Official Soylent Review and comparison


I was an original backer and received my official soylent 2 days ago. Here is my review of the official stuff, as well as how it compared to 100%FOOD.

Official Soylent:
I followed @vanclute’s mixing and prep instructions and this eliminated any grit problems completely. The soylent was smooth to the point of being almost slimy which was a little weird. I could still feel some fibers in the mix but they were minimal. Taste wise it’s bland, I wouldn’t call it sweet, just neutral. Now for the physical effects. Sulfur farts, pretty sure I burned a hole in the ozone layer above my house. I consume over 30 grams of fiber per day and my farts never stink that bad, even when I eat 6 eggs at once. Neither DIY people chow nor 100%FOOD gave me rancid farts. I also have a low grade headache, I am assuming it’s from something else in the soylent (I drink at least a gallon of water a day). Overall unless the effects subside I don’t think I’ll be drinking soylent often since i work in an office and people might start to hate me. Energy wise I feel fine, no real change in mental clarity or focus. No change poo-wise either, things are normal. Soylent does make me feel real full, more full than I was while drinking 100%FOOD or DIY surprisingly.

I like the double protein choco flavor the best so that’s what I’ve been drinking. Texture is fine and i enjoy chewing the seeds, I just have to keep shaking up the bottle between sips. The choco flavor is sweet in two months I haven’t gotten sick of it, I actually look forward to drinking it still. Now for the physical effects: no farts surprisingly, also no headache. Energy wise I can’t tell a difference from DIY or official soylent. Mental clarity is also fine. Things are normal in the bathroom. 100%FOOD doesn’t make me feel full just satiated. I don’t feel hungry, just normal.

Soylent wasn’t the panacea I was expecting. The farts and headache will probably keep me from incorporating it full time. 100%FOOD gives me no ill effects whatsoever and i like the choco flavor so I will probably keep buying it since I’m too lazy to keep mixing DIY.

I hope Soylent 2.0/3.0 gets these issues resolved but until then, I will hold off from subscribing.


Did you add the extra salt to your Soylent?


Yes. I added the recommended amount. Also later in the day I had some salted cashews. Maybe i need more salt than other people?


Not impossible, but maybe it has nothing to do with salt after all. (It could even be entirely coincidental with the Soylent of course.)


I add between 1-1.5 tsps of salt to mine. So its entirely possible. But if 100% does the trick for you, I see no reason why not to continue with it.


At first i was hoping it was just a coincidence but the low grade headache persists two days now. Maybe it’s the potassium? I don’t think its the artificial sweetener since I’ve had it before.


Just for reference: 100%FOOD contains 500mg Sodium per bottle (1.5g per day), so you do not need to add extra salt to it.


I also added the recommended amount of salt and after 4 full days on Soylent I still have headaches.


Yup. Still having the headaches, it’s really annoying. I am drinking lots of water throughout the day and I am adding salt.


It could be the high(er) levels of potassium giving you headaches. Once you’re used to it, they go away.


Different people have different nutritional needs. I need nearly twice the RDA. So while you meet RDA in your product, it may not be enough for him.


We have enough Potassium as well - 1160 mg per bottle, that means 100% according to 2000 cal diet if you consume 3 bottles.

But I share @livingparadox approach - we’re different and need different blends. More over, I see a great potential in making food according to specific needs. Look at post by the man, who made a DIY-blend to for Crohn’s disease.

I think we should collect all that unique blends (here I assume new category list on Powdered Foods Marketplace) and encourage developers to sell it, since not everyone is ready to mix it at home.