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The whole foil top really has me feeling ambivalent. The convenience factor of opening while driving is missed, but I got a shipment with a rich endowment of mold, so I appreciate the extra safeguard that foil provides. I haven’t seen (m)any complaints about mold since they were introduced. My solution is just to get bottles ready before I leave. Adding flavor makes that necessary anyway.


Just noticing a little weirdness on my subscription portal… It says my NEXT 2.0 bill date is May 25th (a week ago). Also it says my next 1.5 sub (June 15) is 28 days but it should be 14 days. When I click on “change quantity” the default is 14 which leads me to believe that is the actual setting… But when I confirm it then go back to the list it still says 28. Is anyone else (who has made recent changes to their sub) seen anything like this?


All of mine appear correct, but they definitely updated some code because my cancelled subscriptions are hidden until I click “Show Cancelled Subscriptions” now.


Good point… And I did actually revive a cancelled subscription (effectively adding another 1.5 sub) so maybe that action locked in some old parameters.


Looks like they’re working on it. My next 2.0 bill date still says May 25 but the quantities on the 1.5 subs look correct now.


I just had an interesting experience with my Subscription of 2.0 being bumped up to the new price instead of the old price.


I’m sure you didn’t really reactivate an old subscription, but I doubt that anyone except you cares. They just decided to try to make you happy and plucked an excuse from the ether.


As a the manager for a customer service call center at one time in my life. I have learned you don’t pluck out excuses because, inevitably, you run into a customer like me.

I think of it in two ways: A) I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. B) If there is a rogue bit of code that is resetting the subscription charge to the current price, RL is going to be spending time and money on the issue in the future. Since time = money, it would be in their best interest to take a look at the code with their Dev team.


As the manager of a tech support team for several years, I have learned that individual reps often pluck out excuses.


I appreciate this response after I requested her to look into the issue further.


I’d love to see an option for powder subscribers to receive exactly the same bags but without the resealable zip. A lot of us make a pitcher at a time and never use the zip to reseal the bags. For us, the zip is just an unnecessary feature that makes getting the powder out a little more difficult. If we had the option (which we could set on our subscription page) to receive resealable bags or single-use bags, RL would save money on packaging costs and powder subscribers would be grateful.


A dotted like that says cut here if zip is not desired.


That’s not really the same because a lot of the powder gets trapped in and above the zip during shipping.


The zipper is annoying to me as well. I think they will solve that with the “bulk” container they hinted about in the survey. I’m not sure I would like the bulk container better since I would have to measure a day’s worth instead of just dumping.


Agreed! I’m not really keen on the bulk container as I don’t want to have to measure out a day’s worth each time, and I’d be concerned about spoilage. I believe that the official recommendation is to use all of a soylent pouch within a week of opening.


I just flick with my finger along the top of the bag before opening it and never have a single problem with the zipper, ever. You’re obviously doing something wrong here. This seems like a non-issue and I doubt you will see any change in the bag design. Many products come in this type of package and it just takes a few simple flicks along the top to get any product out of the zipper.


I would almost prefer the “zipper” that Jiff brand powdered peanut butter uses.


Shipping Problem:

I got the email for my subscription like normal:

Soylent shipping notification (order o_1282074)

The following items were included in this shipment:

6 x 12 Pack of Soylent Drink (R1-02GR12CAC)

I received two tracking numbers. Today one of the shipments arrived, but the other says it never left the original location.

Here is the total information for the package that didn’t arrive. It says a shipping label was created but that’s all, nothing was ever shipped.

Travel History Hide Help
Activity Location
10/14/2016 - Friday
2:45 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

here is the tracking info for the package that did arrive:

Travel History Hide Help
Activity Location
10/15/2016 - Saturday
10:40 am Delivered Southbury, CT
Left at front door. Signature Service not requested.
6:55 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery STRATFORD, CT
6:26 am At local FedEx facility STRATFORD, CT
12:48 am Arrived at FedEx location DAYTON, NJ
10/14/2016 - Friday
9:16 pm Left FedEx origin facility MIDDLETOWN, PA
3:24 pm Arrived at FedEx location MIDDLETOWN, PA
2:45 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx
12:00 am Picked up

Can someone look into it and see that my second package ships?



Sure, I’ll get right on it.