Official Soylent Letdown


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I want it. Don’t throw it away. Please dear god don’t throw it away


Throw it away? Do you not follow this forum?


Im not buying this for one second. throwing away 2 months worth? Now that he isnt on it his farts dont smell? Uh huh.


Meh, fanboys will always cover their ears and scream “LA LA LA LA, I don’t hear you”.

Anyways, as for selling it, the main reason I’ve got soylent was because I’m lazy. Only fair way to sell it would be to put it on eBay or something, then I would have to package it and send it, not something I want to do.


Do you live in the bay area by any chance @SoylentSomeone? I can take if off your hands. Would even be willing to give you some money.


So you’re just going to throw away 2 months of food because you’re lazy? Hell, give it to a homeless shelter or something, don’t waste >$500 worth of food dude.


When you could make double what you payed for? HAHA! Comical. Yup, to much work. HAHAHA!!


Exactly, this person is fooling no one.


Actually that’s not a bad idea, might do that instead, this would of course require me to find out where one is, actually drive to it, probably have to explain what it is, and who knows if they would even take it.


Double? If a day is selling for 70 on eBay, he could theoretically sell each seperately and make almost 4 grand.


I’m not exactly poor and you don’t seem to understand the amount of laziness in possess.


Uh huh. we all believe you.


I’m in the Seattle area, if you’re around here(within 4 hours driving distance) I will come get it for you. You will have to do nothing at all except be home.

EDIT: At this point I should clarify, I’m not even begging for a handout, I was just raised to never waste food. I’ve even eaten meals comprised of only things I hated just so it wouldn’t go to waste


Heh, like I said, fanboys. All I ever did was put up my experiences and I get attacked because I’m not giving it glowing reviews.


You can have whatever review you want. I just don’t like you throwing away 56 meals worth of food, especially when there are so many people here that would happily take it off your hands.


I would expect if you ate a healthy diet of vegetables and fiber, your gas would be the same. To come in and say you’re throwing away food seems a bit ridiculous…almost to the point of someone just “trolling”. I guess that’s the age we’re in though, everyone needs the internet’s approval (or disapproval) before they do anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


The gas may not be the same as being on vegies and other sources of fiber. I sometimes staple diet on dry cheerios and the whole oats from those will give me an absurd amount of gas.

The oat flour in Soylent could do the same. I think People Chow switched to corn masa flour because of gas reasons.

That said, there’s no reason to throw it out. Just post what part of the country you’re in and I’m sure someone would be more than happy to drive over and buy it at a fair market value.


Yes. This. :wink: I hate seeing (or imagining) food getting thrown out, especially when so many people on this forum are desperate to get their hands on this stuff in particular… :stuck_out_tongue:

What city do you live in, @SoylentSomeone?


[quote=“SoylentSomeone, post:15, topic:14142, full:true”]Plus all I ever did was put up my experiences and I get attacked because I’m not giving it glowing reviews.
This is not why you’re being attacked. You’re being attacked because you propose throwing away five hundred dollars’ worth of food, in a place where hundreds of people would do unspeakable acts to get their hands on said food.