Official Soylent vs. Spaceman's 100%FOOD


Has anyone tried both? I’m really not enjoying the taste of the official Soylent and wondering if @Spaceman’s 100%FOOD is any better, or any of the other DIY products on the marketplace at

EDIT- just noticed the “sample set” deal to try them all for $15, probably going to order it to decide for myself!


While official soylent is more neutral with a sweet aftertaste, Spaceman’s food has more flavor options that you might enjoy. Additionally soylent is a more smooth consistency if prepared properly while Spaceman’s is requires some chewing as you drink it.


I see the sampe set isn’t shipping for another 3 days o.0 are they going to take forever to get here too? I would order it if i was sure it would arrive before my soylent would, granted I’m in the two week group so who knows how long until they make it this far.


I dunno for sure, but I think it’s pretty safe to say your spaceman food would come before your soylent, probably significantly before.

Also the 3 days is a delivery guideline, not a shipping guideline. I received my first, small (7 bottle) order in 2 days across the country. Larger orders seem to ship slower, and my 30 bottle order took a bit over a week.

One caveat is 100%FOOD is made to be drunk right after mixing, and an entire meal at once. Soylent seems more like a eat-over-time thing. You may like one mode better than the other.

I quite like my space food, but haven’t tried out official soylent yet (1 month order, so hopefully I will soon!) so I can’t compare.

Cost-wise, I’d highly recommend the $30 7 bottle set as a trial. You can get a mix of flavors, and per-bottle it has a much more reasonable price than the 3-bottle and 1-bottle options… probably because of shipping.

You can also wait, I think he’s introducing some new flavors and options next week based off his posts.

@Spaceman has always been pretty responsive and flexible with my orders, doing custom mixes of flavors, etc. When my soylent comes I’ll probably try soylent exclusively at least a while, but I have a feeling I might end up going with a mix of both in the long term. There’s something I like a lot about 100%FOOD… it seems a little more food than soylent does, in a good way.


hmm that makes it sound like 100%FOOD would be better for convincing my gf to do some of this. When i tried to explain Soylent to her she thinks its a terrible idea and is against it. I might have to order some space food just to make her try it and then maybe she will be willing to try Soylent.


I don’t have official soylent yet, but I’ve been on QuidNYC’s Superfood, which I am liking.

I tried 100%FOOD. I couldn’t finish one bottle. Maybe I don’t like flax or the hemp hearts, but I couldn’t stand to drink it. Even half a bottle was difficult.


Just have her read the forums and see how many people are very happily consuming Soylent as some or all of their food. Make it clear that there is absolutely no requirement that it become your sole food replacement. It’s meant to fill the gaps where conventional food is inconvenient for whatever reason, but you still want to eat something balanced and give your body the best nutrition possible.


I found it difficult to get the 100%Food chocolate down, because of the texture. I did finally get a good blender, though, and probably tomorrow I’ll try it again, thoroughly blended with ice, to see if that solves that issue. (Most people don’t seem to have the texture problem I did, but the mouthfeel of all those little seeds in liquid–not for me.)


A little clarification for samples shipping:
100%FOOD is shipped the same or next day,
DIY-soylent Marketplace starts shipping from June-20 (we’re getting all stuff in one place).

But if you want to taste it personally - we can make a public testing this weekend in
farmers market at San Francisco.

I’m thinking the Civic Center one on Sunday (Jun-22, around 10 am ) would be good:

We will bring all our mixtures and Soylent to compare,
if you have your own DIY-soylent - you’re welcome:)
We want to try them all.


I’m doing them both - I like them both a lot. I would not have tried 100%Food if Soylent was more available. 100%Food tastes better and doesn’t have to be chilled to taste good. It’s also easier to mix on the go because there’s no extra oil packet.

I plan on switching back and forth between the two (Soylent plus all three flavors of 100%) just for variety.


I’ve tried both. Texture is a big thing for me and I just couldn’t handle the texture of @spaceman’s 100% Food. I’m having official Soylent for breakfast every day and I love it. Everyone’s different. :smiley:

FWIW, my order of 100% Food came within just a few days of ordering. My Soylent took over a year. :wink:

I have talked to @spaceman a bit through this forum and he seems like a genuinely nice guy, even if he’s gotten a little spammy in some threads in the past. He’s currently working with some other people making DIY blends, so even if 100% Food isn’t for you, one of the others might be. One of the guys is even doing custom blends on request.


I don’t mind waiting, the 20th is in 2 days. That’s when they will ship right? So I could expect it sometime next week on the east coast?


@tabbyc, since I’m personally responsible for first shipments and you want it fast (as others I think), Ok - I commit this weekend for shipment.


well since I’m tired of waiting for my Soylent to get shipped out, I just ordered a weeks worth of 100% Food, I got the mixed one since I have no clue which one to get. Can’t wait to give it a try!


Thanks @Spaceman! I’m excited to taste yours and everyone else’s mixes.


I’m saving up money to get a month’s worth of 100% food in chocolate… Can’t wait!

I think a mix of berry flavors in one bottle sound yummy… I’m not much of a banana fan myself. (maybe chocolate and banana though?)

Oh @Spaceman … out of curiousity is there a difference between the two weeks of 100% food on!marketplace/c1p9k and on They are priced at $125 and 140$ respectively.


I’ll be there at 2pm with Schmoylent, Marion Chow, People Chow Plus, and People Chow Plain for anyone to taste! Feel free to stop by! :slight_smile:


Wish I lived closer! Let us know how it turns out. Maybe give out an optional short survey for people to rank them.


This might be answered somewhere else but why does 100%food not have oil to add? Is there oil in the powder already?


Correct, no oil and doesn’t need to be chilled to taste good IMO. A lot easier to mix on the go.

I think what you would normally get in the Soylent oil is in the seeds in the 100%.