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This thread is for sharing experiences and feedback from Soylent subscription customers.

At this time we are unable to provide individual customer support on the Soylent discourse. Please email if you require assistance from the Soylent customer care team.


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So I’m not quite sure where to post this so I figured I would try the forums now. I’ve sent a few emails to the Soylent team with no responses. I canceled my monthly subscription because I was getting more Soylent than I could consume. I am now out of Soylent and I’m trying to renew my subscription but the website says I need to contact via email to do this. Unfortunately no one has gotten back to me. Any suggestions?

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RL is no longer providing customer service via this forum. They suggest emailing at My suggestion is to fire off an email and just wait. Not much more you can do.


interesting… thanks for the heads up. I understand if they are too overwhelmed with orders to reactivate my subscription, but no answer to my emails is pretty poor customer service. I’ll try sending another email to see if I have any luck


If you start a new subscription with the email you used for the first one, you should be on track to start receiving it in the two-week timeframe for existing customers. (I did just that a week ago and fingers crossed.)

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For what it’s worth, seems to be quite overwhelmed. I wrote them a few days ago to ask about (rather urgently I might add) re-starting my 28 bag subscription, and I have heard nothing.

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I got an auto response yesterday saying they would respond in 10 days … They can’t get the new hires online fast enough IMO :smile:


next time just pause it. They give you instructions on how to do that on your account page.

Subscription management via email :expressionless: I wonder how accurate that 3 days estimate is?

I did the same, it went pretty quickly. Instead of emailing to restart your old subscription, just place a new order.


Hey guys, per the new policy, please refer all questions to either the single order and general, or subscription customer feedback topic.

This question belongs in the subscription feedback topic.

I have an interesting problem. Two weeks ago or so, I sent a pause request until March 1, 2015. Got a response acknowledging. Two days ago, got a ship notification, wrote right away forwarding the pause acknowledgment. Form response. Today, received shipment. Also, my credit card number changed, so Soylent cannot charge my card. This is not really a good thing for me or for @soylent. Need a better system for managing orders, guys.


Hey, free Soylent! :joy: It seems like their shipping and billing are completely unhinged. Billing weeks before anything ships … Now, shipping without payment? Sounds like a problem ripe for abuse.

So… It’s been over three weeks since I got charged for a months supply with no shipment and a week since I sent an email with no response. The customer service for this company is appalling and has been since the beginning.

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I have a recommendation for the folks at Soylent regarding subscription management. On one’s account management page, there are opportunities to click links to change things like credit card number, contact info, and so forth. I haven’t seen the need to do any of these things, and so I cannot say whether changing the info that way works smoothly or not. I assume it works fine.

What I don’t get is that one cannot change the features of one’s subscription that way, but must instead send an email making a special request. For example, some people want to change an account from active to lapsed or vice-versa, while others want to change the volume of their subscription, by getting either more or less. It doesn’t make any sense that one can’t just click on a similar link to change the subscription details of one’s account as well. Presuming that the presently allowable changes (like credit card info) get adjusted automatically, I don’t see why subscription info can’t likewise be changed automatically. Emails get lost, so requiring that users rely on that interface for what could be done automatically seems both inefficient and generative of the kinds of problems that have plagued distribution from the start.


I got the fed ex track email 4 days ago but it’s still dead. I live an hour from the California RL plant

UPDATE: Delivered today!!!

I experience a dyslexic-like condition where I transpose letters, words, etc and sometimes just imagine words that aren’t there. This email address continuously looks like “murder@me” and I don’t know why. Really annoying.

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I ordered Soylent last year in August and I received an email telling me to confirm my address and that it would be shipped soon. It’s been so long though that I gave in and bought a month’s worth of over-priced Soylent on ebay and I am hooked, like, good god, when I was on it I would walk past this pizza shop on the corner near my work and I’d smell it… and to my astonishment I would keep walking and go have a Soylent dinner EVERY TIME I WALKED PAST IT. O_o My month supply is finished with now and it sucks so I want to subscribe.

My questions are: the website says that reorders take 1-2 weeks. I ordered a once off test run. If I subscribe now will it register as a reorder since I’ve already received an email telling me my order from August will be shipped soon? Or do I actually have to wait till my August order is in my hands before the subscription is registered as a reorder? Next, if I do have to wait, how long is the time generally from when you receive the “Confirm address” email to the “Has been shipped” email? Lastly, if my subscription is registered as a reorder, will it really take only 1-2 weeks for the company to ship it? Have people generally been getting their reorders in 1-2 weeks?

So those are 3 questions I have.

  1. What are the criteria for your subscription to be a “reorder”?
  2. Time from confirm address email -> shipped?
  3. Reorders take 1-2 weeks?