Official Soylent Mixing Temperature


Hi, I’m wondering if the temperature of the water affects mixing Soylent? I know not everything gets dissolved in the water. A lot of it is suspended particles in the water with soy lecithin as the emulsifier. I’m asking because I could save on refrigeration costs by simply using water close to 0°C and a very well insulated thermos. @JulioMiles @rob


I don’t remember where now, but an official description of how to mix it said you could throw in some ice cubes to make it cold while blending. Using near freezing water would have much the same effect.

When mentioned, most of the DIYers seem to prefer very cold as well. I don’t think that it would hurt the emulsification of it although it may settle some on standing.

Cold water and a thermos is what I had in mind for mine.


My initial experience at mixing Soylent with ice in the pitcher, didn’t work so well. A lot of the Soylent seemed to stick to the ice and not mix well. Now I just mix it with water out of the tap (through a filter) at whatever temperature that is, and it mixes really nicely. I don’t even add ice, I just make sure to always mix up a batch at least several hours before I’m going to need more.

Sure wish I had my second pitcher!


Just from my experiences cooking I would assume that warm water would mix/dissolve better. Then I would chill it.

But till product is in hand it is all speculation on my part.


If warm is indeed better, surely there is an upper limit? I fear of denaturing the proteins, and I heard some people baking with Soylent lost some nutrients.


A few times I’ve put the tap in the middle position to get more “room temperature” water. I couldn’t really tell if it mixed better or not… if it did, it was a slight difference at most.


I’m sure there are limits. No idea as to what they would be. This is why I don’t DIY.


I have two pitchers and it is awesome. I never have to go a moment without nicely chilled Soylent.


Yeah and that’s exactly why I want my second pitcher dammit! =) Ah how quickly we get spoiled… LOL

I sure hope they’re being sent soon. I did write in to the company today to ask if there was any timeframe for the added items being sent out.


How did you order another? I didn’t see a spot on the site for additional items.


For the pitcher, they had sent out an email a while back presenting backers with the chance to add additional items to their orders, including pitchers for I believe $11. I added one more pitcher, but haven’t seen it.


Okay, thanks. Maybe once production and distribution level out they will add a merch section. :slight_smile:

Edited: found it!! Lol… My mobile version shows a little box instead of a “menu”. Sweet. Now I can order an extra and be ahead of the curve.


Agreed. As long as the water is not boiling, powders dissolve easier. Use hot water at the tap, then chill over night.


Has anyone tried making anything that requires really hot water using Soylent? Like perhaps oatmeal?


I bought pitchers before I found out about the backer things, so thank you for making me feel like I am “smart” and “planning ahead,” instead of “not reading carefully enough” and “wasting money.” :smile:


Since you have it and I don’t yet… if you want to try using hot water (non-boiling water from the tap) and then chill overnight or until it gets chilly - if it doesn’t work… private message me and i will reimburse you for the losses.


I know this has been posted already but since they are not customized…

I actually ordered this thinking it was a glass pitcher. That’s what I really want, but can’t seem to find one that has a no leak top like this one. If someone made a glass pitcher with this top, I would be in soylent heaven.


Well if I want to try making oatmeal with Soylent, I can’t really let it cool down… that would kinda defeat the purpose. I’m pondering what the best approach would be… like should I boil some water, let it come just below boil and then pour that into a mixture of Soylent & oats? Writing that out it actually seems like it might work.

As for reimbursing me, don’t sweat that. No risk no reward! =) If I actually decide to bite the crazy bullet and do this, I’ll certainly share the results. Normally I only eat Maple & Brown Sugar oarmeal, but recently I started cutting it 50/50 with Trader Joes rolled oats and found that the milder flavor was even nicer, and the whole oats have a great texture. Soylent is just sweet enough that I’m wondering if it might be reasonably tasty with oats. Might need to add a little sugar, or maybe a dash of maple syrup. I have both so… might be time to get kreative in the kitchen!


@Vanclute is turning into a Soylent foodie :slight_smile:


I’m curious as to why you want to add oats? That’s going to play havoc with your macros. Why not just use less water and heat that? Say a meals worth?