Official Soylent Shipping Update July 2013


We’ve posted an official update to the Soylent ship date and manufacturing overview over at the blog.

This is the official thread for questions/comments – we’ll be trying to address everyone’s concerns as quickly as possible, thanks for your patience!


I congratulate you on the thorough work you are doing!


Both depressing and encouraging. The next two months will be VERY slow.


I really appreciate the schedule infographic at the bottom. Will you be updating us when any of the actions listed are completed? I always love more information, but I don’t want to be too much of an “Are we there yet?”


Oh boy. Kill me now.


This little dose of sober reality is likely to have serious consequences. Of course it is difficult to argue against the repeated testing and the overall developmental scenario as laid out in the infographic. If a mistake was made at all, it lay in the initial overoptimistic projections for delivery of Soylent from copacker to consumers. Yet even there, one might say that the crowd-funding campaign created such enthusiasm and momentum that an optimistic delivery date was enforced by popular demand. Nevertheless, many potential Soylent users will be disappointed by this news.

In the event, personally I cannot help feeling a little self-congratulatory that I’m not one of those waiting for Soylent with my tongue hanging out. I’m glad I went ahead and developed my own path to an alternative soylent building mode. I suspect most of the DIY community may be having somewhat similar feelings at this point. The DIYers have learned more about nutrition than passive consumers ever will and are better off for that. The DIY soylent initiative has created a solid base of soylent culture that will stand everyone – even the corporation – in good stead in the long run.

One must hope that there will be no further speed bumps on the official Soylent highway. The corporation should be extremely wary at this point of making any further promises that might prove difficult to keep – particularly since it is now two weeks past Julio’s promised delivery date for an online posting of the definitive, detailed and specific Soylent 1.0 formula with still no indication of when we shall see that.

I wonder when we shall see actual Soylent delivery in Canada and the U.K. At this point I would not want to make any predictions.


Your post says that you “have contracted with a top FDA-certified nutritional laboratory and manufacturing facility, known in the industry as a Copacker.” The FDA, however, explicitly says that it does not " ‘approve’ health care facilities, laboratories, or manufacturers." Can you explain this supposed FDA certification?


Since you are manufacturing separate male and female versions of the product, would it be possible to have our initial order split 50/50? i.e., I ordered a 1-month supply during the campaign, but would prefer to get 2 weeks of the male version and 2 weeks of the female version so my wife and I can both try the ideal version for each of us.


Soylent publicized their copacker in earlier post, it is RFI, see their webpage. “Certified”, “approved” what ever the wording it doesn’t matter here they seem thoroughly competent to do the job. I suspect they meant their stuff is up to the FDA standards.


Their own website doesn’t list the FDA anywhere.



FDA approves end-products I assume, which means the soylent when it is produced. And this RFI is known to produce stuff that is approved by FDA. (I suspect they said this to soylent team privately even though they don’t advertise this, it’s probably assumed in the food biz)

That I suspect is all what is meant here, RFI is a good supplier known to do a good job. Geez.


So? So, they said it’s certified which means the FDA gave them a piece of paper that meant it vouched for them. If it didn’t, then there’s some 'splaining to do.

@JulioMiles - What do you mean by “certified”?


All the ingredients RFI uses are FDA-certified, and the facility itself is GMP-compliant, Kosher, and Halal. Apologies for the confusion.


Thank you very much.

For the record I genuinely appreciate the effort you guys put into keeping in touch with the community. Every time we call you out on something you respond quickly and that only reinforces our belief in Soylent.

(All hail the Soylent).


I was wondering this same exact thing.


Imagine my surprise.

And this is why I was pushing to find out more specifics on delivery because I just knew they were holding this back from us.

With the response from the campaign, their August delivery deadline was woefully optimistic.

Soylent Update 5/10/14

@LehFoxeh Yes, we’ll be able to split your orders into male/female weeks.


Serious Consequences? Like what?

They moved the shipping date back a month. I have a large order with them and have been waiting for a product like this for years, yet I am just fine with this and think most people who have ordered it will be too.

I am happy for the DIY community but honestly that doesn’t interest me at all. The whole point of Soylent for me is the simplicity. Making it my self basically gets rid of the main reasons I want the product. I don’t want to have to think about food, cooking, shopping, or a whole host of other issues. I just want a simple product that deals with the majority of my nutritional needs with minimal fuss or bother. If i have to wait one more month to get that, so be it.


jeez - couldn’t you switch to the cheap plastic bottles after you ship the promised steel ones? I was looking forward to the mixing ball and don’t like plastic, especially when it comes to my food.


I agree, this change disappointed me more than moving back the shipping date