Official subscription customer feedback


New Soylent subscriber, I think it would be nice if every time it charges your card it sent an email, just to let you know, even if it won’t start shipping till the next day.


Maybe that would be nice, but I just watch my checking account history online, and I can easily see when the payment clears (and it is always the day they say it will go through). As a subscriber, your online account always tells you when the next payment is scheduled.


Well it still would be nice to have a email, albeit this was my second
order on my subscription, so i did not know if it was normal to not receive


I usually get shipping notices the day after my shipment is scheduled (and see bank charges the same day as shipping), but this month my order has been ‘preparing for shipping’ for four days now and no charges to my account.

Is Soylent having shipping problems again?


It is not that unusual for “preparing for shipping” to be on the account for a worrying period of time, usually just before a long weekend. But the delivery usually makes it by Monday or Tuesday, in my experience. Once in a blue moon, “preparing for shipping” stays on forever. I’ve never had it happen, but I’ve seen it mentioned.


My shipment has usually come by now as well, I was expecting it about 5 days ago, the charge is pending on my checking account so I hope it has at least shipped.

EDIT: mine arrived on the 19th


I guess I was wrong before when I said no charges to my account. I just looked at my bank account and see that I was charged on the 13th. Still no shipping email. Unfortunately I ran out early this month so went about a week without thinking the next shipment will be hear on the 13th-14th. Now the 17th and still nothing.

EDIT: Did finally show up on the 18th.



A few weeks ago I got a notice that my 1.8 shipment had been (slightly) contaminated (with milk) and giving me a choice of getting money or powder back. I chose money, responding to it immediately.

I didn’t receive a response, so a week later I responded again. I didn’t receive a response again.

I’m not in a rush, but it would be nice to know whether anyone heard me and that something was going to happen someday.

My email is though sometimes Yahoo refers to it as


Sorry about the delays, send me a PM with all your info and i’ll start working on it.


Just got our first batch of “square” bottles. Having a minor issue where the bottle is a bit hard to open because the wrapper is torquing around the bottle - so Im putting my twisting energy into twisting the label around the bottle instead of opening it.


The caps on the square bottles are excessively tight. Opening one barehanded often is actually painful because of how hard I have to twist it, and sometimes is outright beyond my ability to do.


See New bottles are too hard to open