Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread


And he was never heard from or seen again…


That is a temptation. I don’t like being involved on forums, because I often end up going overboard in some way. Lurking is so much nicer…

Time will tell.


Interesting, saying “we won’t tell you things” actually goes over well. I will make a note of that.


It’s not what was said. Again, psychology 101.

Anyway, anyone notice that the batch of deliveries seems to go out around 11pm Central Time or 9pm Pacific?


Thank you, @JulioMiles. Seriously. I never wanted future predictions. The last year has proven that a bunch of engineer entrepreneurs are not experts on logistics. This is okay. I am a software engineer. You know as much about logistics as I do about gastroenterology. Meaning, enough to see that something ain’t right, but not how to fix it. This is perfectly okay. Nobody knows everything.

All I or anyone else has asked for is honesty. If you have logistical problems that are slowing fulfillment, you do not even have to tell us. Just say where you are at, and we can figure it out. We are very passionate about the idea of Soylent just as Rosa Labs are. Some of us may be trolls, but I am not. I paid money for the stuff, just let me know your high level plan and approximately where you are in executing it. I can plan accordingly.

Keep your eyes on our goal: feeding the world on the cheap and with ideal nutrition.


I think I can speak for everyone here and say THANK YOU GOD.


Nope, I was okay with it, at least in the way you mean :slight_smile:

But I AM glad he got his Soylent and hopefully I will soon too.


I will post the same thing when you get your notification Benji.


Hey, you’re going to have to change your name when you get it, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats! Looking forward to any info you share! :slight_smile:


Perhaps to heresmysoylent :slight_smile:


Not sure if this would be considered a discussion about shipping, so I’ll post it here just in case.

Everyone keeps mentioning how they are constantly refreshing the FedEx tracker page. Without a tracking number, the only way I’ve found to track shipments to your address is to create a FedEx insight account, which I did yesterday and was kind of an involved process. I had to put a credit card in, and someone from FedEx actually called me and spoke to me on the phone to introduce me to it. This seems way more involved than any other online account I’ve ever signed up for. I was really surprised and actually thought I may have signed up for something much bigger than I had intended. When I said to the guy, “I actually just wanted to be able to get notifications about shipments coming to my address before I have the tracking number,” he said that this is exactly what I would have needed to do.

So my question is this: to all of the people who are “constantly refreshing the FedEx tracker page,” did you go through this whole process of registering with FedEx insight, getting an account number, putting a credit card in, and speaking to a real person on the phone?


Since I always go to the Order Tracking App thread (which I’m assuming will fall down the page now), I’m adding the links here. Major thank yous to @auctionsjeff and @nickp for the awesome work on these.


I actually have a shipping question: I ordered one month, then, a day or so ago, added an additional month via the new website. Will these orders be combined, or will I get them at different times? Would it have been better to attempt to add additional Soylent via backerkit?


Thank god. I posted that it wasn’t working for me because my shipments weren’t getting picked up and the only people who responded were asking me if I did something wrong.


I just went here and created an account. Viola!



I don’t want to try creating a new account now, but basically I did try doing the basic account before and the only way I could track packages was with a tracking number. I wanted to be able to put my address in and see when FedEx picked up shipments going to my address, without me having to have a tracking number first. When you just created an account, did it allow you to track packages to your address without a tracking number?


It does let you track any packages addressed to you in the Fedex system.
Edit: go to to sign up.
Caveat: I haven’t had the best of luck with it (It’s missed my 2 [non-Soylent] shipments this month. [haven’t gotten a ship notice for Soylent either.]
The UPS MyChoice seems to work much more effectively. It sees every package in the system addressed to me.



I went to the link, created an account, it asked me for my address, then verified some stuff from my credit report to validate my address info. Once I logged in I am brought to a tracker page that shows all tracking numbers that have been addressed to me within some range of days.

All free, no credit card needed. But I was asked to verify items from my credit report. If you don’t have sufficient history at your current address (elsewhere someone said you can’t have moved within the last 90 days) I’m not sure that you can set this up.


Tabby, Creating the basic tracking account will do what you are asking for. It WILL show when a label has been made and is going to you. Ive never had to add the tracking number to that link to see whats coming to my house.

UPS has the same thing.

IN short, fedex tracking WILL let you know when a label is made before you know what the tracking number is.


My estimate is that they’re able to complete a maximum of 200 orders per day. For 20,000 its indeed 3.3 months. I should just wait for it. I hope they keep sending me better quality stuff as they improve the product.