Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread


Updated 6/23

We are currently shipping out 4 week orders.

The shipping queue for orders is determined by order size and order date. We are managing our reorder rate by shipping larger orders first, since they will last longer – this gives us more time to ship out orders before having to also ship reorders.

The current shipping queue includes only orders placed on the original crowdfunding page. Orders placed on the current site ship 10-12 weeks after being placed.

Check out the Soylent shipment tracker for crowdsourced information on Soylent shipping progress.


**- We will not be making any further operational updates that concern possible future activities. Updates will address the current status of operations, rather than future possibilities.

  • Shipping queue does not conform 100% to previous descriptions
  • We are also requesting that all Soylent 1.0 shipping/fulfillment discussion be limited to this thread.**

Soylent Discourse and information disclosure:

We launched the Soylent crowdfunding campaign almost one year ago, and up to this point we have been as open as possible about specifics details of our operations. It’s been a lot of fun to share with everyone the process of making Soylent a reality.

Up to this point we have shared internal information including revenue, sales, product development, and investments. We did this because of the clear value in transparency, and again, because we think building a business from scratch is a cool and interesting process, and were excited to share it with all of you.

At this time in our company’s development, we have to acknowledge that continuing to be open about the more granular details of our business can cause more trouble than benefit. We know that all of you, our core supporters, would continue to find value and insight in the more detailed discussions of our internal operations, as has been the case in the past. However, this is a public forum, and we must limit our disclosures and announcements accordingly.

Starting today, we are going to be much more deliberate in our distribution of internal operations information and what announcements we make will be of much greater certainty than to date. In the past, we have made projections based on operational processes that were not finalized. Furthermore, we have not been sufficiently explicit regarding their incidence. This trend has created confusion and frustration among our backers, and for that we are deeply sorry.

In light of this, we will not be making any further operational updates that concern possible future activities. Updates will address the current status of operations, rather than future possibilities.

Clarifications on the fulfillment process to date:

On multiple occasions, as you likely know, we have stated that the shipping queue would be arranged by order size and date. But what does that really mean?

The shipping queue is composed of over 20,000 individuals, who ordered some amount of Soylent, across some number of different orders and add-ons, and who maybe finished the Backerkit survey without providing some strange shipping information or special request that requires us to manually examine their order. It’s fair to assume that most people have never attempted to shepherd 20,000 individuals through an ordering process, so please take it from us: there are a lot of edge cases.

All of this to say: a shipping queue which is arranged by order size and date in theory is not necessarily one so arranged in practice. As has already come up, there have been Soylent orders shipped which do not seem to adhere to its theoretical arrangement. This will continue to happen. Please trust that it’s as close to the theoretical ideal as we can get it. We apologize for not being explicit sooner regarding the Reality of the Queue.

We are operating with the intent of sending out a customer’s starter kit 1-3 weeks before shipping their Soylent order. Currently, some backers may receive their starter kits and Soylent orders simultaneously. In general, receiving a starter kit tracking notification email will be the first indication that your Soylent order is shipping soon. We understand that the receipt of your Soylent 1.0 order may entail some amount of preparation, and hope that starter kit shipping notifications will provide sufficient forewarning for most customers.

Discourse Guidelines Update

Fundamentally, this forum is a very public face of Soylent and Rosa Labs. We don’t think it is unreasonable to require that forum users maintain a level of civility and maturity that will reflect well upon the community and our business. In the past year, we’ve been very laissez-faire about enforcing the guidelines, but as the number of active users has grown over the past weeks, we understand the necessity of moderating the community on a much more proactive basis.

The guidelines are very simple, and generally boil down to one concept:

Be nice. If what you’re posting is something you wouldn’t say to someone sitting next to you at a dinner party who you’ve just met, don’t post it.


  • Please stay on the topic of Soylent, food, health, biology and nutrition
  • Please be respectful and civil to one another
  • Use the search function at the upper right to find topics before creating new ones
  • Please flag any inappropriate content and report bugs and errors

Any post that does not fully observe the community guidelines will be hidden, either from multiple forum members flagging the post or the actions of a moderator. The author will be asked to make necessary edits before the post will be unhidden. Users who do not demonstrate the ability to stay within the community guidelines will be warned, and further violations may incur a loss of posting privileges and in extreme cases, temporary or permanent bans.

Due to time constraints, any post inquiring about the shipping status of an individual order will not be addressed by Soylent staff. Please email if you have concerns about your order.

Finally, we are also requesting that all Soylent 1.0 shipping/fulfillment discussion be limited to this thread. If shipping/fulfillment discussion continues on other threads (old & new) they will be locked or moved to this thread.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters, without whom we would never have been able to make Soylent a reality.

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So, about the ‘current status of operations’ - Of the 20,000 or so backers, how many have had their orders shipped out so far? Can you tell us what week / month of Soylent amount you’re at in the queue? Don’t need to make a future projection; just wondering where you’re at now.


Can we get some kind of update as to where in the queue you’re at? A rough percentage of what’s been shipped, something along those lines? I’m sure everyone here would appreciate that, especially given this:[quote=“JulioMiles, post:1, topic:13219”]
Updates will address the current status of operations, rather than future possibilities.

Edit: Aww, I was ninja’d out of asking it. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a little sad to see the hyper-granularity go, but it makes sense for a transition from start-up into a real “company”… the wording’s pretty appropriate as it stands, “core supporters” benefit a lot, but “general public” isn’t really guaranteed to understand sans-context =/

On the positive side, here’s hoping that “updates on current status” might bring along %estimates of [existing] fulfillment/pace/etc. Even with the shipping anomalies, hearing something like “X thousand things went out today” would surely alleviate much of many backers’ curiosity (even though especially as by the time I wrote this, two other posts have said essentially the same thing :))


Thank you for this JulioMiles! I’m sick of seeing complaints blanketed across the entire forum about the shipping process. Let’s have each thread stay on topic from now on, yay!


Bravo. Sad I have no idea when. But understandable.


Whoops, I submitted a contact form email just before I saw this thread to ask about my order…

Nothing to do but stay patient, then.


I love the fact that it talks about current status, but doesn’t even come close to a current status update.
% of backers shipped? % of total orders shipped?


Can u share current status? Eg out of 20k people what percentage is complete?


Ha! :wink:

But seriously folks, thanks for consolidating this topic to a single thread. I won’t argue that corralling everyone’s complaints and concerns isn’t a good face saving move for Soylent (especially as more people, and press, browse this forum), but it will be quite nice to keep things organized in one place.

As for my contribution to the topic, I’ll add my voice to the surely growing chorus of people wondering what the “current status of operations” actually is.

I don’t think anyone is really asking for projections any more, but the last round of projections (all backerkits out by now, all orders shipped by the end of May) is the last official word we have at the moment. We know things have changed, but without any statements about the “current status of operations,” we’re left comparing our expectations to the last round of projections, which continues to stir up people’s emotions and reflects very badly on Soylent.


Just give us the % of order fulfilled and we’ll all calm down :smile:


Thank you for this JulioMiles! I’m sick of seeing complaints about complaints blanketed across the entire forum about the shipping process. Let’s have each thread stay on topic from now on, yay!


Agreed that is what everyone wants including me, but @rob or @JulioMiles actually posting this info (IMHO) won’t calm anyone down that is already worked up. The reason: I think we all know the percent fulfilled is still quite small.

Looking at all the different social avenues and DIY tracker, my uninformed guess is between 5-10% of the total weeks (not shipments) of initial orders have been fulfilled. Obviously the total number we can see via forums, etc. is anecdotal compared to 20,000 individuals, but still statistically significant and hard to ignore.


Real talk: I am deliriously happy with the community’s approval of this change.

We’re going to post a shipping update tomorrow that has more detail than last week’s update.


I look forward to that almost as much as I do my shipping notification. :smile:

< < runs off to refresh the FedEx tracker page again.


We’re going to post a shipping update tomorrow that has more detail than last week’s update.

Brilliant, thanks!


Not commenting on future projections sounds like a good idea. As a new business you guys are just going to run into so many unexpected gotchas that make realistic projections impossible for awhile.

Mostly a solid weekly “State of the Shipments” as they currently stand is what we really want.


Wish this had posted before I sent my last email. I’ve been obsessively visiting the blog page and the forums everyday looking for a glimmer of hope.

“In theory, theory and practice are the same; in practice, they aren’t” --somebody at some point in time

But I would add my voice to others asking for just a way to track how far into the queue you guys are. I don’t need a projection, just a rough estimate of progress so I can stop feeling so anxious about my order.

Thank you so much for making this product a reality, though. I can’t put into words exactly how excited I am by this.


Can you change “from” to “by”? It’s clearer - I did a triple take to figure it out. Might be just me, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, kudos on these moves. This should save you lots of headaches, and bring clarity to the community. Thank you for all that you’ve shared - maybe do a granular post now and then, but this is great - way to set the expectations!



Info for those of you keeping track of it: 4 months ordered, initially maybe in september? I don’t remember exactly when, I just know it was after I finally got a job. This was the first thing I saved up for to put money into. Holy freaking crap I can’t wait until Monday.