Official Soylent Refill



When I get my Soylent, I’m going to eventually need a refill, and there’s nowhere that clearly states how to go about doing this?

I’m assuming you’re still honoring your “Once you have Soylent, we never want you to run out” campaign, I’d just like a guide.



You just place an order or start a subscription on their main website with the same e-mail address you’ve used for your original order.


Do i Need to receive my soylent before I can get a refill?

Honestly. The refill would get here first lol


I signed up for a subscription before my initial order arrived with no problem. They will charge you for the first reorder immediately, but place it on hold until after your initial shipment is delivered. You won’t receive your pre-ordered refill until 1-2 weeks after you get your first delivery, and if you’re on the subscription your future payments are on hold until it starts.