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Is there a chance, that you might have gotten an extra bottle of oil… instead of a bag of Soylent less.? Or that you a single time simply forgot to add the oil?


It’s possible, I didn’t count the pouches in advance, but I’ve got a pretty set routine so I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss adding a bottle. However, I can’t count that out as a possibility.
Thanks for that address horsfield, I have sent off a request to them.


I went through nearly half a day’s Soylent once without realizing I forgot to add the oil bottle (I was about to pour my second glass and was like “whoops”), so that’s not unheard of. I don’t think I noticed because of any flavor/texture difference (which surprised me!), I just saw the bottle set aside and remembered I was going to add it in the morning.

One difference I’ve noticed with 1.3 is that I can shake up my Soylent and add the oil immediately (it seems to be a finer powder?), whereas with 1.0 I would always let the powder and water sit for a few hours or usually overnight before adding the oil.

As an aside, I do always count the pouches as I unpack each box, but that’s just the type of person I am. I would be shocked if I ever received less or more than seven pouches per box!


I doubt an extra bottle would fit in the cardboard container


I did consider that I potentially got one extra, but I would agree on that not being the case since that box does only hold 7.

I’ve been on Soylent since October and I’ve always added the oil right after mixing up the powder, so that’s why I feel pretty sure that I didn’t forget a bottle (especially since I then have to mix it up a bit after it sits overnight), but I still can’t rule out that I might have missed adding oil once.

It’s not the end of the world if I was in fact shorted a pouch and I don’t get an extra, just wanted to check in here to see if I was alone or if that was a common (or semi-common) occurrence in the January production.

Thanks all.


This will happen even if you leave out the oil, actually. I’m not sure why, but there will be a couple centimeters of water on top after sitting overnight. I also originally thought it was the oil on top, but once I started adding the oil in the morning I realized it had to be water.


Ah yeah, now that you mention it, the extra being water as well as oil makes sense.
At this point I think I’m just going to chalk it up to me forgetting a bottle of oil in one batch.


Soylent’s blog post today claims that the average email response time is under 12 hours.

I just sent a support request and got a reply saying that the average response time is 5 days.



The autoresponder might not have been updated to reflect the new response time. Just a possibility.


Why not wait to see how long it actually takes to get a response before getting out your pitchfork?


Seems they are still in the process of updating a lot of things… checking out the FAQ on, they’ve already updated a lot of stuff to reflect 1.4, but you can still see evidence of some leftovers… The implication from the 1.4 announcement was that the “4-5 month for new orders” note on the ordering page may someday (in the next few months) be shortened to 1-2 weeks. Certainly looking forward to that!


Within 4-5 months, they’ll have reduced the wait time from 4-5 months to 1-2 weeks!


Current checkout page:

If you have already received an order of Soylent, your subscription will begin in 1-2 weeks. If you have already ordered Soylent but have not received it, your subscription will begin 1-2 weeks after receiving your first order of Soylent.

If this is your first Soylent order, your subscription will begin in an estimated 2-3 months.

Sounds like a indication that orders placed on March 1 will be delivered during May.
Correspondingly, it leads to Fall orders - by end of March, Winter orders - by end of April.


The response took 11 hours and 45 minutes, so Rob’s time was correct (for me)


Thanks for the feedback @mmarshall80!

While we have been able to significantly reduce the avg response time for customer inquiries, we feel it is better to underpromise and overdeliver – hence keeping the expected response time on the auto-reply a little longer than our actual response time.


This may be an obvious question, so humor me. I’m incredibly literal, so information that is obvious to most appear contradictory to me.

I read on the one-time purchase checkout page that new orders take 4-5 months for new customers." But I see on the monthly subscription checkout page (which SergiMiami quotes), If this is your first Soylent order, your subscription will begin in an estimated 2-3 months."

Does this mean if you subscribe, rather than purchase a one-time order, that you “jump ahead” two months?


Hey @Ric

A great question.

We are currently catching up with the demand. Any discrepancies you see on the website are the result of us implementing changes across the board. In addition to our 1.4 launch we also spent time updating the FAQ section with some in-depth articles.

2 - 3 months is the correct window.



Oh hey, a wild community manager appeared…

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I’ve been lurking, watching, learning.

Currently just made a few posts, but we are going to be doing some big community pushes soon, keep your eyes peeled.

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Ordered on Sept 10, 2014, received shipment today March 3,2015. Have 2 meals shook up and cooling it in the refridge. I may be the ultimate guinea pig, I have both heart disease and diabetes. Will update later.