Official Soylent updated instructions typo


Since I started the previous typo thread about the packaging, I thought it would be fitting to start one for the updated instructions.

The instructions misspelled “multiply as desired” on page 10 of the instructions as “mulitply as desired”

That is all.


Oh god, now I’m afraid they’re going to stop shipping again in order to fix the typo.



Don’t give them any ideas!


At some point the instructions said “mililiters” as well–should be milliliters, with two l’s. I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t easily reference which page number exactly.


I posted this in the update thread, but might as well here:

They put ‘cup’ after ‘tbsp’ in the flavoring page.


Thanks for the proofing, everyone! These will be fixed before the booklets go to print :smile: