Official Soylent from Amazon, by Rosa Labs

It would be killer to see Official Soylent available for purchase direct from Amazon, as then I could make use of my Amazon Prime membership to have orders delivered in ~2 days of date of purchase, use Subscribe’n’Save for my “subscription” needs, etc.

Any chance of Rosa Labs selling Soylent through Amazon anytime soon? I think it would make fantastic sense. Rosa Labs could bump up the price to offset the cost of selling through Amazon. I’d suggest bumping up the price by 15-20% or so, so then when I Subscribe’n’Save, I get the 15% discount which results in same or slightly higher cost than purchasing on

I’m aware there are already Soylent listings on Amazon, but Rosa Labs doesn’t appear to be the seller:


Hm… Rosa Labs has chosen FedEx as their official courier. As far as I know, Amazon typically delivers via UPS or USPS. Also I don’t think Amazon has regional restrictions, so anyone could buy it from any country even if the company hasn’t gotten approved to do business there.

I was about to say Amazon is mostly a tech store and you can’t really buy food there, but… apparently you can. I had no idea. I just found listings for potatoes, apples and beans. Wow…

Honestly a slightly higher cost and slightly shorter shipping time doesn’t seem like a big enough benefit for the company to go to the trouble. They already spent a good deal of time setting up their payment system with ChargeBee and a bunch of other services. It seems like so far they want to be their “own” thing.

I’m just rambling, I really don’t know enough about e-commerce to add anything useful… personally I’ve wondered the same thing though. Amazon moves product fast and with amazing logistics. There must be some good reason they haven’t gone to them.

I’d expect the overhead would be why, perhaps, plus the fact that they’ve (historically) struggled to meet demand, and for Prime to be an option, you’d have to store your product in Amazon’s warehouses, which means there’s less flexibility around changing recipes in a quick fashion (if that were ever necessary).

Re: regional restrictions, I’d be surprised if Amazon doesn’t support something like that, considering other foodstuffs being sold via Amazon as well.


Good point. I remember one of the first interviews with Rob, where he said “You can warehouse this stuff and let it sit for months”, but the rapid changes in recipe do pose a problem. Then again, I’m sure you’ve seen how many people jump at the chance to stock up on older versions.

Which raises another question. I wonder if they’ll ever start a “downgrade” system, where you can order former versions of the product until they come up with one you like.

That would be killer, as a made-to-order option.

If I could say either of these to my friends… one sounds cooler than the other.

“I ordered Soylent off Amazon and it was great”.

“I ordered Soylent from Rosa Labs and it was great”

I shop alot on Amazon and I think Rosa Labs would diminish the brand-name by doing the Amazon thing. This is all my opinion and in no way represents fact - it’s just how I feel.

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I also get a kick out of the fact that my food is made in a “laboratory”.

While RL isn’t listed as the seller, whoever the seller is is clearly giving RL credit for the product. I also noticed from reading the reviews that those who actually liked Soylent after trying, went back and ordered directly from RL.


Amazon has all kinds of requirements from those who sell there, I’m not sure Rosa Labs could currently meet them (or have the resources/infrastructure in place to deal with them). Among other things, they’d have to ship massive quantities of the stuff to Amazon first, then let Amazon ship it for them. It’s not a dropship type arrangement, Amazon actually would have to warehouse all the inventory.

Plus Amazon takes a decent chunk of the pie as well as other factors. I wouldn’t expect to see this real soon though personally I’d love it as well.


Some products on Amazon actually have restrictions like “can only be shipped to the upper 48” or my personal favorite “can only be shipped to the US and APO/FPO.”

I love shopping on Amazon and Prime is great, but it may not be ideal for RL to market through them…for now at least.

@vanclute, you can ship directly, when selling via Amazon, but then you lose the perk of having the “Prime Shipping” badge. When using Amazon’s warehouse to achieve Prime Shipping, I don’t think there’s requirements on the amount of inventory, obviously you can only sell as much inventory as is available for shipping though, so RL could test the waters with lower inventory amounts.

@Mary, thinking more as a secondary outlet, not the sole/primary outlet. RL should definitely still sell/ship direct, but selling via Amazon could potentially reach thousands/millions more customers too.

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Yep true, but I’m sure RL would want the Prime badge. You’re right there isn’t a minimum inventory as far as I know, but yeah you don’t want to be constantly running out of inventory and you also don’t want to be shipping more to them every couple days. You really want to have a good 30 days’ inventory on hand at any time so you have plenty of lead time if there’s a sudden surge in buying.

Oh I definitely agree. Outsourcing via Amazon is a great way to get a product out to the masses, especially in the US. Shopping there isn’t always the cheapest means either. I’m at least glad to see the seller isn’t marketing a days worth of Soylent for $35+ like you used to see on eBay.

Highly unlikely :smile: