Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]


Never got that pep talk.

Asked @axcho a question about his sweeteners; got a response in about 24 hours. Ordered plain/clean Schmoylent about a week ago. Drinking it right now.


I have the exact opposite.

I was thinking about ordering some Schmoylent and contacted axcho to discuss some individual specifics of the powder. After 3 days of no answers from axcho - I gave up with idea of Schmoylent.

Rosa Labs is not great with communication so far, but at least they have certified production line (not kitchen chemistry after main work) and more or less controllable ordering queue (once you wait 4.5 months as all did - you get effortless and predictable supply).

I hope this 4.5 months will go down, but as of now it’s predictable reality, which doesn’t affect too much the product itself.


@SergiiMiami, you sent me a PM on the Soylent forum, which I don’t check very often. If you had emailed me on my site I would have replied immediately.


@soylent So I put in my reorder 2 weeks ago now and I haven’t heard anything from you guys. I was hoping to have this before next weekend because I have some friends coming up that wanted to try it. Is this going to be shipped out any time soon? I was hoping to not have to go through the long waiting process again now that I got my first order already.


@soylent I’m also a repeat customer with a subscription that is due another shipment, but I haven’t seen anything yet. Please ship soon as I am just about out. Thanks!


@hubnester and @joco – both of your subscription orders are confirmed to ship within 3-4 business days. A tracking number via email will follow soon. Our apologies for the delays in shipments – it’s something we’re currently looking into. We’ve been sending a note around regarding the billing/shipping process for subscription orders:

Your Soylent subscription delivery will ship no more than 2 weeks from the date your subscription was renewed.

Our subscription shipping process is far from ideal currently, but we are actively working on improving the backend and in the next 4-5 weeks we will achieve invoice/shipping parity – i.e., your subscription shipment will be made on the same day as your renewal charge.

For the time being, due to software constraints, this is the process for subscription fulfillment:

  1. Customer charged for subscription renewal.
  2. Soylent ships in 1-2 weeks (like one-time reorders)
  3. Customer is charged again 4 weeks after previous renewal
  4. Soylent ships in 1-2 weeks
  5. etc.

Again, the above process is only in place for the next month or so, at which time we will have completed the necessary software to be able to ship subscription orders the same day as charging for creation/renewal.

In Light Of Recent Threads, Allow Me To Remind You:
Delivery dates on each month's reorders seem to keep slipping

Thank you @soylent for the information & quick response. I am quite satisfied in doing business with you.


@soylent I received my first month of Soylent on October 3rd (and a shipping notification a couple days before). I’ve yet to receive a notification for my second month, even though it shows my credit card was charged on 10/29. Is my second month of Soylent on the way and I just haven’t received a notification e-mail, or is it being delayed? I’m eating about 90% Soylent, and would like to continue to do so - if my shipment is delayed, please let me know so I can ration the four pouches I have left.


Edited out: Appreciate the quick response by Soylent. Despite some problems with they’re process, they’re quick to actually rectify things.


@leifjones Your subscription is confirmed to ship with the next batch in 3-4 business days – total ETA approximately 5-7 business days. Expect a tracking number via email soon.

@hubnester Just sent you PM regarding your urgent shipment. Please contact us there with any other questions.


Hi @Soylent, I was charged for my second subscription shipment on 10/31 and have yet to receive a shipment email. The shipment email for my first subscription shipment came on 10/3, so I believe my second shipment should have gone out by now. Fortunately I am not out of Soylent yet, but I am concerned about this delay. The Chargebee Invoice # is 13152. Thanks for your help.


Reorders currently ship out within 1-2 weeks. The recent surge in reorders is probably why they’re trending to the later side of that range, right now.


Now that you said that I noticed Soylent’s reply a few posts up. I thought the subscription would actually ship every 4 weeks. My first subscription order shipped 2 days after payment, so I guess it was just early that time.

Thanks for your help.

Edit: This reply is to @livingparadox. For some reason it’s not showing the little in-reply-to icon at the top of my post.


My previous order shipped from PA but my last order shipped from CA. Did they say something about changing who was fulfilling their orders in PA? I wonder if they are forced to ship everything out of CA now and that may be causing problems.


I remember one of their shipping centers was shipping out 1.0 instead of 1.1, so they may be routing around the center that wasn’t following directions.

If that’s the case, that may be the better explanation.


@Soylent I still haven’t heard back from you about this. I am getting very irritated by the lack of communication not to mention the lack of actual product.


@JulioMiles I received a charge for my recurring shipment (second of my recurring shipments) on October 29th but I haven’t received any notice of shipment yet. It has now been 9 business days since the charge (nearly two weeks total) and have had no notice. Upon the first charge, I received shipment notice no more than 48 hours after the charge so I am starting to be concerned that there may be a problem.


experienced the same delay. here’s their official reply: Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and for your patience. We are developing our subscription processes to match the billing and ship
dates. Unfortunately, current software constraints prevent this but we have solutions in the pipeline.


@Brando thanks for the tip! Did you receive your shipment after dealing with this problem? If so, how long did it end up taking?


their reply to me yesterday was - your subscription shipments are being processed at the warehouse today. Expect a tracking number via email within 48 hours.

No tracking number yet.