the screen and doesn’t effect my order.

Sounds good to me. Hopefully I’ll get to give 2.0 a try soon.

Fully paid subscription is still "preparing for shipment" after NINE days!

1.5 has a disturbing sour flavor. I like that it generally tastes more mild than 1.4 but that sour flavor reminds me too much of passed milk. I don’t think I can stomach the rest of the box. This is a much bigger issue when at room temperature which I drank 1.4 at. For even cold its an issue.


Many people, me included, have noted differing flavors in different boxes of 1.5. “Sour” isn’t quite the word I’d use, but on the off ones I’ve gotten, a drop or two of sucralose (equal to a couple teaspoons of sugar) per pitcher have basically fixed the taste. You might try the sweetener of your choice.

Most orders of 1.5 I’ve gotten haven’t had that taste, and I believe Soylent has replaced off-tasting shipments for customers who asked.


Just wanted to give my input that I’m not a fan of the new packaging. The squared edges on the bottle are interesting, but the plastic wrapping label makes opening the bottle a pain. Either better adhere the label to the bottle so there is enough friction to open the lid, or go back to printing the label onto the bottle itself.