Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread


@JulioMiles I’m still waiting for my reorder to be shipped. I emailed about this yesterday and was told that my email was forwarded to ‘specialized support team members’, but I haven’t heard anything since.


Thanks @JulioMiles for the update.


Ordered a month on 6/11/13, just got my shipping notification! Thanks @JulioMiles for the good news, happy to hear things are getting under way again!


That is cool to hear. Whatever the plan is maybe it’s already implemented.


I would hope so after 2-3 weeks of not shipping :smiley:


@JulioMiles Should all 4 week orders from day 1 have shipped at this point? my roommate and I both ordered 4 weeks on 5/21/13. She has hers, I don’t have mine, sadlol


Notice he explicitly said Soylent 1.0? Shipments must’ve been halted because they made some updates. Soylent 1.1 anyone?

You heard it here first! :smiley:

(Thanks @JulioMiles – issue resolved!)


Gaaa! Friday can’t get here soon enough!


Too little too late? Due to the lack of movement/updates and lack of actual shipments, already cancelled my orders earlier today. Based on other posts, I’m not the only one to cancel recently.

I suppose that’s one way to get the order backlog down, eh?


Im curious if you are expecting a reply of some sort to this post? Or does it make you feel better to just vent these things?





@JulioMiles, I haven’t been on here in a while, what’s the deal with the T-shirts that were supposed to be sent out?


I admit I didn’t take a good look at the packaging/etc I got last night. I’ll take a look at it to see if anything is different. =o


fair enough…lol


I suppose that’s one way to get the order backlog down, eh?

I’m sure there’s a good reason for why they had to do this (my hunch: the rice protein supplier is holding back). But I doubt it’s due to them wanting to reduce the customer base. No sane businessperson would do that. And I trust the sanity of @rob, @JulioMiles, and the whole Soylent crew.

My plan has been to continue reorders for a few more months after the initial shipment (baring some major allergic reaction). If there was some threat to the supply chain that would have broken my ability to rely on Soylent as a food source, that would be far more devastating to my confidence in Soylent than an initial delay of a few weeks.

I had to put up with a 6 month delay on the order of my Model S, on top of a 2 and a half year wait. This is nothing! :smile:


Yeah, that’s unacceptable considering Model S required a deposit to order iirc. That’s a car on my wishlist, but only once I have truly disposable income :smiley:


Still, glad Tesla survived, even if I ended up buying a very obscure Wheego.


It was a $5000 deposit, but you could cancel at any time and you would get $4950 back.


laf @ Wheego


Seems to be an interesting vehicle. Did you get life or the whip?