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At any rate, since RL immediately offered to correct the error, they aren’t increasing profits by the mis-shipment; it’s costing them more, because they paid to ship 1.4 in error and now will also ship 1.5 on the same order.


You are playing a mere language game that requires my knowing a distinction locked in your brain.

You are playing on emotionalism (fallacious) by changing very terrible to evil. There is baggage with the term evil that very terrible doesn’t carry. Why would you change what I said at all? You change a lot of what people say to them saying the company is evil, and then from there you try to make people like me seem ridiculous. The thing is, what I said doesn’t seem so ridiculous when you take way the word evil and revert to the actual words. Frankly, I don’t really appreciate you misrepresenting what I said. I think it’s dishonest.

When you charge a company with forcing customers (without justifying the plural) to buy an obsolete version of its product and calling it whatever you called it, that seems the equivalent of evil to me. I don’t memorize your words and normally wouldn’t stoop to using them since they are so unjustified in this case, whether the word is evil or not. I didn’t put the word evil in quotes, which I would do if I was emphasising your use of it.

So if you wish I drop the word evil and simply refer to your attribution of unjustified and deliberate force to the company. We don’t even know for certain that the action was taken by RL, actually, but that didn’t stop you from morally condemming its actions. I have seen customers condem the company I worked for only to discover that they were describing actions of a product not made or sold by my company, so customers can be wrong.

I want a hug!!!

They sent me a box of 1.5 to correct the mistake of sending the old 1.4. I still don’t know exactly how it happened in the first place, probably just a worker that wasn’t paying attention. Hopefully that are implementing new procedures to prevent this in the future. But at least, after I contacted them, they followed through and sent the right product. No extra money spent on my part, bonus on now having extra Soylent, even if I now have a couple boxes between old and new.


Thanks for updating us on the status of this issue!

Hah, wow… OK. This thread is heated. For one thing, the difference between “very terrible” (which is hardly even a proper phrase - sounds like “quickly fast”) and “evil” is the intention - an “evil” company does something with knowledge of the terrible things they’re doing, and does it anyway; a “very terrible” company does something without knowledge - just didn’t know any better, didn’t have enough staffing, systems poorly developed, and does a Very Terrible™ job at things. I’ve seen great examples of both. Soylent(/Rosa Labs) doesn’t exactly strike me as “evil”. Not until we learn of the people used in Soylent, at least :joy:

Anyway, just had to throw that in there. Hi, by the way - first post! Just learned about Soylent and I’m 100% all-in as a way to actually “eat healthy” for the first time in my life - coming from a cheap fast-food diet, and no interest in “healthy” food, kind of a catch-22. I’ve already blown through all but one of my first $70 7-bag (v1.5) order, and coming out to $10 a day, it’s barely on the hair edge of being a sensible option… that’s a lot of money! Typically, I’d been budgeting $5 a day in fast food, $7 was the more real-world average.

So, first bit of feedback: I’d really like to see cheaper options for Soylent - either in a cheaper (less tasty? A little more hassle to prepare?) formula, older versions, quantity discounts… some way to bring the cost down a bit more. I’m actually rolling on v1.1 right now after finding a deal for 13 bags for $50 on Craigslist - expiration date of 10/2015. It’s perfectly fine to me as long as it lives up to 1.0’s initial promise. (and yes, I got the matching oil bottles and release notes, too)

Second, and something you guys might be able to implement right away – I initially signed up for 7-bags-a-month, and that’s what I got (about 3 days after ordering - woohoo!). But, going back to the order page, I couldn’t find an easy way to say “Hey, I want some more!”. Clicking the “individual order” button takes me to the main shop page, offering a new subscription discount. That confuses me - so, what if I’m already subscribed? Would I order that, and still pay the $70/7-bag price? Or would I have to swallow “full price” instead? Having a way to simply “order more”, under my existing subscription (at the subscription price, preferably), right on my profile page, would clear up all those ambiguities. Click it, confirm it, wait for it. I’m sure I’m not the only one that ordered a 7-day supply for a month, not knowing Soylent would be as awesome as it’d turned out to be. :slight_smile:


Glad you liked Soylent! I believe that if you are a subscriber, you don’t pay the full price for adding on to your subscription. If you have any questions, I have found customer service to be very quick, efficient, and friendly.

I would like to point out that Rosa Labs quickly made up for its “very terrible” act by sending the correct version of Soylent to the customer in question, and no other user has said that RL has sent the wrong version. How terrible can something be if it quickly results in a correction, an apology, and the customer winds up with free product?

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Cost is also the most important thing to me right now, and you listed a bunch of possible ideas on how the price could be brought down, but another idea I want to throw out there is to give different prices for different regions.

When did the official price drop kick in?

I just received my monthly subscription (billed on Aug 31st at 5 am) and it’s still the old $255 price.



Soylent helped me a lot. I started drinking 1.5 last June, with a 56-meal monthly plan. Currently I’m drinking Soylent for breakfast and lunch, and eating pinto beans & collard greens for dinner.

Before starting on Soylent, I ate a whole lot of fast food and sweets. I realized that if I didn’t do anything about it, I’d probably end up morbidly obese & diabetic like a lot of my friends & family. With Soylent I was able to develop a healthy diet that I’m confident I can stay on. I’ve lost a lot of weight and feel much more energetic. Soylent also helped me see the difference between actual hunger and hunger from being worried/stressed. I chose Soylent because I thought if I had it in my diet, I wouldn’t worry about “missing” essential food. I also really hate cooking.


I changed my subscription to 96 bottle right after i received my 2.0 and liked it, but was just charged for 60 today, can you send me the rest of the bottles that i ordered please? @Conor

You have to email customer service:, if they don’t get back to you I can help out.

how long does it take to hear back from someone by email? cause i havent heard anything back yet and i emailed them as soon as you said to email them, 2 days ago

Normally you receive a quick acknowlegement of your message, but it might take a few days for an actual substantive reply.

If you didn’t get even the acknowlegment, you should check any spam folder you might have and consider sending another message.


My last response, about a month ago, took three days. That was during the week; I’m not sure if they work over the weekend.

is 6 days normal to not hear back from an email to

@Conor its been a week now and i have not gotten a reply about my shorted order from, also i havent received my order by usps 3 day priority that shows shipping label created on the 8th and hasnt changed since, can you please check into these issues?

Could you PM me with the email you used to contact customer service?