Official subscription customer feedback


RL should certainly check to make sure there isn’t a glitch; but this customer doesn’t have an ongoing problem since she noticed she was on subscription well before she was billed again, and can simply cancel the subscription.


Well the box showed up today and it really was the old 1.4. The box was printed with 1.4 and I opened one of them up and the individual packages showed 1.4 and the release notes were for 1.4. So what’s going on?


Rotation issues in the warehouse possibly? Kind of worrisome.


1.5 wasn’t supposed to ship until all the 1.4 was out of the warehouses, so someone messed up.


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One thing I really don’t like is that they must’ve found some somewhere and all of a sudden they start pushing it on their customers so that they don’t have to eat the waste. They probably could’ve put it up on the forums and sold it that way to people who actually want it, but instead they forced onto people who didn’t want it. That’s very terrible by Rosa Labs IMO.


Rosa Labs does not mix Soylent, pack the boxes, and ship it out (since pre-release). Soylent is made for Rosa Labs by RFI and RL uses Shipwire for storage and fulfillment, so presumably one of those companies is at fault.


I’m curious about your use of the plural here. Did you see more than one customer, or did I miss one?


Presumably it has happened to more than one customer, but others didn’t say anything.

When I buy Soylent then I buy the product through Rosa Labs, right? So if they decide to use other companies to package and ship for them, those are decisions Rosa Labs makes. The mistakes of the other companies become their mistakes.


Yes, that is true. But that’s not what you said.

You propose that RL shipped old 1.4 on purpose. That’s no mistake, and I find it very hard to believe RL did that.


Yes it is.

I actually never said it was on purpose. It went into the system as 1.4, there was product of 1.4, and 1.4 was shipped. It was either on purpose or it was overlooked, both of which are terrible on RL’s part.They choose what companies they use and by holding them accountable we hold the entire system accountable. Unfortunately, people around here love to make every excuse in the book for every mistake and give every benefit of the doubt. For instance, we don’t know it wasn’t on purpose as much as we don’t know it wasn’t an accident. Frankly, the result is the same.


No, it’s not the same. If they did it on purpose they won’t do anything about it and the customer will be stuck with an old version. If it was an accident, they will correct it and send the right version. I look forward to hearing how RL resolves this issue. I have a pretty good idea (based on their past performance) how it will turn out.


Please email customer service ASAP


No, once we start on a new version the previous ceases to ship. This has been the case since day one. This is also the first instance of something like this happening.


What are you saying no to?


He is replying to your statement,

He is saying that RL did not find a batch of v1.4 somewhere and started pushing it on their customers to force it onto people who didn’t want it.



Here are the facts:

  1. A customer ordered.
  2. v1.5 was out for weeks.
  3. The shipping notification said v1.4.
  4. The customer received v1.4.
  5. v1.4 isn’t supposed to ship at all after v1.5 starts shipping.

Why are we supposed to believe anything but that it’s a company trying to protect profits? Isn’t that what companies do? We have been given no other information on what the issue was, so until we see some transparency on what happened, it’s fair to assume a company is doing what companies do: Protect profits.


Your “presumption” that this has happened more than once is beyond outrageous. Logic does not have a “it happened once, therefore it presumably happened more than once” corollary.


I am going to lobby to have your likeness included alongside the official definition of the word “pessimist” in the dictionary.


This kind of stuff is like forensics. You’re never really going to have all the information. If you put blind faith in them, they will simply more easily abuse their power. They lose their checks as the customers are the check. If a company starts doing bad practices, customers can pull their money, and that will force a company to use good business practices. They aren’t just going to be like, “Oh yeah, we found some v1.4 in the warehouse and decided to sell it so that we wouldn’t lose money on it.” Also, almost never are you going to have all of the information, and you really can’t expect to, so unless a company comes clean about what happen (which needs to come through pressure from their customers), there is no way to “know” in the more scientific sense. That should not be our standard, however. I mean, if they aren’t even selling v1.4 why was it even in the warehouse?