Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]


Current Update:

We’ve been working hard on shipping orders, and are pleased to share that over 100,000 pouches of Soylent 1.0 have been delivered to our backers!

That’s 200,000,000 kcal (enough to feed a 150 lb. male for over 250 years!), and means that we are getting close to finishing the shipment of backer orders of one month and greater.

We have identified some orders that may require updated shipping information, and over the next several weeks we will be emailing these customers asking to confirm their address. Please keep an eye out for an address confirmation email — but if you do not receive one, rest assured your order will ship normally.

Soylent t-shirts will ship today and Monday and hoodies will be sent in the next few weeks. To be notified when this merchandise is available for purchase on our site, please sign up here.

Thank you again for your patience and we are excited to hear more of your stories as we ship Soylent 1.0. We look forward to sharing another update on our crowdfunding campaign fulfillment progress in the next few weeks.

Previous updates:

Update 7/18

  • We recently put a brief hold on shipping, which has since resumed

  • Early recipients of Soylent 1.0 indicated they were quite happy with the taste, texture, and ease of Soylent, but some experienced side effects including flatulence and headaches

  • We took some time to work closely with customers to better define the circumstances under which these side effects were occurring and found the potential for issues can be significantly reduced by introducing Soylent 1.0 slowly into the diet and adhering to some basic consumption principles (listed below)

  • We have updated the instructions for using Soylent 1.0 and are working to ensure Soylent mitigates these concerns in our next formulation

  • Soylent 1.0 is shipping as fast as possible and we would like to thank our backers for their feedback and partnership in pioneering new food

Shipping Delay

In the beginning of July, we briefly stopped shipping while we evaluated reports from the community of physical side effects, mostly in the form of flatulence. We elected not to inform our backers until we had more information on the scope of the problem. It was painful for us to withhold the reasons why we stopped shipping, but we needed to ensure we had a plan in place rather than resorting to speculation.

We spent the past few weeks listening to our customers in order to better define the circumstances under which an issue might occur, in conjunction with obtaining a more nuanced understanding of the physiological mechanisms involved. We would like to thank the backers that have already received Soylent 1.0 for their feedback via the discourse community, social media, surveys, and direct outreach. With your help we have been able to quickly ensure that the Soylent 1.0 experience is improved for everyone going forward.

Currently backer orders (placed before 5/6/14) for 1 month of Soylent are shipping.


Optimizing the Soylent Experience

Our research found that switching immediately to a predominantly Soylent-based diet was the most common source of customer issues. The flatulence issue seems to most drastically impact backers going from never having Soylent to immediately using Soylent for > 60% of their diet. Dehydration and lower-than-usual sodium have also impacted some backers that are physically active or had a sodium-rich diet prior to switching to a Soylent-focused diet.

Based on these findings, we are confident that the potential for physical issues when using Soylent can be greatly reduced by introducing Soylent 1.0 more slowly into the diet and adhering to some basic consumption principles.

To mitigate potential digestive concerns:

  1. Do not consume Soylent as your predominant source of food without easing into it slowly to allow your body and gut bacteria time to adjust. This should take at least 3-5 days and in some cases longer.
  2. If you experience digestive issues, try drinking Soylent more slowly and over a longer period of time during each meal.
  3. Over-the-counter digestive enzymes (Beano) and simethicone (Gas-X) can help reduce these issues.

Concerning possible hyponatremia (low sodium) or dehydration:

  1. Soylent provides slightly less sodium per day than necessary. If you experience headaches or tiredness we recommend adding ¼ teaspoon table salt per pouch of Soylent.
  2. The IOM recommends 2.7-3.7L+ of water per day depending on build and activity level. Soylent provides 1.6L meaning you must consume a significant amount of water in addition to Soylent.


Immediate Steps

All shipments of Soylent 1.0 leaving our facilities after July 30 will contain an updated instructions booklet with more guidance on how to best incorporate Soylent into your diet.

In the interim, here is a link to a digital version of the new instructions.

For those that have already received Soylent 1.0, please use the link above in place of any box inserts.


Future Steps

Soylent is continuously evolving within the emerging nutritionally complete foods space. We are rapidly iterating on the product and working quickly to incorporate additional features into our next release to proactively mitigate digestive concerns.

We continue to ship Soylent 1.0 as fast as possible and will provide updates as we reach key milestones within our shipping queue.


Thank You and Contact Information

We are, and always have been, truly grateful to you, our backers, for enabling us to make Soylent 1.0 a reality. Thank you for being a Soylent Pioneer - without you this product, community, and developing category of foods would not exist.

If you have any questions about your specific order or would like a refund, please email us at with your order details. As a reminder, we are not able to answer individual requests for the date a particular order will ship or the overall status of our shipping queue. We will continue to update regarding status of and changes to our shipping process via email and blog.


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Was production halted as well, or do you now have a bit more of a Soylent stockpile? I suppose I should also ask, in case you’re able to answer, whether production rate was a limiting factor on shipment.


Thanks for the update @JulioMiles. I still feel really good about being a Soylent pioneer and can’t wait to get my 1 month supply.

It’s nice to see you guys are taking the feedback from the customers seriously.


Thanks for the update @JulioMiles. I am looking forward to receiving my one month shipment.


Thanks for the update. @JulioMiles going on day 6 of 75% of my meals coming from Soylent. No headaches, no digestion issues, no gas. Just remember the vocal majority online is always people having issues with products. Most of us without issue, have no need to post. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the update :smiley: <3 !!!

edit: Question: Are you going to increase the sodium in the next iteration of Soylent, how long might that be?
(Will you start shipping international orders once you finished with the US backers?)

Additionally, may I recommend a Oz to mL conversion on serving size glasses for future reference in the next updated sheet for when you finally do start to ship internationally :smiley:


Thank you for that, and thank you for the update. I look forward to these forthcoming updates.

It sounds as though the only result of halting shipping for several weeks was simply an update to the usage recommendations, which saddens me, but I suppose I understand why it was necessary. If something had been truly wrong with the 1.0 formula, you’d want shipping to halt and deal with it properly. Thankfully that was not the case.


Reading between the lines, they would have stopped production during that two week period if they were concerned that something might need to be changed. If that was not a concern, they would have kept running production and shipping while they evaluated how to mitigate the issues people have experienced.

I notice that there is nothing in this update about expected future shipping dates for backers or other customers. Customers who ordered after the cutoff were promised that their orders would be shipping in the next week or so. Obviously that promise it not going to be met if they keep fulfilling backer orders first. Can we get an update that actually tells us more about what to expect?


Well the website still says 10-12 weeks, and nothing was addressed in this about pre-orders and backers getting all their stuff before July 29th. So I guess we will keep speculating on that, I’m sure the two weeks of not shipping didn’t help any either. To not even address that, when you are now 11 days away, you have to know, either new orders are going to start shipping before pre-orders, you are going to miss that deadline for 5/6 orders, or everyone is going to get their emails over these next 11 days.

I understand the delay, but I do not understand how you can avoid the question about the deadline. When it comes to July 29th, we are going to feel let down, betrayed, and annoyed if all these orders before 5/6 are not shipped. If the excuse of “there are not that many new orders being shipped out” comes around that time, it will be an even bigger slap in the face.


The instruction booklet is excellent!


You elected not to communicate the reason for the delay because you didn’t want to speculate? How does communicating a delay require speculation? You can simply say, “We’re looking into the flatulence issue, so shipments are on hold.” No speculation required.

Every time you guys refuse to be transparent, backers respond with wishes that you would be more transparent. Every time, those wishes are ignored. You’ve even gone so far as saying “don’t believe the tracker, because it’s unofficial” while refusing to actually provide any official info.

How much clearer can this possibly be made? Customers prefer transparency. Full stop.


That’s it?!

That’s the reason for halting shipments without notification?

It’s not like there was a safety issue or anything. The notion of easing into over time was well hashed over in the community and a simple box insert with additional info on easing into Soylent would have been trivial. A mass emailing would have worked as well.

I’m just not understanding why this would justify a production halt with the no notice/silent treatment.

Sorry, but I’m just not buying it.

At best this was an ill-advised move and at worse just an excuse to buy time for some reason.

I’m not a complainer and have often been annoyed with many of the complainers. Once you lose trust, it’s almost impossible to regain what’s lost.



I don’t think it buys them any time. They haven’t changed any shipping dates as far as we know. At best, they may have been packaging Soylent for shipment while the shipping was on hold so now they may have supply on hand to ship. (come to think of it that does buy them some time if it allows them to always be shipping a little slower than the are producing and prevents them from falling behind and having to wait for product to ship. So in that sense it cut’s them some slack. ) It’s possible, I think, because they say that shipments won’t have the new instructions until July 30th. That’s 12 days from now. Hopefully that means they could have 12 days of Soylent ready to ship.


Surprise, suprise. They give us an update telling the reason for the delay, and people complain. This has never happened before!


Thank you @JulioMiles and everyone at Rosa Labs for the update.


i mean, i do see your point… but this reason is kinda silly. they stopped shipment and production over some people getting smelly gas, then in the end they don’t change a thing, instead they say “don’t go 100% soylent right away” which most people knew solved this issue to begin with.


This might not be a popular opinion at the moment, but taking a couple weeks to investigate and understand a problem and make sure it wasn’t causing any harm to consumers doesn’t strike me as totally unreasonable.


What? You are being rational? What? I think that is very refreshing.


@JulioMiles in the instructions, there are a couple of mistakes that I’ve spotted:

On page 10, it states ‘mulitply as desired’ – multiply was misspelled here.

On page 11, for suggestions 01 and 02 (peanut butter and PB&J), it states ‘Add 2 tbsp cup of peanut butter […]’. One doesn’t normally put cup after tbsp.

Just a heads up…

EDIT: Also, the link for the BMR goes to a page that has comments. I’d nix that if I were you. Not only does it seem tacky, the very first comment is this piece of wisdom ‘Will I get the hershey squirts.?’. Not something I would want my customers to see via a link from an official insert.



After a year of waiting and multiple missed deadlines, ( I was originally expecting shipping last August), Soylent wisely decided to pause shipping for 2 weeks so they could add a booklet about FARTS.

A booklet that sadly probably will not be included with my order, but at least I have the digital download.

It’s a good thing we have cut back on official updates, because it would be a shame if the competitors got inside info on the FART BOOKLET.