Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]


Hey there y’all. It is December 4th and guess what? My 4-week supply of Soylent arrived today, 23 weeks and 5 days after I placed my order. Patience is a virtue. Thanks to all those at Soylent (and my Mother for teaching me patience). I’ll let y’all know how my first reorder goes. Merry Christmas!


For those interested in a timeline update: I ordered June 16th and got a shipping notification Dec 5th. So about 5.5 months or about 24 weeks. A friend ordered on June 16th as well and they haven’t received a shipping notification yet. I can’t wait!


I have a monthly subscription, my first batch was delivered in late October so I am not a new customer, but my subscription displays “Your next billing is on 01-Jan-2015.” I wouldn’t normally post on here but, I have not received any replies to my inquiry from info@soylent for over 2 weeks.

@soylent could you please send me my monthly subscription?


"01-Jan-2015" is a placeholder for inactive subscriptions. For some reason portal is not recognizing you as active. Usually it updates after first shipment automatically by adding 28 days to the shipment date (not previous charge date).

I think it’s useful for all subscribers to check their next billing date, to make sure that it’s not 01-Jan-2015.


I understand its a placeholder, and it is a good idea for people to check. But I would think that this update error could be very easily checked by a simple query… unless there is a reorder flag somewhere that’s misbehaving, but my subscription got a green oval with the word ‘active’ in it.
anyway I hope that this gets resolved soon as I am on my last few days of soylent.


@Evergreen Your subscription is considered priority and will begin shipping in 2-3 business days. Our apologies for the mix-up. We appreciate you getting in touch with us. Thanks! @david962 found your post on another thread – your subscription is also shipping very soon.

Thanks to everyone else for helping out in this thread – we’re definitely excited about the engagement!


so…about those july orders…?


July shipment:

“We’ll be announcing the transition to shipping July orders soon” :smile:
It seems that shipment tracker is getting news faster and already indicate July shipments, even before announcement :slight_smile:


@Soylent Tomorrow is the last day in the fourth delivery window. I have not received an update yet. There is talk now about you moving on to July orders. Hopefully you will be sending me something soon. Order # is in a PM from me 27 days ago.


@Discourse391 Guys like you (early July) seems to be started to receive their shipment emails since December 12, so you might receive yours at any moment. I suppose it’s safe to state that Soylent started shipping of early-mid July.


2 other guys from Austin,Tx (where I am) received confirmation emails/ tracking numbers

they ordered july 16th

I ordered july 15th. Mine is definitely coming soon?


@Discourse391 your order is shipping in 2-3 business days. Expect the tracking email in that time frame.

We have now moved into July for one-time orders, rather quickly as @SergiiMiami pointed out. June was a massive month in regards to order quantity. All June orders should have been shipped. If you have a June order (one-time or subscription) that has not been shipped please let us know. We still have not broken into July for subscription orders though we have completed June, @locness. July subscriptions are high priority and next on the list.

The fulfillment for one-time and subscription orders run on different schedules – we’re trying to keep the schedules closely matched but because they are different by nature there will be slight discrepancies. e.g. a one-time order place on July 15 will not necessarily ship on the same date as a subscription order placed on July 15.


Glad to hear it! (Just checked mail, haven’t received the tracking email yet. I’ll update again within the next 3 days.)

[quote=“Soylent, post:1061, topic:15413, full:true”]All June orders should have been shipped. If you have a June order (one-time or subscription) that has not been shipped please let us know.

FYI- My order was June 28. So, not all June orders have shipped.


Well at least it’s good to hear we’re moving into July now (says the mid August guy)


Received shipping notice today (12/17) exactly 5 months after my 7/17/2014 order! July orders are definitely in full swing.


Received shipping tracking number (Received several hours after my last post in this thread). Tracking number is live. Delivery ETA is Fri Dec 19.

Order is 2 weeks supply (14 pouches + oil + pitcher/etc.)

June 28 - Dec 19 = 174 days or roughly 25 weeks.

Shipped from Bloomington CA.

Grand Unboxing for a first time consumer [Soylent 1.3, Ordered June 28, Delivered Fri Dec 19]
Do initial orders really take 6 months to arrive?

I also ordered and received my shipping notice on the same days as you:
Ordered on July 17
Shipping notice on Dec 17

I updated my line on the diy site tracker and will again when I receive the shipment.


I have yet to receive a shipping notice for any of the three shipments I’ve received so someone didn’t put my email address in the shippero’s system. It would be nice to know when they are shipped so I can keep track and know when something has gone wrong.


Tagging @Soylent for assistance.


I Ordered on 10/25/2014
Recieved on 03/07/2015.