Official single order & general customer feedback


Apparently when you email Soylent, they have an automated response that include which month’s orders is being fulfilled. I might do this every 2 weeks just to get a pulse of what’s going on (hopefully we’ll be in September in 2 weeks? :grin:) On a positive note, I got a reply from a rep within 1 day. Things are looking up!

"Currently shipping: Orders placed in August 2014. If you ordered Soylent prior to August 2014 and have not yet received it, please let us know. If you placed your order during or after August 2014, rest assured that your order is in queue and will ship when it is next in line.

The current average response time is 10 days. We are rapidly expanding our support team and will offer reduced response times soon.

We appreciate your patience and want to ensure you that we respond to 100 percent of the inquiries we receive.

Over the course of the next few months, Soylent manufacturing and order fulfillment will be increased 50x. With a total of three production lines in motion, we will finish shipping backorders and begin shipping new orders in real time."

Also, just to be clear, 50x is equivalent to 5000% right?


I think they may have a rep whose only job it is to quickly respond, “I have verified your order for so much, on such a day, but I have no way of knowing when it will actually ship. Here, have some boilerplate.”


I ordered on Aug 9. I mailed them yesterday. I got a swift response on the order of the above.

So while it is an improvement in handling customers, ithas not yet translated into an improvement in handling orders or moving merchandise.


Please let us know when you get a more substantial response.


“Thank you for contacting Soylent!
We’re finishing up with August orders and are about to start shipping September orders.”


Received Today auto-reply:

Currently shipping: Orders placed in late September 2014. If you ordered Soylent prior to September…


Their speed now is scary…it’s giving me a good mixture of fear and excitement at the same time.


Ordered 8/3/14. Recieved email confirming address. Have not recieved shipment or any other emails.

Anyone else?


16-Aug-2014 order date, received the email confirmed address. Nothing else yet.


Yeah, same boat. Oddly, I saw someone post that they ordered July 31st and got their order before Christmas. So I’m not sure what’s going on.


The Shipping Tracker:

seems to indicate that there has been a pause in distribution of original orders. This could be because of the delay in subscription and repeat orders needing to catch up. Or it could be because of some reports of variance in the product.



8/5/14 nothin here either. Starting to get pretty anxious about it…


I ordered my first shipment July 29th 2014 and got my first shipment around January, and my next February monthly shipment was late. I received an email, which will explain to you early August 2014 folks what’s going on. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

We are writing to let you know that your Soylent will ship approximately 3-7 days later than its guaranteed shipping date (14 days after billing). Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Your next billing date will be 28 days after your current order ships.

This delay was caused by an interruption in our ingredient supply chain. To ensure that our product includes only the best ingredients, we perform rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing on all of our raw ingredients upon receipt. Unfortunately, a recent shipment of our custom vitamin and mineral blend did not pass QA testing, and had to be replaced by the manufacturer. Although delivering your Soylent on time is of the utmost importance, the health and safety of our customers always take precedence.

With our new funding, we have joined forces with two additional manufacturers, which will significantly increase our production and minimize the chance of any future shipping delays. Our Soylent manufacturing capabilities will increase up to 50 times our previous rate, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety. This will allow us to ship more than 1 million Soylent pouches by March of this year, surpassing our 2014 deliveries in just three months.


I ordered on 6/23 and got my address confirm on 1/21 then nothing else as well.


Ordered on 8/9/14. Received e-mail confirming address.
Six months after I placed the initial order I wrote to complain, and they responded (quickly) saying that they were shipping August orders but that they could not confirm when mine were shipping.

I suspect that they are using a very loose definition of “shipping,” because I have come to suspect that they have not shipped a damn thing to any of the August orders.


I didn’t get a tracking number for my first shipment (January 2015), but I did get one for my second. Hopefully there will be one for my third too. I don’t know if they don’t give out tracking numbers for the first shipment, or if they recently started using tracking numbers for every shipment.


I am pleased to be proven wrong.
An hour ago, I received a notice that shipping labels have been printed, and a tracking number, with a delivery estimate between Feb 17 and Feb 23 for my two week supply, as well as the pitcher and scoop.


That is kind of interesting. I placed my order on 8/6. I got address confirmation on 1/21 then nothing else.


Interesting. Your quick email response mentioned earlier happened to me too. I suspect it is an automatic form letter.

Hopefully this means mine will be shipped soon as well.


You’re getting my hopes up. Lol


I ordered on 8/20/2014 And have yet to hear anything since the 1/21 mass emailing.