Official single order & general customer feedback


Just got my first order yesterday – single order, one week. I ordered last Monday, so it took 8 days, which is reasonable. Somehow I ended up with 2 boxes of 1.5 instead of one box and a starter kit, but I emailed customer support and Justin replied quickly and was super helpful. They’re sending me a starter kit soon, and I get to keep the extra week of Soylent! Score! Small inconvenience of initially not having a pitcher/scoop was easily made up for by excellent customer service, plus $70 of free product…


Ordered Soylent 2 day ago. Dont know when I will get my first order


Got my first order today, prepared a “meal” with two scoops of Soylent, and managed to get maybe half of it down before I just had to stop. I don’t want to be rude, but… the taste is awful, one of the worst things I have ever tasted. Is it at all possible that I got a bad bag? Or does it just taste like this? I’m going to try some of the flavouring suggestions on the forum, but I can’t imagine anything masking that taste.

Also, about twenty minutes after drinking it, I got a headache. Was that just a coincidence, or is that a common complaint?


Headaches are not a common complaint, but it happens. Myself, I have headaches from time to time whether I’m on Soylent or not.

A certain percentage of purchasers don’t like the taste of 1.5 (or 1.4), but they have been a distinct minority. There are many suggestions for ways to flavor it.


I ordered Soylent and received Soylent within a week’s worth of time! Not bad as far as shipping goes. :slight_smile:

The packaging was all sealed and everything was in it. The pitcher I received was slightly dented. I’m assuming from the measuring spoon and some kind of impact during delivery. It’s still a functioning pitcher, though.

I followed the instructions on the back of my first Soylent package and to my surprise - the powder is stubborn!! It took nearly 15 minutes of me (and hubby) taking turns shaking it up to get the powder to blend. And even then, there were still clumps. We will probably need to invest in a larger blender to be able to blend up all of the Soylent - but that’s one more dish to clean.

I set it in the fridge to set as I’ve read that may help and the clumps still were formed after two hours of chilling - but I was starving!

Poured my first glass, and … wow. It’s quite yummy!!

Seriously, I had SO much hesitation because of all of the reviews of the texture and taste. My god - Soylent KEEP THE FLAVOR OF 1.5!!!

The only way I could describe the taste/texture is like… when you have a bowl of Chex Mix cereal that has become super soggy with milk… and you drink the last bit of the bowl. That is what I taste. And I happen to love it. I don’t get a “coating” or a weird aftertaste. It’s amazing.

I look forward to this journey with Soylent!! :slight_smile: Two thumbs up, Soylent.


It’s amazing you had to shake so much. I give it 100 shakes, and that’s because I’m a fanatic. I don’t use a blender, though I have two good ones. But I enjoy the occasional clump.


You’re telling me! We’ve agreed that we’re just going to shake it for 2 minutes, and then before each time that we use it, we’ll shake it up some more so that we’re not sitting there shaking the pitcher.

I’m enjoying the rest of my first Soylent meal, though, I’m not too upset with the clumps. It’s tasty - erm… well… tasteless. Haha. Not too bad. I just was hardcore about making it all a perfect batch. But it tastes perfect to me! :slight_smile: Definitely better with a block of ice in it, too!


Put a little water in the pitcher before you add the powder, if you’re not doing that already.


As long as people are reading the instructions (release notes, pg. 4/5) that are included, then they should know to fill pitcher up halfway with water first before adding powder.


I did. It might have either not been enough water, or maybe too much (which could’ve caused the caking at the top of the lid. I’m sure I’ll perfect it with practice. :slight_smile:


i ordered a week supply when soylent 1.5 came out and received that order fairly quickly. i placed the order on 6/1, received a shipping notification on 6/6, and received my order on 6/8. drinking soylent was a little rough going at first, but i really like the product now and was having it twice a day, usually for breakfast and dinner.

unfortunately, my second order, a two week supply, has not arrived yet. i placed the order on 6/26 and received a shipping notification on 6/28. the fedex tracking link has remained in the “label created” state since then. i contacted customer service on 7/3 regarding my order and heard back on 7/7. the rep apologized for the delay and said they would investigate. the rep also said they would put in a replacement order, but that it would take several days to process. i asked for an update today but did not hear back. it’s been over two weeks since my original order and no replacement order has gone through.

at this point, i’m wondering if i should just initiate another order, but i’ve already been charged for the other order and have nothing to show for it. it’s a shame because i really would like to continue using soylent.


Sorry this happened to you. I sent a a request to customer service about ten days ago and got an answer in one hour.

I don’t think you should order again. Something might be going wrong and reordering might just make the problem worse, though I’m sure it will be straightened out.

Sometimes replies go to spam folders or are otherwise misdirected, so you should check any spam folders you may have.

If you don’t get a reply by tomorrow, you should write again. There is no real alternative to getting this problem corrected by communicating with customer service.

We are not hearing about many problems like this, but we have seen a few instances of orders being stuck at the exact stage with FedEx where yours is stuck.

I think it is possible that your order is actually on the way, but it is certainly a problem. Let us know how it goes.


What happened to “All orders ship in 48” hours? I placed a week supply single order two weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped and I haven’t gotten any update. The only step you’ve taken is to charge my card! I love the idea of soylent but your execution is unprofessional and deceptive. Going to warn friends/family (to whom I previously preached the convenience of Soylent!) to stay far, far away.


Have you tried emailing customer support yet?


I think a comment like yours should be sent directly to customer service if you are hoping to get a timely response. While the company usually reads these messages eventually, this is not an official support channel.

Thanks for letting us customers know about the problem you are having, though. We know that this kind of problem has been rare lately, but I am still shocked and dismayed to see it happening to anyone. Please send a message to customer service about this. And let us know how it turns out, if you can.


updating my previous message… sadly, i did not receive a reply to the message i sent on friday. i sent another message early this afternoon and have not received a response to that either. nothing in my spam folder. i noticed that once a rep responded, emails were routed through zendesk, so should i just send another email to directly? this is very discouraging.


Help this person?


Pm me directly. I’ll handle the ticket. Apologies for the delay that is definitely out of the norm.


The vast majority of orders do. If you are having an issue with your order I would be happy to help. Nothing we do is intended to be deceptive but unfortunately delays do happen.I’m sorry you had a negative experience.


last update… i sent a PM to conor on 7/13 and received a shipping notification for reorder on 7/14. my shipment of soylent arrived on 7/17.

amusingly enough, i finally received a reply from the customer service rep yesterday (7/18) apologizing for the lapse in communication and noting that a reorder was delivered… no thanks to them of course. =)