Official Soylent as a component for DIY (Completing the ingredient profile)


Hello all,

I’ve added the basic ingredient profile of Soylent 1.0 to the DIY section of the site by way of the posted nutrition label, but there are some nutrients for which the nutrition label provides no information (choline, chloride, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and sulfur). If there is anyone who may know where to find this information, I’d be very appreciative to receive it! I’m slightly compulsive about making sure I’m meeting the RDA values, and not exceeding the maximums.

I’ve recently obtained my Soylent, and I’m enjoying it quite a lot. I had been using a modified version of the DIY People Chow 3.0.1, and have a quite a few ingredients left over that I’d like to utilize in a 50-50 ratio until I work through much of the residual stock (and also tweak the daily calorie count a bit to boot).




I tried asking, never got a response:


Thanks guys.

j8: I’d forgotten about those posts. I’ve added what I could deduce from the micronutrient breakdown section, and was able to add the information for most of what I was seeking.

If there’s a source of chloride other than the salt, I didn’t see it. Does anyone know of a potential source from the ingredient list?

As for the sulfur, I’ve read in some of the other discussions that it is primarily the sulfur-containing amino acid that is required moreso than elemental sulfur, and should be provided primarily via the brown rice protein and oat flour.

Any critiques are welcomed!


The sulfur will primarily come from the SAA’s (methionine and cystine) in the Brown Rice Protein, not from the oats.


Thanks, kennufs. I’ve edited the post above to reflect the brown rice protein as a source.

I’ve continued to include the out flour as it should also add about 375mg of methionine and 230mg of cystine, assuming I’ve read this link correctly.


I’m trying to figure out the same information.

@Zac, how did you calculate vitamin D, E, and K, adjusting for the fat packet?

Also here is some additional info and discrepancies. Let me know if I’m missing something.

Omega-3: 2.5g from the Soylent landing page -

Choline (Vitamin Bp): 1375mg from the Soylent landing page. Your profile says 550mg.

Calcium: 1g from the Soylent landing page. Your profile says 1.2g.

Chloride: How did you calculate .6g?

Copper: 900ug from the Soylent Micro Nutrient blog post. You have 999ug.

Iodine: 150ug from the Soylent Micro Nutrient blog post. You have 257ug.

Iron: 21.5mg from Soylent landing page. 21.6mg from Micro Nutrient blog post. You have 9.6mg.

Magnesium: 400mg from Soylent landing page. You have 420mg. Also the max for this one is 350mg.

Here’s my Nutrient Profile:


Hi uberjer,

I won’t make any claims about the accuracy of the profile I made.

What I did was simply reference the Soylent nutrition label and multiply the percentages and the USDA RDI/RDA values, and then back-filled the things that weren’t listed on the label by checking the blog posts in j(numbers)'s post.

For chloride specifically, the micronutrient blog post referenced 1500mg of sodium from 2100mg of NaCl, which left me with 600mg of chloride.