[Official] @Soylent Discourse Customer Support


tl;dr - Starting today, please tag @Soylent if you require a response from a Soylent team member.

As both the Soylent customer base and discourse community have grown in size, it has become obvious that the current practice of tagging some combination of @juliomiles @matt @ana for customer support needs is not scalable. In the interest of providing the best possible customer experience, all official Soylent discourse communications (shipping/product updates, etc) and customer support activities will now be handled by the @Soylent account.

Instead of @juliomiles @ana @matt, please tag @Soylent if you require a response from a Soylent team member.

Matt, Ana, and Julio will still be actively participating in the community, and look forward to having more time to address discussions that are more relevant to their respective roles (operations, marketing, and creative).

Thanks again for everyone’s support and participation in this amazing community. Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.



It has already been 12 weeks since I subscribed and the only thing I’ve received so far was the “subscription is confirmed” email. Just curious: I’ve ordered things from start up businesses before and they’ve had little if any problems at all meeting their delivery estimates. Not only is the delivery time for new orders with Soylent incredibly long, but there seems to be problems meeting even those long wait times. So I was just wondering, is it due to a totally different business strategy than most businesses?


Hi there. I received some Soylent that I don’t believe I ordered. Order #2se7EuxqOgmzpUjsk

I have contacted info@soylent.me but wanted to drop a line here just incase.




Hey @Soylent, I just realized that my backer order didn’t come with everything… I ordered the starter kit with 1.0 last year and also the $13 stainless steel soylent bottle that holds “half a day’s worth”?
What’s up with that? Can I still get it?


They didn’t make the bottles, there wasn’t enough interest and most of the extra stuff got canceled.


And people were NOT charged for the extras. (I really wanted the stainless tumblers.)


Nope, it’s because we have received several orders of magnitude more demand for Soylent than initially projected. We are working hard at scaling up our fulfillment and production to match demand, and look forward to achieving real time fulfillment soon!

Working out some bugs in our fulfillment operations, apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused!

Looks like @kennufs and @j8048188 have answered your question – they’re both correct, we didn’t not receive enough demand for much of the merchandise we initially offered, and backers were never charged for those add-ons.


Hey, I ordered on May 3rd, and never received a delay email. In June I got my address confirmation saying “it will be shipped in a few weeks”. It’s been 5 months, I’m seeing lots of June orders filled.
Please give me an update or cancel my order.


@JulioMiles can you see what’s happening with @Soylent? It seems like more people are getting forgotten with the centralized asking than when we tagged each of you individually. I have a vested interest in your continued success, and don’t want want the poor engagement causing damage to the brand.


Hey I emailed info@soylent.me this morning and got a response back from a person just now…

Pleasantly surprised at that very fast turnaround!


Congrats! Though that’s infuriating to me because I emailed them on Oct 16th and still haven’t got a reply.


Just found your email and marked it as highest priority @module – your 2 week order will be overnighted tomorrow. Our apologies for the delay, thank you so much for your support and patience.


Awesome. Should my order that I placed in July come 2 weeks afterwords then (counting as a reorder)?
My faith will be fully restored in that case!


(I guess I should have specified @Soylent):

I emailed help@soylent early yesterday, but got a canned response back saying I would get a reply back on my order inquiry in 5-7 biz days. Oy.

I had signed up for a subscription last month, but ran out. (Since it’s been 5 weeks since my last batch showed up.) And the chargebeeportal is quoting a charge time 6 weeks after this month’s charge? That’s not quite monthly. :-/


@Soylent I was an initial backer, and got my address confirmation on 9/30 it’s almost a month later, and nothing, can I get a status update?


Yours should already be to you by now, I’d PM them.



I have had a Soylent Subscription going for a few months now and everything was going smoothly, but I am down to one week of Soylent and I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation yet.

It normally takes about a week to ship and, furthermore, I was two weeks ahead with my soylent subscription, so I should have been receiving my month of Soylent while I had two weeks left.

Again, I am down to one week now and I am concerned there may be an error. There is a payment confirmation from October 15th, but nothing about shipping.


@soylent Okay, now I’m kinda mad. You told me my order would be shipped overnight to me on WEDNESDAY. I just got an email NOW saying that my order was JUST shipped out, and will arrive on MONDAY.

What happened to “highest priority”?


Less mad because they are sending me a month instead of 2 weeks? Is this intentional or are you sending me my July order before my May order?