Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]


Keep in mind that when they step down from 2 weeks to 1 week shipments, they double the number of packages that they need to ship. If in a certain time period they packaged 100 weeks worth they would have had 50 shipments of two week orders, now they would have 100 shipments to get out the door.



I received my 2x week order on September 3rd, I ordered a monthly subscription on September 6th. I ordered using the same email to ensure that it is a reorder.

The Soylent portal doesn’t reflect that. I emailed and received a generic response. Can you verify that I will be receiving my reorder in the next few days and not in January? Thank you.


Since you created a subscription using your backer email address, the first shipment will be going out in the next few days. Thanks for your support!


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Can we get some info regarding the current state of fulfillment? Many people are suggesting there may have been a slow down of some sort. I know that as of today, there are 20 days left for all backers(non-international) to have received their orders within the extended deadline for non-backer orders. I received my “your soylent is shipping soon” email 12 days ago now. Personally, I’d like to know as soon as possible that there is going to be another delay, instead of you guys remaining tight-lipped, failing to meet your self-imposed deadlines (its OK guys, 143rd time’s a charm, right?) , and then coming up with some ambiguous excuse full of garbage to extend it another 2.5 months.


Hi @grumm! Apologies for not being completely open about the shipping schedule. We have been focusing on making sure our re-orders have been going out in a timely fashion. We will indeed be shipping to all backers within the next 20 days and you should start to see a lot more activity as people get shipping notifications this week and next. Thank you for your concern and let me know if you have any more questions.


Because reorders are more important to them than new business it appears.


They have a commitment to those that have already received their orders, as I’m sure many of them are living on a high-percetage Soylent based diet. This isn’t a one time use product. It only seems unfair because you’re on this side of the fence, once you’re on the other side you’ll be happy that they’re doing this.


But it’s not like it’s some essential thing that would cause people to die if they didn’t have it; it is a one time use product, just one which you can use all the time as well. I’d understand if it was insulin or something, but these people were surviving without soylent (I assume. lol) before it came along.

I get it, I really do, but people make it sound like they’ll wither away and die if they don’t get their reorders before original buyers get their 1st batch. I find it laughable. :]


Well, if you’re trying to run on all-or-mostly soylent it would throw your diet off pretty horribly to run out.


Can confirm… Soylent-less days are terrible… There was another user here who had to go nearly a week without due to traveling or some such. Her sentiment was the same: no soylent is no fun.


When we ran the Beta program the biggest complaint we received was running out of Soylent. We had friends that told us they were starving and were having a hard time adjusting back to regular food. Soylent makes other options else seem like a huge waste of money and time. When we shut down the Beta program, because we were moving to Los Angeles, we received a huge back lash from participants and learned then that we can never let the well run dry once it’s turned on.



My shipping label has been printed. That’s good! As of today I’ve been waiting 485 days so far. That’s bad. It has the correct address listed. That’s good! It only has one week supply listed. That’s bad.

My initial backer pre-order was for one week, pledged on May 21, 2013. I made a second pledge for one week on May 31, 2013. On October 16th, 2013 I got two separate emails from BackerKit to the same address listing my orders, though one showed a $65 pledge and one a $130 pledge. I emailed a question to BackerKit about this to see what the status of my pledges was and whether they could be (or already were?) consolidated. They replied the same day and said they had consolidated the two shipments and pledges into one.

In any case, looking forward to getting my Soylent!


As someone who has being doing DIY for some time, I have a hard time believing they were actually “starving”.

I am able to switch back and forth from DIY Soylent to real food quite easily, after all Soylent essentially is a form of food, just liquid vs solid.


Maybe starving isn’t quite precise enough. As a beta tester I found being without Soylent : frustrating,disappointing ,inconvenient, disatisfed with other food. I also felt a craving for Soylent. Once it became a regular part of my diet I’ve felt like I’m missing something if I go more than 1day without. Because of this I’ve incorporated it into my travels , even to Ecuador.


I suspect the question would be whether to limit the quantity on the reorder priority. Should I be able to use the privilege to order 2-years of Soylent for my resell business each week? But how would you implement such a limit without hurting those feeding a family from a single account? The problem goes away on its own eventually, nobody will pay a premium for Soylent on Ebay when the wait time is gone from RL.


I’d imagine the number of people reselling is minimal.


Mother of God.

There’s activity on the shipment tracker, folks.


Hi I’ve just joined the forum, I’m an international backer from Oct '13, I havn’t seen any information on where international backers stand. Is there an update as to when these might begin shipping? Thanks


Rosa Labs is not currently shipping international orders except through reshippers.

That’s pretty much all the data I’m aware of at this point.