Official single order & general customer feedback


I also ordered Aug 5th and got the confirmation. I’m gettin pretty hungry over here…


There was a issue with my zip code (my fault) in the address confirmation email, so I responded back to fix it and they did, and I followed up with when it will ship and they said they were hoping in 3 weeks.


At least when it’s time to get our reorder, those of us who ordered in August, they will hopefully be closer to their 50x production rates. If that is the case, I’ll be more open to sharing with friends and family.


My friends and family think I’m a bit nuts for wanting this but I think it’s exciting.


Three weeks huh? Time to order some schmoylent.


Ordered Aug 19th… Got the Jan 21 email… that’s all.
edit: enjoying my Schmoylent in the meantime.


I just received a confirmation email for an order that I didn’t place, and I’m not on the subscription plan.

With a ten-day customer service turnaround, what in the world can I do to troubleshoot this in time to avoid being charged?

I have to say, it’s pretty disappointing that there’s no recourse other than posting on these forums to deal with something as serious as a billing / possible fraud issue.


  • Krib


I get crap like this all the time.

Step 1: Check the date. I think they had a bug that was re-sending emails of orders that already shipped and were completed. Very likely it’s just a “copy” of the first order you got.

Step 2: Check you bank account for any activity you don’t recognize. If Soylent shows up on there, then it was Rosa Labs and you’ll want to email them. If not… well, call your bank and report an unauthorized charge.

Step 3: Look at the email address that the message came from. Don’t just look at the “name” but actually click on it to see the actual address. If it’s not from, ignore the email, it’s a phish. Same with any URL’s they link to. Hover your mouse pointer over them to see the actual URL. If it doesn’t have “” in it, it’s likely a phish.

Good luck!


Had the same thing. Emailed them, got this response.

"Last night, you received a shipping notification email in error. We want to assure you that no additional charges have been applied to your account, and any new Soylent orders in our queue are completely unaffected. Our apologies for the confusion this has caused.

Please feel free to disregard the previous message, but if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, reach out to our Customer Care team at

Thank you!

The Soylent Team"


They really have to work on their database / ecommerce skills. This is the second major outbreak of this that has happened in the last few weeks. They should have debugged their systems then.



I haven’t gotten any confirmation emails yet (ordered in October, so still waiting :cry: ) so not sure what they look like, but do they include an address they are being shipped to in the email, if so does it match your address?

Just wondering if someone got your email address and tried to use it as a reorder (it sounds like you ordered some at some point). It might be a “good” way to try and skip the several month waiting period. I’d imagine you don’t have to confirm any of the data in the email so it’s not like the person would really need to even see the email to do this.

Get a few email addresses that have ordered already and if people don’t check their email, or just assume it’s a bug in the system, you could have a nice supply coming in. You could even throw it up on Ebay at a massive markup and make some money O.o…

As I haven’t actually gotten any yet and I don’t know the exact system there’s some speculation in there, but would something like that be possible?


I posted my concern about this on the “Official single order & general customer feedback” thread this morning, Krib.
Turns out it is apparently not fraud, just ineptitude - again.
First, I’m glad that the credit card I used to place my order has been changed.
Second, with this kind of error that they cannot hide, and others of greater magnitude that have come to light, I do not have confidence that this organization can reliably, safely assemble the ingredients they intend to sell for our consumption.
It’s nice that these entrepreneurs are getting this rolling, but if I ever get involved in acquiring this or a similar product again, I think I’ll wait for the business to establish itself so I can have confidence in what I am actually getting, as well as when I will receive it and how many times I might get billed. I’ll let other, the courageous guinea pigs, continue with the versions 1.x of this product and of this business.
Good luck.


Hi everyone, and thanks as always for your patience. We’d like to address some of this topic’s more frequently-raised issues.

Customer Support
We understand that our current customer support response time is far from optimal, and we’d like to clarify that every email is received and eventually responded to. The key complication at this point is the sheer volume of emails received; we resolve hundreds of customer inquiries each day, and this number is improving dramatically as we train our new customer service agents. We’d like to share some information that may illuminate our response patterns. The following graph represents our backlog of customer emails over the past two weeks:

As you can see, our backlog peaked in late January as we resolved a shipping delay, and has been dropping substantially ever since, even accounting for the enormous spike following an erroneous shipping notification email sent out on February 2nd. Though it may not appear so to the justifiably impatient customer waiting for a reply, we are indeed making steady improvement in this area. If we continue reducing our backlog at this rate, it should be eliminated in roughly two weeks.

Purpose of This Topic
Please understand that our intention for these official feedback topics is not to ignore customer complaints, but to consolidate them into a single area where we can provide general information more efficiently, while freeing up the rest of the discourse for broader discussion. While it pains us to see requests for individual support in this thread going unanswered, it is important to us that we focus our energies on addressing our email backlog so as not to leave anyone waiting even longer for a response. We appreciate your patience as we move toward more acceptable turnaround times, both in customer service and in order fulfillment.

Customer Inquiries
We’d like to address some of the more common issues appearing in this topic: where we stand in our order backlog, the delay between billing and shipping, and the erroneous shipping notifications received on February 2nd.

We are currently beginning shipment of new orders placed in August– if you are still waiting on an order placed in July or earlier, please contact customer support and we will make sure you receive your shipment. If you placed your order in August or later, we will get to it as we move through the queue.

As you may know, our policy of prioritizing reorders makes it extremely difficult to estimate shipping times for first-time orders. We are steadily moving toward the day when everyone receives their Soylent in a timely manner, but we feel it is most important to ensure that our returning customers are able to maintain a reliable food supply.

As for our billing practices: we agree that the length of time that elapses between billing and shipping is not ideal, and we are working to remedy this situation for both first-time and returning customers. There are specific changes in the works for our billing system, so please stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

Finally, as many of you may already be aware, a script error earlier this week resulted in several thousand erroneous shipping notifications being sent out for orders which had previously been processed. An email has already been sent out to all affected customers, but we’d like to reiterate that no additional charges were incurred a result of this glitch, and that no existing orders have been affected.

We truly appreciate our customers’ extensive patience throughout this experience, and your feedback does not go unheard. We understand the frustration generated by these inconveniences, and we cannot blame you for wanting more prompt answers about where your money goes. Your complaints are valid and urgent, and we are taking concrete steps to improve our response. Everything will be made right in time, and we are actively working to ensure that that time is soon.


So each time a reorder comes it, it jumps ahead of the first time orders? I’ve been waiting over 6 months for my order, at some point those very old orders need to take priority.



So does anyone know the shipping status on August orders?


Hate to tell you Larry, but I got same form response on Wednesday. I responded back next day to customer support and said I was aware of what they were saying and said I had gotten the notification on the 21st(ordered on Aug 6th) and was wondering if they could give some sort of ETA. Response was no, but forwarding your request on to a different support team.

I am kind of wondering if anybody from that mass mailing on the 21st has gotten their orders yet. I really wish that email would have given an estimate on when they would start shipping.

My co-workers thought it was cool when I first placed order. Now I am just getting made fun of for waiting so long. I can tell you nobody else I know is ordering it.


As I see increase on the customer service was made by accelerating copy-pasting of standard responses.
I got 1/21 email with address confirmation and nothing since than.
I’m sure if I write with question about my ETA, I will get reply:

  • thanks for your patience
  • sorry for delay
  • we serve August orders
  • we will increase capacity
  • no, we have no idea about when YOU will get your order.

The only difference, that previously it took 2 weeks to get this response and now with new customer service efficiency you can receive this reply in just 3 days, Yay!


I mixed up my first pitcher of 1.3 today, and had a glass for breakfast. First thoughts:

  • The people who say it’s too sweet are OUT OF THEIR MINDS. It tastes like play-doh or something, I’m definitely going to have to add some sweetener, probably a lot, to make it palatable. Maybe it’s too sweet if you mostly eat kale and protein shakes or something, but for a person who usually subsists on lattes and kitkats, it’s hella gross.

  • The pitcher’s construction isn’t really ideal for shaking up stuff in it. Specifically, the 'Lent gets in the threads of the lid, so whenever I open it I have to put a paper towel down to put the lid on so I don’t get brown juice on a counter or table. A flip-top pitcher would be better for this, I’ll have to look into that.

  • I didn’t have any issues with its texture. I put the water in, shook it up, let it sit overnight, added oil this morning then drank it. There was a hint of grit, but not much. Certainly not enough to be offputting. The flavor was the most noticeable offense. I do wonder, though, if the new 1.4 will have grittiness issues with it abandoning the oil blend.

  • Satiety is alright. I didn’t drink a lot of it for breakfast, about 10 oz, but I also didn’t feel hungry afterwards.

So, basically, I’ll try dumping various flavorings into this week supply, and then get some 1.4 to see how that works out. This was definitely more edible than 100% Food, by a large margin, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stick with it longterm. All depends on if I can find a flavoring method I enjoy.


Now on official Soylent the Takeya bottle is my 3rd “shaker” container and by far the best of those containers I’ve tried (for Schmoylent) so far. All that being said however, I must say I have a new appreciation for the importance of o-rings. Specifically the seal in the lid. Yesterday I found out what happens with a good shake and the ring not perfectly seated in position. Not pretty.