Official Soylent packaging typo


I noticed on the official soylent pouch Manganese is misspelled “Managnese” so we should work on correcting that as to not give more ammo to detractors.

Also is this going to be as valuable as a first edition misprint?


its not a typo, it gives you magical power.


Glad I saved all my used pouches… eBay millions here I come!! MUAHAHAH!!!


Manga Knees. Or Mana Geese.


This is a little-known trace mineral that helps you learn Management Speak. Look at the list below:

  1. We’re data-driven
  2. ROI
  3. Let’s right-size it
  4. Let’s square the circle
  5. At the end of the day
  6. We’re customer focused
  7. Don’t leave money on the table
  8. It’s good to put a face to the name
  9. What’s our go-to market?
  10. Let’s put our game faces on

If you start to speak like this after drinking Soylent, then you know you’ve been getting your 100% RDI of Managnese. So, before we get some push-back, let’s run with this, pick this low-hanging fruit, and just increase our customer mind-share.


I thought something similar when I saw that. Great post, haha.


I like your post, but I hate its content when found in its natural habitat. Managnese needs to die in a fire.


You forgot “think outside the box”!


How could I forget? It’s the mark of true fluency. :slight_smile:


I believe there is also a typo on the scoop. Soylent is NOT a 1:1 ratio.


The Soylent team should hire Carl Spackler as their official Manganese spokesperson:


Also some of my most hated:

It is what it is
Leverage synergies
Run it up the flagpole


Divergent industry
There is a paradigm shift
We value our employees


And let’s not forget…



Guys… I’m experiencing so much synergy right now. This is going to be the best fiscal Q1 on record!


You might need to slow down on your Soylent consumption…


I did make the mistake of drinking half a pitcher because I didn’t feel full.

I will take this under advisement and report back to my bowl, erm, BOARD of directors.


Oh also… fixed that for you. =D


I present the Corporate Seals:

Buzzwords start at 1:25




EDIT: Corporate BS Generator